"Brit-Am Now"-970
1. Robert Kennedy: Ephraim to Come as they are
2. Leah Todd: In
Defence of  The Book of Jasher and Brit-Am Reply
3. New Year for Brit-Am?
(a) The Hebrew New Year
(b) Brit-Am
(1) Negative Side

In Sum.


1. Robert Kennedy: Ephraim to Come as they are
Ephraim was not to return necessary  as a completed Holy people.
For it was written they were to come as they are;not yet in the fullest of
Gd. The Almighty,would do what man could not do. Gd will write His
Commandments in the hearts and minds of His people.

Than, Gd will say you were once not my people.But today you are
once again my people and I am your Gd.

So, let us all give understanding that they are to come as they are
and not necessary in the fullest of Gd.
So, if they wish to gain understanding. Let,us with a gentle hand teach
who comes.

However,if a donkey, speaks the Word of Gd.Let the donkey deal with

Yair,you do not have to deal with donkeys. Your calling to start the
return of all Israel has already taken root. And, a good work it is.

Lo, Gd blessed you with His calling of the return of Ephraim.

Robert Kennedy

2. Leah Todd: In Defence of  The Book of Jasher and Brit-Am Reply
"Brit-Am Now"-968
#4. Answer to Cantankerous Correspondent and the Book of Jasher


Dear Yair,
I have a few things to say concerning the book of Jasher.

I will state right off the bat that I do not have such a negative opinion of the book.
I do not consider it Blasphemous and am curious as to why you do?

For those that haven't read the book of Jasher, it starts at the beginning and goes through Joshua. The fact that it is mentioned in The Bible twice is proof that it was around during the time in which Joshua and 2Samuel were written. (Jos 10:13 & 2Sam 1:18)  I do not know were you got your information about the book being "composed in Italy in the middle ages" since Italy did not exist as Italy during the time that Joshua and Samuel were written, I do not understand how this is possible. Did you mean that it was translated from the ancient scroll in Italy?

I am not trying to be cantankerous I just think that everyone should read "The Book of Jasher" and come to their own conclusion. After reading Jasher I can't say that there is anything in it that goes against what is in the Torah , if anything I see it as upholding the Torah. I am not sure what the other fellow was referring to concerning Jasher and I hope that you don't consider me to be of the same opinion. I just thought that another view of the book would be something everyone should consider.

I appreciate all your work for the lost Tribes and others need to understand that you can't always reply back to everyone. There are many of us and only one of you, none of us should expect to be your top priority.

Many Blessings,

P.S. You are welcome to post my name if you chose to reply.

Brit-Am Reply:
a. We never said that the book was blasphemous but rather suggested  that to
rank it along with Books of the Bible approached blasphemy.
For example, Charles Dickens wrote "Oliver Twist".
"Oliver Twist" is not a bad book and I daresay someone could get a lot out of reading it
but were one say it is on a par with the Book of Exodus that would be desecrating a book of
Scripture and not doing anything for good old "Oliver" either.
Just because a book has the same title as a book mentioned in the Bible does not make it the same book.
"The Book of Jasher"  appears to be popular amongst Messianics and the like
though some Jews also read it. I have a copy in Hebrew and have read parts of it.
The Hebrew style is not Biblical and it is obvious to a reader of Hebrew that it is a literary
concoction. Nevertheless it makes for good entertainment and includes legends
and other material that may be of value.
I do not thing you will find a SINGLE Jewish SCHOLAR (not even one!) anywhere who will claim
that it dates from Biblical times.

I was in fact in error. I thought the work dated from the early Middle Ages but according to
Wikipedia it would seem to be much later, cf.
Sefer haYashar (midrash)

<<Sefer haYashar (midrash), a Hebrew midrash known in English translation mostly as The Book of Jasher. The book is named after the Sefer HaYashar mentioned in Joshua and 2 Samuel.

<<The Hebrew version was printed in Venice in 1625 and the introduction refers to an earlier 1552 edition in Naples of which neither trace or other mention has been found. The printer Joseph ben Samuel claimed the work was copied by a scribe named Jacob the son of Atyah from an ancient manuscript whose letters could hardly be made out.

<<Some Mormon scholars [citation needed] consider this to be the authentic Sefer HaYashar referenced in the Old Testament (though in recent decades this has become a minority view).

