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1. Cam Rea: The Antiquity of Heraldry
2. Craig Blackwood: Israel salt and light
3. Runes from Phoenicia?
1. Cam Rea: The Antiquity of Heraldry
From: Cam Rea <>
Subject: Stephen Spykerman

I agree with Superman on this issue on the issue of Heraldic evidence. To say the these symbols came way after the migration would be wrong to think. Many groups would bring symbols that would be used or not used by certain families. Some families added symbols later on that were from older symbols once thought to be lost. Take my family for instance. I'm a Rea who's family use to be called Macrame, and before that Migrate. My family shield has three lions on one corner, a Mediterranean antelope on another corner, a sailing vessel on another, and a type of cross on the shield. These are very old symbols, and were on my families shield back in the 11 to 10 century AD. As to where each origionally comes from is total not for sure but the fact remains that they mean something. Some symbols are quite obvious while other are uncertain but it shows they were in use before they were first recorded. What we can tell is that three Lions may stand for Royalty the Antelope may in dictate the region my family came from before arriving in Ireland which may have been the middle east due to the sailing vassal being on the shield as well indicating that my family sailed from a far distant land. As for the type of cross is uncertain it could have been added later or that my clan was Christian before they came. As to when the came to Ireland is not known for sure. But the symbols were around long before they were recorded or even known by many others. Just like the symbols many others have used. They are nothing knew but in most cases a way to show ones origins and beliefs for they could not read and write effectively.

 2. Craig Blackwood: Israel salt and light
Shalom Yair

Thankyou for promoting this forum.

Least we forget, the very existence if Israel was to be a SERVANT RACE to be
an influence of good in this world.  Gods wife Israel was to be His hands,
feet and mouth within the earth. ... Regardless of
the tribe, each family of Israel right from the big tribes down to the
smaller ones, each has been salt and light in this world.  Each tribe has
had space and time in history to enlarge, blossom and influence world
history.  Of course the chieftain are Judah and Ephraim.  There is a purpose
of allocating separate inheritances to Judah and Ephraim.  This is to
compliment and not to compete.  Alas competition seems to have won over.
The tribes of Jacob behave very much like family siblings but BLOOD IS

The real purpose for tribal identification is to know who were are and not
to Lord any superiority over each other.

The classic biblical scripture of Ephraim wrestling with Judah is about to
end.  As a people we are sick of wandering and fighting for survival.  Our
tribes typically suffer from THE WHITE FLIGHT.  Even in the blessed
countries of New Zealand and Australia, the white get up and leave when
other nationalities encroach upon their comfort zone and head North.  Even
in Europe this can be observed when encroached, the Israelite heads North.
This term is used (In NZ) for the white flight north especially out of the
big multicultural metro cities of Auckland and Sydney.  This is engrained in
the psyche of our mindsets.  Way back from when Abraham left Ur we
(Israelite) have never been settled.  As soon as we get settled we tend to
fall into idolatry and God sends the A-TYPICAL Philistine/Assyrian to
chastise us.  Our fore-fathers left the civilised societies that they worked
so hard to establish and settled in barren lands only to repeat the cycle
again.  The aggressor tended to settle in the establishments left behind.
There are many examples in Africa when the Westerners left African
countries, the power and water would fail within a matter of months.

In the main, the Israelite choose peace over war but we like our Patriarch
tend to BUY-OUT the aggressor.  Jacob paid off his brother Esau.  Today the
same signs are there we the Israelite have paid out and we are almost out of
money.  America pays out Trillions to appease the aggressor.  Ephraim has
chased the east wind but now is at the ends of the earth.  I have observed
the migration of Jacob out of Africa.  Many South Africans are moving where
I am living.  These people have incredible steel and character.  But once
again they move.  Lately we read about Dutchmen moving.  I am watching the
under-laying undertones and the same thing will happen in New Zealand.
Kiwis must not kid themselves that it could happen in New Zealand too.
Where are we going to run to now?  We are already at the ends of the earth.
We know what the prophets say.  Is it near time?  I could write a book on
this vane.

