"Brit-Am Now"-105

1. Canadian Money
2. Brit-Am Encompasses all the Others
3. Contributions
4. Tribal Symbols: Second Thoughts on the USA?
5. Rusty: British soldiers salute the Cambria.
6. Captive Jews amongst Hispanics
7. Other "Identity" Organizations and Beliefs

1. Canadian Money
We are very pleased and honored to receive orders and donations from Canada.
If you live in Canada and you wish to forward money to us, please do it in
one of
the following ways:
a. by Canadian check on a Canadian bank in Canadian dollars.
b. by Canadian check  in US dollars on a Canadian bank that has a branch
(written on the check)
in the USA.
c. by US check in US dollars on a US bank
Please DO NOT send us a check in US dollars on a Canadian bank that has NOT
a branch (written on the check)
in the USA. Such a check is very difficult for us to cash in Israel.

2. Brit-Am Encompasses all the Others
Brit-Am exists to reveal the truth of Lost Israelite Identity and to spread
such knowledge. This is the primary purpose of
Brit-Am and the emphasis must always be on this. Let all Brit-Am branches
and all our supporters and activists take note of this.
We exist for the sake of our Brit-Am identity and we should always remember
that and let others know it.
In addition to the above, Brit-Am also:
* Promotes Jewish and Israelite national causes.
* works for the strengthening of the Jewish State of Israel and the
settlements in Judah and Samaria.
*runs a news service giving information about Israel and in favor of Israel
that many people might otherwise not be aware of.
*Is in favor a Jewish presence on the Temple Mount and rebuilding the Temple.
*Believes that the borders of the Jewish state should stretch from the Nine
to the Euphrates.
*Believes that the "Palestinians" should be transported elsewhere.
*Advocates a strong healthy Israel.
*fights anti-semitism and anti-Jewish tendencies wherever they are to be found.
* Is against abortion anywhere in the world.
*Favors Biblical morality in the USA and elsewhere.
*Believes in a strong USA, a strong Britain, and strong Israelite nations.
*Is for Bible-believers everywhere and study of the Bible.
*advocates morality and family values.
*Is for a rapprochement between "Joseph" and "Judah".
Brit-Am is for all of the above and pushes the cause of all the above.
Other organizations exist that are specifically devoted to one or other of
the said subjects. We sympathize with such groups but we do not have to
publicly come out in favor of them especially when they do not reciprocate
in favor of Brit-Am.
We do as well as the other groups do in pushing the listed values when
account is taken of our limited means
and distribution. A member of Brit-Am who wishes to support any of the
listed values can do so within the framework of support for Brit-Am
or  outside of Brit-Am in one of the other groups. Brit-Am publications and
meetings however belong to Brit-Am and should not be "lent" for the
advantage of other organizations.
Also we should never lose sight of our own uniqueness and purpose.

3. Contributions
Brit-Am performs a good and needed service. Brit-Am is  doing the will of
the Almighty. Anyone who helps Brit-Am will
be blessed.  Money received by Brit-Am goes to the needs of Brit-Am.
If you are not giving to Brit-Am with a full heart do not do so, or at the
least, keep it to yourself.
 From our point of view, we are justified in asking for contributions. We
receive contributions gratefully.
Those who give to us will be rewarded from heaven and their reward is not
dependent on us.
By helping Brit-Am you will be helping others and yourselves.
Please send contributions to Brit-Am in order to help the Brit-Am cause.
We are a small organization. A lot of people do not contribute and may
never do so though in other ways
they can be good and generous. We have a duty to help guide all those we
can. Please take account of
this and give generously and gladly.