<<...the book in its entirety cannot be so old as shown by chapter 10 covering the descendants of Noah which even contains medieval names for territories and countries, perhaps mostly obviously Franza for France and Lumbardi in Italia for Lombardy.

<<Most of its extra-Biblical accounts are found in nearly the same form in either other medieval compilations, or in the Talmud, or in other midrash or in Arabic sources. For example it contains the common tale that Lamech and his son Jabal accidentally killed Cain, thus requiting his wickedness for slaying Abel.

<<The Arabic connections suggest that if the preface to the 1625 version is an "exaggeration", it was then probably written by a Jew who lived in Spain or southern Italy. The work was used extensively but not especially more than many other sources in Louis Ginzberg's Legends of the Jews.

<<The work itself is evidently composed in the purest Rabbinical Hebrew, with a large intermixture of the Biblical idiom, ...

<<It is sometimes confused with the very different Book of Jasher (Pseudo-Jasher), which is said to be an obvious forgery. Pseudo-Jasher claims to have been translated by the Anglish monk Alcuin. That version was printed by Jacob Ilive in 1751 in Early Modern English. Alcuin spoke Old English (or Old Anglish), which coupled with the printer's seeming anti-Christian sentiments would suggest that it was a fraud.
3. New Year for Brit-Am?
(a) The Hebrew New Year
Rosh Hashanah

2007 date sunset, September 12 ? sunset, September 14

Rosh Hashanah literally translated as "head of the year", and idiomatically refers to the Jewish New Year. The term first appears in the Tanakh, in Ezekiel 40:1.
The Mishnah..sets this day aside as the new year for calculating calendar years and sabbatical (shemitta) and jubilee (yovel) years.

The Torah refers to the day as "The Day of the Blowing of the Shofar" (Yom Terua, Leviticus 23:24), and rabbinic literature and the liturgy itself describe Rosh Hashanah as "The Day of Judgment" (Yom ha-Din) and "The Day of Remembrance" (Yom ha-Zikkaron). Some midrashic descriptions depict God as sitting upon a throne, while books containing the deeds of all humanity are opened for review, and each person passing in front of Him for evaluation of his or her deeds. All of these names are also referenced in the holiday's extensive liturgy.

This holiday is the first of the Yamim Noraim (Hebrew, "Days of Awe"), the most solemn days of the Jewish year; the Yamim Noraim are preceded by the month of Elul, during which Jews are supposed to begin a self-examination and repentance, a process that culminates in the ten days of the Yamim Noraim known as Asseret Yemei Teshuva - The Ten Days of Repentance, beginning with Rosh Hashanah and ending with the holiday of Yom Kippur.

(b) Brit-Am
(1) Negative Side
Brit-Am finished this year without a working organization, no co-workers, almost without funds,
and even visits to its web-site (which had gone up) suddenly plummeted
People appear to be dissatisfied but are voting with their feet rather than enunciating
what displeases them.
One correspondent wrote in saying that the Lost Ten Tribes subjects is all very well
but it is "milk" (his expression) before the meat and people want more.
The problem is we do not want to give "more".
We feel that our mission is that of the three Rs and that we do not have a mandate to go beyond them.
Research: Finding where the Ten Tribes are.
Revelation: Spreading the message.
Reconciliation: Working to bring Judah and Joseph closer.

(2) Positive
During the past year we did reach a lot of people.
We were blessed with a few research breakthroughs the significance of which may
become apparent later.
A new book was published "Role to Rule" which is quite a valuable addition
to the available literature.
A new issue of the magazine is coming out within a few days. It is quite good and
arrangements have been made that even with a minimum of funds may allow us henceforth to put
new issues out quite frequently.
Books by others such as "Scandinavian Secrets" by Orjan Svensson (already published)
and including a work on Atlantis by Paul Bauucum and another on the Assyrian Exile
by Cam Rea  are in preparation by Russell-Davis Publishers which is in effect part of Brit-Am.

We made preparations in several areas that if we be enabled to pursue them could bear fruit,
e.g. additions and changes to the web-site, new publications, etc.

Contacts have been made and the organization could be revived at almost a moment's notice.

In Sum.
The Negative side is quite serious.
Things could change drastically in either direction.
We need more input by those who feel concerned with the matter,
both in the form of purchases and offerings and opinions.

Your comments and reactions are requested.

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