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1. Comments on Maariv Article
2. National Percentages of Brit-Am Viewers
3. More Statistics
4. Brit-Am Attitude to Statistics
5. Brit-Am need for funds.
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1. Comments on Maariv Article
(a) Cam Rea wrote:
"Brit-Am Now"-910
#2. The Maariv Article on Brit-Am and Reactions:
A Translation and Commentary

I read the Maariv article and the responses are the usual indeed. But it is true that they refute with curiosity. I figure if Brit-am is so easy to refute, maybe these people should write a paper and show why Brit-am is so wrong?

The problem with people is that they find negativity with the Ten Tribes and treat it as theory instead of History. This is why I don't like the label "British-Israelism" . It would be nice if people would fine with it and just call it a part of History.
Cam Rea

About 20% did agree to some extent and this is not a bad beginning.
It also should be noted that for most of the readership this was the first time the Brit-Am idea
had been presented to them.

(b) Dennis McGinlay <>
Subject: Newspaper Article

Dear Yair

Well done! Just read the page re. this article, and the reaction to it.
The article was very good indeed, but I was very disappointed by comments from some of the subscribers who speak without thinking, without knowledge, etc.

I know it must be difficult for many of our Jewish brothers and sisters in the light of past history to accept the message from Brit-Am but the history they remember is 'man made' and soon we will all know that God writes his own history

Great idea about approaching other publications worldwide. Go for it!

Dennis McGinlay

2. National Percentages of Brit-Am Viewers users come from these countries:
United States 36.8%
Australia 10.5%
Denmark 10.5%
Israel 10.5%
Canada 5.3%
Czech Republic 5.3%
Germany 5.3%
United Kingdom 5.3%
Mauritius [Apparently this means customers from South Africa?] 5.3%
Sweden 5.3%

3. More Statistics

Subject: my arguement from statistics

Below is a reprint of a letter I recently sent you. I received a
response through your network from a somewhat upset reader,
expressing among other things disbelief at some of the statistics
below. Without entering into the halakhic view or anyones personal
perceptions, I would like to justify this arguement some more.

Any population estimate of the Jewish census in pre war Poland
gives this number as 10% of the total, and this is restricted to
counted registered memebers of official communities under Polish
law at the time. This was after 70 years of emigration from what
had been 'the Pale of Settlement'. So counting at least twice that
number, 20% of the total, seems reasonable. Many towns and areas in
this 'Pale' were as much as 50% Jewish. 20% of 200 million total
inhabitants circa 1940 would be 40 million. Surely half of this
number ended up in the English speaking world over the years.

All indications show that there were several Jewish populatings of
N America over the last 200 years.

by 1870 (German, Sephardic, West European ) 2,000,000
1870-1920 (Former Russian Empire) 4,000,000
1920-1950's (Europe and Russia) 3,000,000
1950's to the present (Everywhere) 5,000,000
one million per decade total

all told this is 14,000,000 people over a 120 year period, so this
element would have to have at least doubled. Lets say about 30
million, which is 15% of the 'white' population of NorthAmerica
today. High degree of intermixture would have to yield at good 30%
of this overall 'white person' American population being
substantially of recent Jewish descent. It could be less but it
must approach this range

This is apart from other earlier immigrations, mixtures, etc. For
example, in the year 1500 there were some 3 million inhabitants on
the isle of Great Britain. If over the next few centuries several
hundred thousand Sepharadim, and then later German Jews, entered
this country, the proportion in the overall poulation would have to
have risen to 10%, of 'recent' arrivals alone. Same must be true
for Low Countries, Brazil, etc.

The figure of 20% keeps p ?pping up in relation to Medevial Spain
and other similar places. Tax records show this number by head
count. History books have repeatedly cited the figure 10-25% for
the Roman, Persian and Islamic civilizations. Islamic Granada was
50% Jewish, there were whole Jewish countries in the Persian sphere

BTW- (maybe this should be seperate)

Jewish was (and still is) a constituent part of what had been the
'Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth', which was the historic heir of
Kievan Rus, which had taken over from 'Khazaria' (I dont know if
this was actually the name for this empire). And which had been
preceeded by Scythia and Parthia.

It's interesting to note that the title, 'CZAR', is the same word
as 'KHAZAR', which means 'King'. The Jewish connection in all this
should hardly come as a surprise- 'KHAN', is clearly 'COHEN'
(KAHAN, KOGAN, etc). This whole business of an empire known,
essentially, as 'the Kingdom', or 'the land of the Kings' is very
similar to some other historical names, showing a clear connection
to places with titles and legal descriptions for names, unlike
other countries.

Parthia=BRYTHIA 'the Kingdom', 'the Covenant land' In Latin
'Partium' means kingdom. maybe the word 'part' is related to this.
The United Kingdom
The United States (Artzoth Ha Brith)
The Soviet Union (sounds strange but it's worth noting)
Brith-ain (Britain) 'The Crown' 'The City' 'The Treasury'
and (apologies) 'the IRS'

I guess God's Chosen People dont need to take any special name- if
it's 'the Kingdom' it must be the special one (Israel).