HOWEVER  the purpose of is to reveal to our lost brethren who
they are.  A Doctor friend of our family was NON-RELIGIOUS.  He decided to
read the Bible and he came to the conclusion on just his general knowledge
and reading the bible without religious bias that HIS RACE were Israelite.
To those whose eyes are open, the evidence is insurmountable.  Sure there
may be unresolved myths and stories.  Whether Reuben or Joseph or Zebulon or
Judah, we are all Israelite and when God has finished with our IMMATURITY we
will be restored, the stick of Ephraim and the stick of Judah.  The family
quibbles and squabbling will be put behind us and we will get on with what
we are supposed to be and do.  None in Israel are superior or inferior.  WE
ARE ALL EQUAL.  Yes there are differences just as husband and wife.  These
differences promote speciality and function.  A imperfect Isaac showed
favouritism towards Esau and Jacob to Joseph.  Our less than perfect fathers
had a profound impact both positively and negatively but our God is perfect.

Having said this I would want to qualify some of what I have said in the
past.  As for myself (I know)that I am personally a mix of (Jewish Isachaar)
and (Israelite) Joseph and maybe some (Non Jewish) Judah.  I have been
brought up in an Anglo-Saxon world.  For myself I find the French irritating
but I don't hate them, I love them.  I may find Australians a bit bullish
but I love them.  I may find the English snooty and uppity.  But I love
them.  I may find Americans pushy, brash, loud and showy but I love them.
Just like our families, there are issues we have with our sibling we just
hate, but we love them.

The Brit-Am forum is about identifying these idiosyncrasies because they
have made us unique and colourful.  These quirks have added spice to the pot.
Just as personal and individual personality is one of the main driving
mechanisms of a man, ethnicity, race and subsequently nationhood have
personality too.  For example the four main personality types are made of
two extrovert SANGUINE (outgoing, influencing) and CHOLERIC (FORWARD,
dominant, direct, pioneering) and two introvert MELANCHOLY (thinking,
calculating, detailed, accurate) and the amiable PHLEGMATIC (steady
relational, reliable, dependable, faithful).  The Sanguine and Phlegmatic
share personal and people orientation whilst the Choleric and Melancholy are
work oriented.  There are books and info on Google if this needs explaining
BUT there are also combinations.  Strengths and weakness can also be the
source of temptation and failure. Of course all personality types lead but
in different fashion.  The Melancholy leads by the book, the Sanguine by
democracy, the Choleric by Dictatorship and the Phlegmatic by consensus.

Jung/Myers-Briggs personality types of famous people such as celebrities,
politicians and ... French philosopher. Albert Einstein. German physicist

I don't know if it has been realised on this form Yair BUT Nations also
exhibit personalities and the personalities OF MODERN ISRAELITE NATIONS
closely resemble those of the tribes.  THESE ARE SWEEPING GENERALISATIONS
        Americans are Sanguine in personality (and some Choleric) - DEVELOPERS,
DREAMERS, Americans (Joseph) love people, sport (CONTACT SPORT-TEAMS) RISK
        The Germans are Choleric and melancholy (German precision engineering)-
thinking sciences,
        The Swiss are Melancholy (Details, accounting, money, precision, thinking.
        The Australians are Phlegmatic (MATESHIP) The Currency Kid mentality still
predominant.  SPORTS-party-fun.
        The New Zealand are (Choleric/Phlegmatic) pioneers, inventive,
        The English are Melancholy/Phlegmatic (Reserved-but once in a group they
let go)
        The Japanese are Meloncholy/Choloric (Honour and insularity).

So the Americans (Joseph true to character) easy forgive and are soft on
their enemies whilst the German and Japanese hold the grudge.  The English
tend to complain because of the melancholy tendencies.  Joseph tends to
forget and get on with it.

I think Judah tends to be a thinker and maybe a bit legalistic but
industrious and a planner too.  So personalities and behavioural attitudes
gave much impetus to inheritance and future government.  So true to
personify Judah got the Law Keeping (with Levi) and Kingship whilst Joseph
got dominion, economic and resource domination.

