"Brit-Am Now"-106

1. Clarification from Steven Spikerman in London and Note by Yair Davidiy
2. Recent International Brit-Am meeting in Jerusalem
3. Canada with the USA
4. Mexican Aztlan Jew-haters

1. Clarification from Steven Spikerman in London and Note by Yair Davidiy

In "Brit-Am Now"-99 item 4.UK Contacts?
we said:
<<Apart from that we still have some good contacts:
<<Stephen Spikerman in London:

We meant that, if necessary, Stephen Spikerman would be willing to
represent Brit-Am in London and that we have confidence
in his ability to do so.
Stephen Spikerman is a friend and supporter of ours. He has done original
research of his own and has important books in preparation. Steven attended
the First Brit-Am International Conference that was held more than a year ago.
I mention this since some people have the notion that our most recent
conference was the first one whereas it was in fact the second.
Stephen Spikerman has his own ideas in some respects that may be different
from the overall Brit-Am message but Steven is an honest man of good will
and we can rely upon him not to misrepresent us.
We were speaking of Brit-Am.
For some reason our message concerning Brit-Am representatives in the
British Isles was somehow misunderstood (though I do
not know how it could have been) and somebody thought we were speaking of
the British Israeli ("B.I." for short) organization in Britain which is
something else altogether and has no connection with us. Steven therefore
forwarded the following clarification:

Date: Thu, 04 Jul 2002 17:29:30 +0100
From: stephen@identityrevelation.com

Dear Yair

Re: the B.I. reference it ocurred in the Brit Am Now 99 issue. Whilst you
did not directly associate me as being involved with B.I. it was the way my
name was positioned immediately after your B.I. comments, that people could
easily get the wrong idea and draw the wrong conclusion.
I want to state quite categorically that I AM IN NO WAY ASSOCIATED WITH B.I.
I was once invited to speak at their national conference in Lancaster in
October 2001, after they had come into posession of my illustrated
manuscript entitled Britain's Secret Identity. In my speech, much to their
chagrin and horror, I invited them to repent of their racist creed and to
remove all of their racist literature. I told them that God had clearly
already moved His Chupa from their organisation as it had become a mere
shadow of its former self. B.I. in taking on the racist creed of Arthur
Koestler and others had become an impure altar, I said, and if they did not
repent God would curse their organisation and it would progressively wither
and die. I told them unless you repent there is absolutely no hope for your
organisation! Their executive were absolutely horrified and stunned at my
words which were spoken in the presence of their entire conference delegates
and executive.
In view of the above, I would appreciate it Yair if you could publish a
correction, just to make absolutely sure no one connects my name that
Thank you and God bless you
You can imagine that I am not the most popular person in their eyes!

Note by Yair Davidiy on behalf of Brit-Am concerning British Israel: There
are anti-semitic elements in the British Israel organization
and have been for some time. Not all B.I. Members are anti-semitic and some
of them are sympathetic with Brit-Am.
Some of them also seem open to change of opinion which is a phenomenon
known amongst British anti-semites but very rare elsewhere.
Also according to my own researches (confirmed by the book "Religion and
the Racist Right. The Origins of the Christian Identity Movement", by
Michael Barkun)  British Israel at the beginning was not anti-semitic but
rather pro-Jewish and pro-Zionist.
They attracted a great number of people including members of Royalty, noted
generals, Australian Prime Ministers and numerous other people of note.
They spread the message and initiated important research projects the
results of which are still of great value.
Later other negative elements took over but the positive ones also
remained, though in a minority.  In recent years, here and there, British
Israel did seem open to a reconciliation with "Judah" and to co-operation
with Brit-Am but the negative evil tendencies managed to partially
re-assert themselves.  Some moderation in their attitude however did occur,
the results of which still remain, at least in part.
Some British Israel groups, outside of Britain (such as those in Canada),
appear to be positive towards us and towards the State of Israel.
British Israel in itself has the potential to change and, under certain
circumstances, we would be open to co-operate with it.
A few years ago Yair Davidiy was invited to Britain by British Israel to
speak at their conference. I was led to believe that everything
would be open to discussion. I could say what I like and they would be
prepared to consider changing their attitude towards
the Jews and the State of Israel. For better or for worse, I was unable to
leave Israel when the time came. Emissaries of ours
from Israel did later visit Britain and Ulster and speak with B.I.
executives. The impression was positive but nothing much seems to
have come of it, -apart from Ulster where a lasting bond was established.

