"Brit-Am Now"-894
1. Question on the Walloons of Belgium and Sweden
2. Meeting with Leonart Moeller in Jerusalem
3. Peter & Sonja Durski:
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day

1. Question on the Walloons of Belgium and Sweden
A wrote:
>Thank you for your website!
>My name is A, I am 22 years old.
>I live.. north of Stockholm, in Sweden.
>I have a relative that were a waloon from the
>french part of Belgium. It is my father
>grandmother's grandfather (my fathers fathers
>mothers mothers father). The name of the waloon
>was recorded in a churchbook that was burned up,
>maybe when a church burned up, I have not asked.
>My grandfather ....(he is not alive
>now) wanted to take the name of that relative
>but the records are burnt up as I said.
>The walloon probably came to Sweden maybe in the beginning of 1800.
>Do you know somewhere to find the names of waloons that immigrated to Sweden?
>Do you think I am a relative to Benjamin ben Yaa'kov?
>How many of the waloons were relatives to Benjamin, percentage?
>Thank you for your answer! I am eager to know!
> From A

We identified the Walloons of Belgium with
Benjamin (as explained in "The Tribes").
Bela was the firstborn son of Benjamin.
Bela in Hebrew could be pronounced as "Bela(g)h:.
"Bela" was also the name of a clan in Reuben (1-Chronicles 7:8)
who may have had links with Bela of Benjamin as we will explain elsewhere.
We find in the region of Rueben elements from Benjamin.
We also find (in Ptolemy) the names Belginae and Balagea in the area of Reuben
just west of the Euphrates in Ancient Israel
associated with names pertaining to both Reuben and Benjamin.
This is explained in "The Tribes".
Many Walloons migrated to Sweden.
I just recently met up with Lennart Moeller from Sweden.
He also (on his mother's side) has Walloon ancestors.
My impression is that the Walloon contribution to Sweden is well known .
They are also discussed in the work by S. Gusten
Olsen, "The Incredible Nordic Origins", (1981).
Concerning your personal ancestry,
There are almost certainly many academic works on the Walloons of Sweden.
and probably genealogical organizations specializing in the subject.
Usually such groups are only to happy to help
and perhaps be helped by any relevant information you may be able to give them.
Whether or not the Walloons are all descended from Benjamin or partly from
Benjamin and partly from Reuben and other tribes
and with or without non-Israelite
additions requires further study.
It also may transpire that those Walloons who
migrated to Sweden belonged to a separate
social class or group of families that were
different from the rest and may have had
separate tribal affiliations.
Such phenomena are frequent.
See the report of our meeting with Lennart Moeller
in "Brit-Am Now"-894.
See also various entries on the web on this subject, e.g.
yours, or your ancestors', your family probably
came from the Walloons who once emigrated from
their homes in Belgium, or even France, to
Sweden. Of course, some names have changed since that time.

valley of the Meuse, Li ge and Namur, were they
worked in the iron industry. They came to Sweden
during the 17th century, tempted by good salaries
at Swedish iron mines, and settled in Uppland and in sterg tland.

genealogy. The postings up to now are only in Swedish but almost all Swedes
read and write English so anyone can post to the list. Following is an
extract from their home pages:

of processing iron and had established thriving smelters in the area around
Meuse, Liege and Namur. The Walloon method reduced the sulphur content and
other impurities, making the iron much more malleable than the iron
produced elsewhere.

immigrated to Sweden to work in the smelters and to introduce the Walloon
method. This early immigration was the initiative of noblemen Karl and
Welam de Besche. At this time there was a lot of unemployment in the areas
of the Wallonie smelters and the high wages offered in Sweden encouraged
many to immigrate. There was also the persecution, in their homeland, of
those Walloons who belonged to the reformed churches.

Godegrd. Louis de Geer financed smelters in Uppland at sterby, Gimo and
Lvsta. Eventually many more smelters were opened in various parts of the
country. There was a large movement of Walloons to Sweden in the 1620's.
This continued through to the end of the 1600's.

From these brief notes we already have
indications that the Walloons who went to Sweden
may have been different from the rest, i.e.
coming from specific areas, with specific
specialized occupations, a tendency perhaps to belong to "reformed churches".
Also if you look into it you will probably find family names
common amongst the Walloons of Sweden but much less frequent in Belgium.

God bless you
Yair Davidiy

2. Meeting with Leonart Moeller in Jerusalem
Leonart Moeller of Sweden sent us the interesting note concerning names
connecting with the goths, Gad, and the Huns in Sweden
"Brit-Am Now"-885
#3. Lennart Moller : Sweden, the Goths, and Gad
Leonart Moeller by profession is a medical doctor.
He also is involved with archaeology and related matters.
At present he is in Israel in connection with a film concerning the Ancient
Israelites and the Crossing of the Red Sea.
We met together in Jerusalem in the courtyard of a quiet outdoor restaurant and
drank tea together.
Leonart has interesting insights so I asked him to send some notes to
this list or even better prepare an article for our magazine.
Amongst other points Lennart mentioned that about
a third of the Swedish population
migrated to the USA while two-thirds remained.
Descendants of those who went to the USA now number about twice as many
as descendants of they who remained behind.
He suggested that they who migrated may have belonged to a different Tribe
from those who stayed in Sweden.

Another point Leonart Moeller raised was the
fact that hundreds of thousands of Christians in the
world today including very many in Scandinavia
feel a very strong instinctive sense
of identification with the Jewish people and the
State of Israel even though most of them
have no known Jewish ancestry.
he ascribes (like Brit-Am does) this phenomenon
to an awakening of ancestral consciousness
in this period where we may be drawing near to the End Times.

3. Peter & Sonja Durski:
Holocaust Martyrs' and Heroes' Remembrance Day

Subject: Yom HaShoah

Shalom Yair,
we as family today join our Jewish brethren in
the synagogue to remember the unspeakable
tragedy and the suffering and death of millions
of Jews and other victims of the Nazi-Regime.
But we don't must forget that every time in the
past and in the present had and has its own persecution of Jews
and others, who aren't conform with the Evil forces of hatred.
We too,as non-Jews but returning Israelites, have
to humble before the God of Israel and His
witnesses for the Truth (Judah), not to fall into
the same trap again, by being tempt due fear to betray Israel and the Jews.
So, let us never forget who we are and what our
common purpose is: to be a re-united nation under the rule
of the God of Israel, His Torah and His Melech Mashiach.
We will think of you at 10.00 a.m. today.

God bless and protect you
Peter & Sonja Durski