"Brit-Am Now"-108

3. Questions from Curtis Taylor:
My Dear Sir,

It is a pleasure to read your materials. It is a joy to find men of Judah
and Israel who seek the Hashem and have a hunger and desire to know Hashem
and His righteousness.
May I ask you a few questions??

a. I have met with a Hassidic Rabbi in Aspen, Colorado. He is from NY, NY.
He claims to be in tight with the Rabbi's in Israel and Jerusalem. He
claims that there is and has not been any interest in rebuilding the
Temple. Is this true or is his little sect mislead. Are there eminent plans
to restore the temple??

b. This Rabbi also claims the blood sacrifices will never be re-instituted,
to quote, "Why would anyone start up and old and  stupid practice!". Is
there any truth or denial to this??

c. Is the list of Dr. Dell Sanchez of over 6,000 names of Sephardic Jews
have any degree of validity, it appears he has every Latino name in history
written down??

d. Several years ago I viewed an old map that showed the Diaspora groupings
of Israel, (House of Jacob), from the scattering after Assyria. Have you
seen any such map, I can't seem to relocate it??

May Hashem bless you and keep you

Curtis Taylor

Answers: First of all the questions are slightly outside of our framework
of reference but still pertinent.
Other people also sent in questions. Most questions are answered. Some are
not. If your question
was not answered please do not be offended.
a. There is much interest in rebuilding the Temple BUT it is considered
impractical since certain criteria
need to be met such as finding ashes of the red heifer, knowing the precise
location as to where the altar was,
and so on. Some say that we will have to wait for a prophet or the messiah
to know the answers
while others say that with a little effort we can overcome these
impediments. Some sources seem to indicate
that this latter view is the one that may prevail and the Temple may be
rebuilt before the Messiah arrives.
No-one for the moment is holding their breath.

b. One authority (Rabbi Kook) believed that when the temple is rebuilt then
only vegetable offerings (such as
the flour offering, etc) would be re-instituted. Majority opinion however
appears to be that blood sacrifices
will be re-instituted. People eat meat. Animals are slaughtered every day
to feed us. Why should this
necessary and healthy ritual not by part of a higher sanctification?

c. Numerous Jews in Spain and Portugal were forced to become Catholics and
their children were kidnapped.
It is possible that over the course of time descendants of these Jews have
received or adopted every Spanish
name known but that does not mean that everybody with such a name is of
Jewish descent, though some are.
These people and others like them will also return and their return is
linked in the sources with the return
of the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. In Brit-Am terminology we refer to them
as "Captive Jews".

d. Such maps can be found in our books "The Tribes" and "Lost Israelite
Identity". Other writers have provided
similar maps that though not the same as ours do more or less depict  the
same regions.