"Brit-Am Now"-892
1. Different Sheep Breeds in Britain before 1800
2. Odds and Ends Concerning Promoting the Brit-Am Message
a. The Opposition: Raymond Capt is doing well
and advertising on Jewish forums!
b. The Opposition: Japanese
c. Spreading the Brit-Am Message. How it can be done -an example
3. "The picture you have of Patton is not Patton"

1. Different Sheep Breeds in Britain before 1800
Shows an east-west divide of sheep breeds
reflecting cultural and ethnic division.
Israelites always were important breeders of sheep and cattle.
In the frontier history of the USA the struggle
between cattle and sheep raisers
took on important dimensions.
Cattle-raisers claimed that sheep destroyed the grazing grounds.
As we noted in "The Tribes" Rachel connotes "sheep" while "Leah" can connote
On the other hand "Joseph" was linked with the
first-born of a bull (Deuteronomy 33)
and nicknamed an Aegel or bull-calf (Jeremiah 31:18).

2. Odds and Ends Concerning Promoting the Brit-Am Message
a. The Opposition: Capt is doing well and advertising on Jewish forums!
Raymond Capt produces works similar in subject matter to those of Brit-Am.
His works however appear to be mainly upgraded reworkings of British Israel
and other fringe group material some of which is
of potential value and some perhaps not.
This is neither here nor there and others may
well disagree with me on this point.
The problem with Capt from our point of view is
that he inserts wrong information
of an anti-semitc nature in some of his writings.
This is the "Ham Sandwich Syndrome" (see below).
These insertions are admittedly not an essential part of his message and could
be omitted by him (in the future) or overlooked by the reader.
I also found these insertions superfluous as if he was going out of his way
to offend a certain portion of the population.
He has in the past been "adopted" by anti-Jewish Identity people,
gone on their lecture circuits,
and promoters of his works seem to have
emphasized negative applications of his message.
All this is why we were surprised to see his works quite prominently advertised
on the Haaretz Web Site
This is a paid advert and quite expensive.
I usually do not look at the Haaretz site and
when I do normally only notice the headlines.
This time however the advertisement was
especially well-placed. It was not immediately
apparent that it was an advertisement. It looked
more like a New Item concerning the
Ten Tribes only when one clicked on the link it
brought you to an Artisan Sales site specializing
in Capt literature.
It was there on Wednesday, April 11, 2007
The next day we could not find it
though it may still be there.

Perhaps someone complained to Haaretz
with the responsible party having
been previously familiar with what Capt promotes?

Alternately, Perhaps someone on the business team of Capt is less anti-semitic
than he is? And he objected?
Again, Perhaps this reflects a change of attitude on the part of Capt?
Capt is in fact a conundrum.
Is this advertisement an indication of change of attitude
on the part of Capt or his promoters?
Haaretz is an Israeli Publication.
It may be that many Gentiles who are naturally drawn to Israel and Israelite
matters also visit the Haaretz site.
Could Capt be attempting to hijact them to the
anti-Jewish so-called "Identity" forces?
or does he not really care one way or the other?
Does he even know about it?
[We have also come across the phenomenon of
people saying false wicked things about the
Jewish people and then claiming with an air of
inner conviction that they are not really anti-Jewish!]
Again, why was it there for only a day (?) [at least as far as I know]?

The "Ham Sandwich Syndrome"
The Torah forbids eating certain foods. Ultra-Orthodox Jews usually only eat
foods whose preparation has been supervised.
Other Jews who are basically religious but
"out and about in the world" often eat products
that probably do not contain forbidden substances
though there is no reliable guarantee that such is the case.
When I was in Australia, Jewish University
students would now and again "discover"
a vegetarian restaurant they though it was possible to eat at.
This was often welcome news since very few venues then existed
for one to eat out.
A certain establishment after being "discovered" suddenly placed ham sandwiches
on the menue alongside the vegetarian dishes.
The message was that Jews are not welcome.
This is what Capt does with his anti-Semitic insertions.
This could otherwise be acceptable since no-one wants
to "belong" to they who one would not want to be belonging.
The problem arises when what might be a natural
aversion is channeled into hatred and used to fuel lies
and deceit.

At all events placing the advertisement on the
Haaretz site suggests that such advertising must be effective
and that Capt is doing well.
A market therefore exists and in the future
Brit-Am may also be enabled to spread the
Brit-Am message in a similar fashion especially since Brit-Am is more
naturally suited to such a forum.

b. The Opposition: Japanese
The idea that the Japanese descend from the Lost
Ten tribes is to our mind ridiculous.
Some people however find the notion interesting
and are mislead by its proponents.
Every now and then on different forums one will
find this and similar notions resurfacing.
Brit-Am has an interesting and effective article
nullifying this false doctrine.

"The Japanese
are not Hebrews!"
Attention could be brought to this article and
others like it whenever advocates of
Nippon or their Taliban-loving cousins in Afghanistan etc reappear.

On a related note see:
Jerusalem News-609
#3. Arutz Sheva Thursday
#(5. [Afghans-Lost Ten Tribes] 'I LOVE ISRAEL -
See the Brit-Am Note at the end of the above "Jerusalem News" article.

c. Spreading the Brit-Am Message. How it can be done -an example
In "Brit-Am Now"-889
#9. Brit-Am Discussed on Jewish Forum
The heading is,
Topic: Ethiopian Jews are pro-Israel!
but they discuss Brit-Am as well.
Scroll down the blog a little and read all the entries by
Nonny Junior JTFer
Even though we disagree with some of the points attributed to us by "Nonny"
his (her?) presentation of of the Brit-Am cause was effective and interesting
and worthy to be emulated.

Whilst we are on the subject read some of the other postings on the same page
You will get an idea about what Brit-Am is sometimes up against and
the damage caused by anti-Jewish "Identity" people.
Look for example at:
Pro JTFer
Posts: 786
Re: Ethiopian Jews are pro-Israel!
« Reply #25 on: April 08, 2007, 02:01:42 AM »
<BritAm as "just so much ridiculousness", and I
indeed refuted Davidy's "findings" directly well
over a year ago. I was particularly struck by
the fact of his being totally ignorant of the
fact that the entire "Christian Identity"
Movement as well as Aryan Nations and others all
use their claim to being the true Israelites, to
justify their call for a final holocaust against the Jewish People.>>

I do not recollect discussing anything with the person in question
but as you can see we are besmirched because of the
antisemitic "Christian Identity" Movement and others.

3. "The picture you have of Patton is not Patton"
(a) From: Paul Burnett
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-891
#5. General George Patton Considered Himself a Re-incarnation of Hannibal

Yair....You probably already know this but the
picture you have of Patton is not Patton
but the movie actor George Scott who played
Patton. Need to correct this. Paul

(b) David Jackson
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-891

This isn't a picture of General Patton. It is the actor George C. Scott in
the movie "Patton". As great as Scott's performance in the movie was, he
doesn't bear any physical similarity to the general.

Thanks for drawing our attention to this mistake of our.
The picture has been replaced by another who we hope is of the original.