4. Tribal Symbols: Second Thoughts on the USA?
The dominant colors of the Tabernacle and of the Israelite Nation were red,
white, and blue. These three colors, or at least two of them, are still
found on the flags of most Israelite-descended nations.
Characteristics of Identification from the Book of Numbers included:
The use of tribal standards around the Tabernacle (2:2). These standards
in most cases depicted symbols similar to those still present on the
national coats-of-arms of nations in which the relevant tribe is prevalent.
Midrash Numbers Rabah (2:7) The banner of Reuben depicted mandrakes whose
flower is similar to the French fleur-de-lis. Simeon had a green banner and
green is the national color of Ireland. Levi had the Urim and Tumim that
wore worn as part of the breastplate of the High Priest in the Temple
service. Judah was represented by a lion. Issachar had the sun and the moon
representing the keeping of time and the accuracy and reliability of Swiss
watches. Zebulon was a ship which is the traditional symbol of Holland. Dan
was represented by a snake or serpent like the Welsh dragon. Gad had the
picture of an encampment of troops. Naphtali had a female deer and the deer
became a symbol of Scandinavian royalty and nobility. Asher had an olive
tree and his descendants settled in the north of Britain and became
important in the USA which also employs an olive branch as part of its
symbols. Ephraim and Menasseh were the sons of Joseph and the symbol of
both these tribes together was a picture of Egypt just like the USA Great
Seal depicts a pyramid that immediately recalls Egypt. On the banner of
Ephraim was a bull and the English are nicknamed "John Bull".  Menasseh had
the picture of a unicorn. The symbol of Scotland depicted two unicorns and
that of Britain depicts a unicorn and lion. Descendants of the Scots became
important in the USA.
Note that the symbol of both Ephraim and Menasseh together was a picture of
Egypt meaning the US Great Seal.
Perhaps in many respects both Ephraim and Menasseh together are dominant in
the USA even though
Menasseh is predominant?

5. Rusty: British soldiers salute the Cambria.
The young British soldiers are commissioned to go to war in the Sudan. They
are excited for the opportunity to prove their valour. The soldiers stand
up and make a salute to England however instead of saying England they call
their country and people, 'Cambria!" Also when I was 15, I went to Wales
with my good pal Richard Oaten who was born in Gardiff Wales. We went to
Carphilly Castle which was the oldest castle I went to during my trip. The
historic information about the castle states Carphilly Castle was built by
the Cymry around the time when Christian Literalists said Christ was born.

6. Captive Jews amongst Hispanics
Subject: Re: [anusim] Digest Number 1135 To: anusim@yahoogroups.com
Greetings Michah'el,
Atencio Hordes, " Sephardic Legacy in New Mexico" :
" In 1590 Onate, a Jew was chosen to head an expedition north to New
Mexico. Born in Zacatecas, Onate was married to Isabela Tolosa . Onate
recruited survivors of Castano de Sosa; Juan de Victoria Carvajal, Luis
Lopez, Alonso Jaimes, Juan de Rodriguez, Francisco Hernandez, Miguel
Rodriguez, and Antonion Rodriguez which were all proven Inquisition
fugitives" it seems that Castano de Sosa was Luis Carvajal El Mozo's
military commander. After Luis Carvajal El Mozo's death, by burning at
the stake, De Sosa rounded up 170 colonists and headed north to Nuevo
Leon. They were arrested for an illegal expedition and were brought back
where they were sentenced for sedition and Judaizing. Their mission
was not signed nor permitted by the proper authorities. Castano de Sosa
and his soldiers were Spanish Crypto Jews and are later found on Onate's
list for the expedition he led into northern New Mexico and southern
Colorado. Onate left Mexico on January 26, 1598 with 129 soldiers, some with
families, 5400 sheep, 1200 heads of cattle, and 88,000 beads for
trading purposes.

Best Regards,
Elizabeth Nelsen

7. Other "Identity" Organizations and Beliefs.
Several other organizations exist that have an Identity message similar to
that of Brit-Am. Some of these groups
are pro-Israel and very positive and have published valuable works on the
Identity subject. Others are anti-semitic
and negative. None of them really push the Identity message but rather
emphasize other matters.

The same thing must not happen to us.
Brit-Am Identity beliefs and Biblical truths should always be emphasized.

Brit-Am says that the Lost Ten tribes of Israel are today primarily to be
found amongst Western peoples.
Another category exists of "Captive Jews" and remnants of the Tribes who
were dispersed to other regions.
Brit-Am has also recognized this second category. A lady from India
represented us at a conference in Britain
and has been active in Brit-Am affairs. A gentleman from Jamaica (descended
from Portuguese Jews) has spoken on our behalf.
We do not have to justify ourselves to anybody apart from the Almighty.
The emphasis remains on the Lost Tribes being mainly in the west and
spreading knowledge of this truth.
Other ideas can be put forward by other people in other frameworks. Not by us.
Brit-Am has its own sphere of responsibility.
The Conference we just held in Jerusalem was very successful. Nevertheless
some people tried to bring up other Identity
doctrines and other matters even though they had been requested not to. I
thought we dealt well with the matter and their presence was hardly
noticed. Likewise there  exist elements that want to exploit Brit-Am for
other purposes or to stop Brit-Am altogether.
Adversaries to the Brit-Am organization and message do exist and not all of
them have come out into the open.
As long as we insist on an emphasis on Brit-Am Identity belief and the
Bible we should overcome opposing forces
and, with the Help of God, move forward.