        Nations identified primarily with their personalities tend to be
self-aggrandizing and assume their nation is superior   to others. ... - 145k -

        The Evolution of Individual Nations

        Just as every individual is an amalgam of positive and negative attributes
whose being is growing and evolving, so too     each nation of the world has an
evolving character that expresses both positively and negatively. Each
nation can in   fact be said to represent a different aspect of human
consciousness and capacity. For example, France is said to      represent
"clarity of thought;" Russia "the brotherhood of man;" the USA "practical
organization;" and India "the   spiritual teacher (i.e. guru) of the world."
Each nation then expresses a ray, or several rays of truth, knowledge, and
capacity, reflecting the best of human character and consciousness.
Similarly, every nation also expresses its own  wanting propensities for
falsehood, ignorance, and incapacity. By accentuating the former, and
overcoming the latter,  the growth, development, and evolution of nations is
made possible.

        The Group Soul of the Nation that Can Evolve Like the Individual
        Most nations have actually come into being as a result of a group or an
individual who articulated in some way a tiny   spark of the spiritual soul
of that nation and began to bring to it a sense of coherence and direction.
The great       Indian sage and political reformer Sri Aurobindo said, "The
nation or society, like the individual, has a body, an  organic life, a
moral and aesthetic temperament, a developing mind and a soul? [I]t is a
group soul that, once having    attained a separate distinctness, must then
become more and more self-conscious?"

        Just as individuals must struggle with the process of personality
integration, bringing the physical, emotional and       mental components of
their personalities into a coordinated, working whole, so too must a nation
become an integrated    personality before it can successfully invoke its

        Just as developed, individual personalities which haven?t yet integrated
with their soul  tend to be separative, self-   centered, arrogant and
materialistic, the same is true of the developed personalities of nations.
Nations identified      primarily with their personalities tend to be
self-aggrandizing and assume their nation is superior to others. (Corinne
McLaughlin and Gordon Davidson from 'The Soul of Nations')

This article is worth reading in it's entirety.

Some day I may apply some detailed thought to tribal personality.  Maybe
someone has some information.



Craig Blackwood
3. Runes from Phoenicia?
The book "Scandinavian Secrets. The Hebrew Code of the Runes"
by Orjan Svensson
traces the Runes of Scandinavia to Hebrew sources.
The Israelites used the same text as the Phoenicians.
In many ways what applies to one applies to the other.

A German Professor, Theo Vennemann (whom we have mentioned before)
is now reportedly arousing some interest in Europe with his statements that the
Phoenicians gave rise to Runic script.

An abstract from one of his articles is given below.
It is quite technical but worth noting if only to get the general idea.

The article from Prof. Theo Vennemann "Germanische Runen und
phoenizisches Alphabet" (Germanic runes and the phenician
alphabet) covers 60 pages in a small font and a pagesize of
6.10 x 8.67 inch.

The article is in german, but contains a short abstract in english.
The poblem of the origin of the Germanic runes
and the runic writing system is considered unsolved. Many
aspects of the runes are enigmatic even for the most widely
accepted thesis, that of the Latin origin of the runes.
The present article develops the thesis that runic writing
derives directly from the Phoenician writing system of the
Carthaginians who dominated the Atlantic coasts from the
fifth to the end of the third century, rather than via Greek,
Etruscan, or Latin. This thesis explains all the distinctive
properties of runic writing: the form of those runes for
which Latin offers no model; die acrophonic naming of the
runes with appellatives; various aspects of the order of
the older fudiark, especially the beginning with a rune
named *fehu 'cattle'; the frequent use of scriptura continue;
the omission of nasals before homorganic consonants; the
writing of geminates with single rather than double consonants.
Most importantly, the Phoenician thesis explains the
concentration of the oldest runic finds in the Scandinavian
regions between the German and the Baltic Seas rather than
close to die Roman Empire and answers the question of the
reasons for the extraordinarily early availabdity of an
alphabetic writing system of its own in northern Europe.