"Brit-Am Now"-953
1. Letter of Support for Brit-Am
2. Charles Voss: "natural allies"
3.Cam Rea:  The Need to be aware of Israelite Ancestry in General
4. Question on the Magazine
5. Ancient Britons from "Armenia" or France? (a)
6. Ancient Britons from "Armenia" or France? (b)
7. Brit-Am and the Radio

 1. Letter of Support for Brit-Am

Dear Friends at Brit Am:

I am including an additional contribution for the support of your work. I appreciate your regular email newsletters on Tribes issues and also, issues of concern in Israel.

We will continue to support your work and efforts tracing the tribes of Israel, And working toward the return of the Whole of Israel (including tribes of Ephraim-Joseph). It is the diligent effort and work of many like you who are bring about the fulfillment of prophecy in Israel today. Please keep up your work and keep the e-mails coming. I thoroughly enjoy your Torah portion messages, and the analysis of various other scripture portions. I try to read some of the various updates on tribe research from you, Steven Collins and others. I don't always succeed in reading, but I do try to save them for future reference.

I am especially appreciative of your Jerusalem News bulletins. Since I do not have the time to go online and check out what is happening in Israel (and the normal American news media do not cover much if any that goes on in Israel and when it does it is slanted favoring the philistine terrorists.), I rely heavily upon you and others like you to provide the personal Israeli perspective on the regular events and goings on.

Wishing you, your family and other Brit-Am associates a blessed year and continued prayer for your work. Also, prayer for peace of Jerusalem but a true Peace of HaShem over the whole of Israel. (the Biblical boundaries, not those defined by U.N. ! !, which certainly contain all the OCCUPIED territories currently OCCUPIED by the Edomites, Philistines and descendents of Ishmael.)

Shalom, Richard & Betty

2. Charles Voss: "natural allies"
Shalom Yair,

I hope all is well with you, here is the $40 check for the books "Role to Rule" and "Scandinavian Secrets" if you would send them.
Our works are natural allies concerning the tribes (all of them) . I have a couple of references to your site on the site.
It seems that our detractors are becoming very similar and in some cases identical.
If there is any way I can help you further our common cause please let me know.
I know a number of people here in the Southeastern USA that hold you in high esteem.
  Keep up the good work.
Your Hebrew brother,

3.Cam Rea: The Need to be aware of Israelite Ancestry in General
Subject: Jewish Family Names

In regard to those wanting to know if this is Jewish or is that Jewish may not be the field Brit-Am is focused. It is an interesting subject to dive into, and I myself have wondered a bit like most people who take an interest in this subject or field. I know nothing when it comes to what tribe I am from. I could be a Danite, Simon, Levite, maybe a mix. Who knows, other then the almighty.

What I have found to be most important is the fact that I am an Israelite. That is enough for me. To look for a sign of Jewishness is your line is not important, but it is interesting I do admit. I myself like to do research on my family tree and I do encourage others to do so as well on their family tree.

But to make a long story short one must quit looking for a Jew, and realise that all of us Israelites are part Judah, Dan, Asher, Simon, Levi, etc. It's not so much of the tribes that is important, but that fact that we are one tribe that belongs to I AM.

But hey, I could be wrong in that thinking as well.

Cam Rea

 4. Question on the Magazine

From: "LES"
Subject: Brit AM Truth Publication

Morn'g Yair
I have purchased this publication in the past and have Volumes 6 through 9.
Are volumes 1-5 still available? I would be grateful for just a photo copy or a pdf file of them.
Are there volumes available after Vol 9?
I would be glad to purchase them if you could tell me how much.


The magazine went through several name changes
There were  five issues of "tribesman",  issues (no.6) under the name  "BRIT-AM"
one issue  "BRIT-AM Magazine"
and two issues under the name  "Brit-Am TRUTH".

We have copies of only 8 and 9 left.
We do however have the issues on file.
If we can sometime in the future we will put out a hard-cover reprinting of all past issues of the
magazine up until issue no.7.
The magazine is a very worthwhile publication.
Soon we hope to put out a new issue and after that produce issues every six weeks or so.
The magazine is also profitable and justifies itself and helps Brit-Am in general but needs a
quite modest capital outlay
which we are struggling to obtain in addition to other obligations that have to be met.

5. Ancient Britons from "Armenia" or France? (a)
 From: Shelagh McKenna
   re "Brit-Am Now"-952
 #1. Origin of the English
 Regarding Article #1:
 I have read 'Armorica' instead of 'Armenia' in the Anglo Saxon
 Chronicle. I hope it hasn't been amended.

 The quotation from the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle said:
 "The first inhabitants were the Britons,
   who came from Armenia, and first peopled Britain
 southward. Then
   happened it, that the Picts came south from Scythia..."
 The Britons are traced to Armenia.
 The original version does say "Armenia".
 "Armenia" today is in the southern Caucasus.
 In ancient times the term "Armenia" at various periods was applied
 to Northern Syria, Eastern Turkey, Northern Iraq, and most of
 Caucasus region.
 Armenia in Classical terms bordered "Scythia".
 Conceptually if the Picts could be considered to have come from
 "Scythia" there is no reason
 why the Britons could not have come from Armenia.
 "Armenia" in its Classical sense area to which the Northern
 Israelites had first been taken.
 On the other hand,
 "Armorica" usually means Britanny in France
 Wikipedia quotes the Roman historian, Pliny (NH 2.17.105), as
 applying the term to Aquitania
 which was also in France but further to the south.
 One does find Early Chroniclers using Classical terms for areas
 that  have similar names.
 They could conceivably have applied the name "Armenia" to
 "Armorica"  but we would expect to find other examples of this being done before accepting the  possibility. Early Chroniclers were familiar with the Classical
 Literatureand would have known where Armenia was.
 A Translator has no right to substitute "Armorica" for "Armenia"
 where "Armenia" is the word used in the  original.
At the most he can add a footnote saying that in his
 opinion "Armorica" is intended.

6. Ancient Britons from "Armenia" or France? (b)
From: Shelagh McKenna <>

Dear Mr. Davidy,

You are right. There are six manuscripts, all saying 'Armenia'. I'm glad I never quoted the mistranslation.

I still believe that the ancient Britons came from Armorica, because this information is in Bede's 'Ecclesiastical History'.
However, I cannot assume that the writer of the Preface to the 'Anglo Saxon Chronicle' was simply misreading Bede.

In any case, I think the ancient Britons from Armorica and the ancient Britons you are studying were different groups.

Thank you for your response,
Shelagh McKenna

7. Brit-Am and the Radio
From Dennis McGinlay<>

Dear Yair

Read nothing lately regarding Radio Broadcasts. How's it going in that regard?

Dennis Mcginlay