Incidentally, an Israeli television producer (whose name has slipt my mind)
prepared a program on British-Israel for Israeli TV.
I spoke with him. British-Israel in the UK had co-operated with him and he
received a positive impression about them and they of him. I never saw the
program or reviews of it so I cannot say more than that.

2. Recent International Brit-Am meeting in Jerusalem
From: Sally
Subject: First Annual International Brit-Am meeting in Jerusalem
(should be "Second" see note above)

Hi Yair, just a note of appreciation. I attended the First Annual
International Brit-Am meeting in Jerusalem. I thought it went well. I am
looking forward to next year. Hopefully there will be many more
representatives at the Second Annual Meeting. It is good for people of like
minds to meet together at least once a year to plan, share ideas and
encourage one another. The character of the smaller individual meetings in
their respective locations can then be expanded upon and strengthened and
thereby strengthen the entire Brit-Am Organization. Every Blessing, Sally

"Look upon Zion, the city of our festivals; your eyes will see Jerusalem, a
peaceful abode, a tent that will not be moved... For the Lord is our judge,
the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is He who will save us."
Isaiah 33:20-22

3. Canada with the USA
From: Rusty
Subject: Canada said today will support USA in battle against Iraq.

Today Canada announced that if Iraq does not comply with UN resolutions
that satisfy USA to search for weapons. Canada will engage with Britain and
US to go to war against Iraq. As well, Canada's flag was originally red,
white and blue. The maple leaf in the middle was red surrounded by white
and the two bars that run down the side of our flag were originally blue.
Pierre Trudeau changed the blue to red because the Liberal party of
Canada's party colour is red. Canada used the Union Jack as our flag until
the late 60's.

4. Mexican Aztlan Jew-haters
From: Sally
Dear Yair.
Enclosed is an excerpt from a World Net Daily article regarding the Aztlan
organization. Full article is at WND, title ' American's 'Palestinians' and
can be found in a search of the archives.


Activists who see themselves as "America's Palestinians" are gearing up a
movement to carve out of the southwestern United States â?? a region
(called Aztlan) including all of Bush's home state of Texas â?? a sovereign
Hispanic state called the Republica del Norte. The leaders of this movement
are meeting continuously with extremists from the Islamic world, and you
can read for yourself how they have been inspired by the Palestinian cause,
and even adopted the most vicious forms of anti-Semitism in the process, by
reading their own words on their own website. "There are great similarities
between the political and economic condition of the Palestinians in
occupied Palestine and that of La Raza in the southwest United States,"
explains an editorial from earlier this year in La Voz de Aztlan in Los
Angeles, the city seen as the future capital of the new Hispanic state. Los
Angeles, you see, is the southwestern U.S. version of Jerusalem.
Ridiculous? It didn't go unnoticed among the Aztlan activists when Los
Angeles Mayor James Hahn told Mexico's President Vincente Fox last week,
referring to Los Angeles: "Our city is a Mexican city." The editorial goes
on to draw analogies between the Arab uprising in Israel and gang violence
in Los Angeles. It's the same thing, the activists claim. This is not crime
and punishment, according to the La Raza (literally, "The Race") activists,
this is the birth of an independence movement by young Hispanics. "The
similarities are many," says the editorial.
End excerpt.

We do need to help keep people informed about these organizations. I doubt
the La Raza activists appreciate the publicity. The more information that
people have, the earlier the better, the more likely it is that La Raza
won't succeed in their intent to claim parts of the United States of America.

"Look upon Zion, the city of our festivals; your eyes will see Jerusalem, a
peaceful abode, a tent that will not be moved... For the Lord is our judge,
the Lord is our lawgiver, the Lord is our king; it is He who will save us."
Isaiah 33:20-22


"And I will make of you a great nation. And I will bless you and make your
name great.
And you shall be a blessing.
"And I will bless they who bless you, and curse him who curses you.
And in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.
(Gensis 12;2-3).

The Principles of Brit-Am require:
1. Acceptance of Prophecy.
2. Self-Respect (no hatred of fellow Israelite groups, no antisemitism)
3. Acknowledgement of The Israelite Identity of many people amongst
Western Nations.

The aims of Brit-Am  are to encourage:
1. The spread of Identity Awareness.
2. Increased Identity research and clarification.
3. Association of members together for the sake of  mutual-empowerment,
learning and fellowship.

The giving of donations
together with the ordering of publications enables
Brit-Am to function.
Send to:
Yair Davidiy
POB 595
Jerusalem 91004