An Arguement from Historical Statistics.

20% of the Roman and Persian Empires were Jewish. 20% of Medevial
Islam was Jewish. Based on tax records, 20% Of medevial Spain,
France Italy and parts of Germany were Jewish. The larger area of
Poland, Lithuania and Russia must have been 20% Jewish until the
last 150 years. Poland in the 1930's was 10% Jewish by the official
census, which only counted registered member of recognized Jewish
communities. This was after what was then 70 years of constant
emigration. I have to think the same situation obtained for other
areas of traditional Jewish habitation in East Europe.

Estimates based on historical figures extrpolate that by mid 20th
century there would have to be at least 100 million in all the
Jewries, factoring out intermixture and assimilation, based just on
these medevial numbers alone. That was some 7.5 % of the
'Caucasian' world population at that time. So we can safely figure
that at among Caucasians in the most general sense there is at
least 7.5% Medevial Jewish descent in the aggregate.

The upper half of this Caucasian type population is found in higher
proportion among the Western peoples. So the Jewish percentage
should rise as well, said element being concentrated in the upper
half without doubt (Judah will tie his donkey to the choice vine,
and all that...) By composition the West is at least 15% descended
from medevial Jewry, replicating the situation found in every other
world-historical civilization/culture. (It must be a law of

The House of Joeseph is at least 4 times larger than that of Judah.
4 times 15 %= 60%. So the West is 60% Joeseph, in a larger sense,
and 15% Judah. Thats 75% in total, leaving as much as 25% for other

Lets try it another way. Jewish is, according to the above
statistics, about 7.5% of the overall composition in the larger
Caucasian world- Europe, the Americas and Australia, North
Africa/Middle east, Eurasia, Nearer India. This is about 2 billion
people, according to the offical numbers. Half of these are clearly
excludable from Israelite or related Hebrews, by definition- much
of the Slavic, Islamic, Indian, many Mediterranean and other
European types. So there are one billion people today among which
there could predominate the descendants of the ancient Hebrews,
which happens to coincide with the inhabitants of the West,
according to the above logic.

The Jewish percentage according to this calculation should be
double, 15% of this remaining one billion. Same logic as before,
Joeseph is 4 times larger with 60% of the total, together with
Judah makes 75 %. The remaining 25% is for the other peoples,
various Europeans like certain German and French types, some
peoples in Northern Italy and Spain and probably others around the

In both models the remaining "Gentile" 25% may be reduced by
several factors,- a larger proportion of Joeseph, other Judahide
groups that split away earlier, other Hebrew elements that are
being missed, etc.

On the other hand much of the medevial Jewish population may
originate in other groups, causing a double or otherwise inflated
count. Or Joeseph could have a smaller proportion. However, it's
probably a wash between all the balancing factors.

Whether its 80%, or even 50%, these figures speak the plain truth-
there is no where else for the Israelites to be, other than among
the Western peoples, besides being scattered among the nations. The
above deals with aggregates; individually people are all mixed up.
The point is that it just so happens that the numbers of people who
must be Hebrew are found exactly where the BRITAM position says
they will be, and this by mathematical default.

4. Brit-Am Attitude to Statistics
Claims such as those in the item above have been
going around for a long time.
They are pertinent.
They show what is possible.
They help establish the feasibility of Brit-Am beliefs.
For a related point by us see:
(1. Population Increase.
How can so many People have descended from so few forefathers?

Nevertheless, we would advocate reservation on this point.
Some groups expand, have a lot of descendants, others contract.
Some disappear.
It also could work in cycles.

Despite our emphatic reservation concerning DNA
for the moment we tend to understand that it may well be reliable
for the last few centuries.
DNA (like head shapes, skin color, etc which DNA also determines) can tell us something even though
at some point environmental determinants that affect DNA must be taken into consideration.

DNA more or less says the Jews are unique despite the fact that they also
have much in common with the populations they dwelt amongst in the past.
DNA does not indicate a strong Jewish input into Gentile populations
unless present results are to be re-interpreted.
If we are wrong or if anybody else has alternate ideas
we would be happy to post them.

We are looking for the truth and Maimonides pointed out that in order
to get to the truth one must be prepared to make mistakes.

5. Brit-Am need for funds.

Opportunities Available.
Brit-Am is constantly working to spread the message.
Brit-Am can reach places closed to others.
Brit-Am has something unique to offer that is of value and deserves to
be encouraged.
Brit-Am is in trouble.
On the one hand we are reaching more people in more places.
We are putting out new publications.
Some Additional information has been uncovered and has been posted to our site.
On the other hand expenses have not gone down.
Things that are worth doing are not being done.
Even our ability to get by is in question.
Income from publication sales and offerings seems to have decreased by half
or maybe more.
This may change and we hope it will but at the moment
the outlook is somewhat bleak.
Please send Brit-Am an offering.

Also if you are interested in Brit-Am publications take advantage
of our
in which every available Brit-Am book may be purchased for only $15 each.

Also if the topics that Brit-Am deals with concern you,
become a
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