"Brit-Am Now"-915
1. IQ and GNP Figures Misleading
2. Linguistics: Theo
3. Charles  Moore: Geographical Notes
4. Genealogy: Decreasing of the Lineages
5. Notes on Mauritius

1. IQ and GNP Figures Misleading
From: inverness
re "Brit-Am Now"-913
#1. IQ and the Wealth of Nations

Subject: IQ

That business about IQ is false, besides for any other reason,
because the compositions are meaningless. The IQ (and GNP) for
Israel is thrown way off by the inclusion of much of the Arab
population, and others of 3rd world origin. Same would hold true
for USA, etc.

Although all things being equal Americans, Australians, etc are
smarter and wealthier than everyone else, including their Old World
2. Linguistics: Theo Venneman
Theo Venneman leading proponent that speakers of a Semitic Language or languages
on the European Atlantic Coast strongly influenced the Celtic, Pictic, and Gemanic tongues.

3. Does "Scott" Mean Darkness??

in "Brit-Am Now"-899
#2. Question on the name "Sciot"
We said:
<<Sciot in the 'Gaal of Sciot Iber' is another form of Scot.

<<In Gaelic is said to connote "wanderer" similar to the meaning "Hebrew".
On the other hand the word "Scott" in Greek and other "Indo-European" tongues
indicates Concealed or "hidden" similar to the proposed derivation of Celt from "ceilt".>>

There is however another opinion that derives the word from the Greek for Darkness:
The Wikpedia article on Dal Riata in Scotland says:

Dal Riata

<<Dal Riata (also Dalriada or Dalriata) was a Gaelic kingdom on the western seaboard of Scotland and the northern coasts of Ireland,...  The inhabitants of Dal Riata are often referred to as Scots, from the Latin scotti, a word which came from the Low Latin scottis, which came from the Greek language word meaning [scottus] darkness [2 Chamber's Twentieth Century Dictionary (reprinted 1974) p.1214] , and later came to mean Gaelic-speakers whether Scottish, Irish or otherwise.[3] They are referred to here as Gaels, an unambiguous term, or as Dal Riatans.[4]>>

The two explanations do not necessarily contradict each other.
We would tend to the opinion that 'Scott' derives from "Scythian" or from Saka (Isaac)
and only received a secondary meaning (if such was the case) at a later date due to similarity in sound.

At all events "Darkness" also connotes "covering"
as explained in the Midrash on Isaiah
"To them that are in darkness, shew yourselves" (Isaiah 49;9): These are those whom the cloud descended upon and covered.
See our explanation on Isaiah nine for details.
3. Charles  Moore: Geographical Notes
From: Charles and Rita Moore
Subject: Thanks for Our Brief Visit in Jerusalem

Yair:  We arrived safely back in Ottawa May 20th around midnight after a very profitable trip in Israel and Jordan. We appreciated the time you took with us for dinner and returned to the Te'amin restaurant again the next night.  It was a great place.  We are finally getting back on top of our lives.  We have also started going back over your books.

I am continuing to consider further research on the similarity of geographical environments between the original tribal allotments in Eretz Israel and the current situation.  We will see where this leads.  I don't see it being simple.  At least now I have seen the territories west of the Jordan plus the Golan.  I have travelled extensively in modern day Israel except for Finland, Australia, NZ and South Africa.

One thing I noted on our trip was at the model tabernacle they have set up at Timna Mines Park:  the priests were wearing belts coloured red, white and blue plus a less visible purple.  It looked so Israelitish!  The Negev was spectacularly beautiful in its colour and terrain.  The agricultural researcher we spoke with from BGU confirmed that the climate south of Beer Sheva was wetter 2000 and more years ago, receiving at least as much rain as Beer Sheva does at the present time. It would have made a major difference to the possibilities for agriculture then,   The Nabateans were an ingenious people - clearly from the things we saw around Avdat and at Petra in Jordan. I might add that Jordan was so-different from Israel culturally - we were glad to get back home to Israel.

We also found Tel Dor a fascinating site.  We had the privilege of a tour by the marine archaeologist Kurt Raveh who lives there.  We is a Dutchman who came to Israel to offer support during the Yom Kippur War.  He stayed and became an Israeli even though he was not Jewish.

I intend to write more late.  Please keep me on your email list.

May G-d be with you and your work.

Charles Moore & family

4. Genealogy: Decreasing of the Lineages
As we progress in time more and more of us are descended from less and less ancestors.
It could also conceivably occur that some sections of the population are more fertile than others
so that after time the relative proportions constituting a people
may change even without immigration etc.

<<DeCode Geneics has studied the Icelandic population back
1,100 years.  Of Icelanders born since 1972, 92% of women
are descended from only 22% of women born between
1848-1892 and 86% of men descend from 26% of this
time period. Not all pedigrees could be traced to an
earlier time, but they estimated that 7% of the women
born in the early 1700s were ancestresses of 62% of
contemporary women and 10% of men in this same period
fathered 71% of contemporary males. The book uses the
following reference: Helgason et al., AJHG 72:1370-1388 (2003)>>
5. Notes on Mauritius
re "Brit-Am Now"-912
#9. Kevin Opp: Mauritius and Brit-Am?

From: Bo Ronn <>

Today, Mauritus has a population of 1.2 million, mostly descendants of the colonial
occupiers and their African and Indian fieldhands. French is the language of culture
with English being the language of business and Creole the lingua franca.

Mauritius enjoys the status of "upper middle income" nation with extensive state-of
the-art physical, social and educational infrastructure, a highly educated and productive workforce and a robust and diversified welfare state economy - a successful model for other developing nations to emulate.

The country has a dynamic private sector, a well-developed communications infrastructure, a welcoming attitude to foreigners and a large pool of well educated professionals bilingual in English and French.
A member of the Commonwealth of Nations.

A Goth from Sweden sailing out from Mauritius for the last 37 years.
Shalom / Bo Ingvar Ronn

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