"Brit-Am Now"-907
1. Orjan Svensson: A Similarity between Scandinavian Languages and Aramaic
2. The Names of God
The Status of Book Orders
Updates to Jeremiah: Chapter Outlines
5. Question to ALL: The Nomadic Rechabites and
New Zealand and Australia Representative
with copies of "The Tribes"
7. Brit-Am to Change Format: Need for Assistance

1. Orjan Svensson: A Similarity between Scandinavian Languages and Aramaic
From: Orjan Svensson <>
Subject: enclitic definite articles


A special feature in the Scandinavian languages is the
enclitic definite articles, see
This means that definite articles are suffixed in the
end of words.
For example in Norwegian "bok" means book and "boka"
(and also "boken") means "the book", so the definite
article is indicated by the suffixed -a (or -en).

This feature of enclitic definite articles also is
present in Romanian and in ARAMAIC, see

I find this interesting...


2. The Names of God
Brit-Am tries not to get involved in theological discussions.
Usually when people ask us questions on these matters we avoid them.
Please take consideration of our position and refrain from trying to involve us in
inter-faith dialogue.
Questions concerning the names of God keep recurring.
Below are brief notes on the subject as we understand it.
We have posted this understanding in the public interest but would rather not
engage in further discussion of the matter.
El roughly means "Mighty One". It can therefore be applied to God or to a pagan deity.
Elohim can be translated as "the Mighty Ones" or "the gods" or "the judges".
It can also mean "The Supreme Being".
"baal" can mean "owner" "husband" "master'
"baalim" can mean "the gods", "the owners", "the masters"
or "the outright owner" in the singular.
[The term "baal" could originally have been applied to either God or to a pagan idol.
Because it became associated with pagan idols the Bible avoids applying it to God].
The present understanding of "plural" and "singular" in Ancient and Biblical Hebrew is mistaken.
There is a tendency to relate to Hebrew grammar in Western Terms while denying any connection
as far as vocabulary is concerned.  This attitude should perhaps be reversed.
Hebrew did not derive from Greek, Latin, or English.
Those languages may derive much from Hebrew but Hebrew should be understood in its own terms.

3. The Status of Book Orders.
a. "Lost Israelite Identity.  The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races":
Most of the orders have been met. A few more should be going out this
week which will leave a handful and they should also be sent out shortly.
Everyone who made an order should receive a copy of the book if they have not already done so
within a short period.
b. "Rule to Role. The Task of Joseph" All orders are being registered.
The printing process is going ahead and hopefully should not take too long.
Our pre-publication offer for this work is still available.
Other works. Books by Orjan Svenssun and Walt Baucuum are also being prepared.
More details will follow.

4. Updates to Jeremiah
Chapter Outlines

Ch.33: Everything was revealed to The Prophets. Every good thing prophesied will come to pass. Judah will return and so will Israel. Judah is to prepare the way for Israel. The Levites will always be available to perform sacrifices when the Temple is rebuilt. The seed of David will always rule over at least a portion of Israel.

Ch.34: Jeremiah speaks to King Zedekiah concerning the prophesied fate of Judah and himself.
The people are called upon to do Social Justice and to free their Israelite Slaves.
Selective Migration is discussed.

Ch.35: The Rechabites did not drink alcohol or dwell in permanent settlements. They serve as an example of faithfulness to ancestral tradition. They will be rewarded.

Ch. 36: Jeremiah calls upon Judah to repent. Denial of Prophecy can bring disaster.

5. Question to ALL: The Nomadic Rechabites and Australia?
Jeremiah ch.35 speaks of the Rechabites.
A Midrash associates the Rechabites with the Land of Sinim and therefore with Australia?
Has anybody any suggestions as to
whether the Rechabites and Australia may be connected?
teetotallers? (Like more Australian should perhaps become?)
Nomads (like the proverbial "sundowner" and "swagman"
and the Australian Aborigine?)

6. New Zealand and Australia Representative
with copies of "The Tribes"

Brit-Am Representative in Australia and New
Zealand, Shaul Suhr
 Shaul Suhr <>
has copies of "The Tribes" to sell
in addition to which he would be pleased to make contact with
they who are interested in Brit-Am in Australia, New Zealand,
Oceania, and similar regions.

7. Brit-Am to Change Format: Need for Assistance
Up unto now Brit-Am got by through selling books and from offerings.
For some time now offerings have been very low and progressively getting lower.
This could change.
We will keep doing what we have to do as long as we can, God willing.
It may be that we should change and make an effort to
publish more, to put out the magazine more frequently, publish more books
This could be a solution and it may be what we have to do now
but it requires even more money and effort on our part.

They who appreciate Brit-Am and feel we have something to contribute
should try and help us if they can.
Please help us by
making an offering via PayPal
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