"Brit-Am Now"-112

1. Making Contact
2. e-mail address forgery
3. Other People have the same problem
4. Sharon Lindstrom: "Making Contact?"
5. Sundry Replies to "Making Contact"
6. Question: What is "genetic drift"?
7. Funds

1. Making Contact
I sent out the "Making Contact" mailing because (due to all these virus
scares and similar events) I suddenly got a bit paranoid as to whether or
not our postings were still reaching people. I also did feel the need to
make contact with the people on our list and renew
direct acquaintance. Thank you all very much for your response and letters
of encouragement. Please keep sending me
your input and comments. In many ways this is a shared enterprise and we
endeavor both to serve and represent you.

2. e-mail address forgery
From: Aram Paquin
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Virus Free

Yair, I can verify your statement about e-mail address forgery. 2 weeks
ago, at our shop, we received an e-mail which appeared to have been sent by
US. It contained no text and had an attachment; an obvious virus carrier.
We NEVER open attachments unless we can be sure of its origin.

3. Other People have the same problem
The following note was sent out by an anti-semitic left-wing list (in
Israel) to people on its list. it shows that they are having the
same problems as we did, and they are not the only ones. The phenomenon
appears to reach all over.
I subscribe to the list below (in the same way as I subscribe to several
for the sake of information. In this case, once in a blue moon, I sometimes
find it worth seeing what the opposition think.

From: "Gush Shalom (Israeli Peace Bloc)" <info@gush-shalom.org>
Subject: DON'T open attachments which seem to be coming from Gush Shalom
GUSH SHALOM - pob 3322, Tel-Aviv 61033 -
This is to tell you: DON'T open attachments which seem to be coming from us.
There are some forces who like to send viruses as if they were sent by a
Gush Shalom
member. All kind of strange names followed by @gush-shalom.org.or by
@mailman.gush-shalom - when there is an attachment you can be sure it's not
We hardly ever send attachments to a list, but will for the time being
avoid it altogether.
We update out antivirus program daily, and our computer is certified
Let's hope that in this way we re stronger than the forces who want to harm

The Gush Shalom Email Team

4. Sharon Lindstrom: "Making Contact?"
Subject: Hi

Hi Yair,
Did you send an email that stated "Making Contact?" That's all it said and
I wasn't sure how to respond. I've been getting tons and tons of weird
emails lately from a variety of people -- some of them appear to be from
friends but the emails seem out of character for them. I'm just checking to
be sure the Making Contact email came from you.
I hope you are doing well. I've been enjoying your emails greatly. I
haven't responded much lately but I love the way they're set up as News and
Brit-Am Now and the Tanakh studies.
Lately, I've been trying to spread the word and the warnings about the
truth behind the Israel/Palestinian war. I post a lot of info on
christianbbs.com. I get some flack for it from some people, but they
usually don't have any intelligent or informed rebuttals. Most people are
very pro-Israel but know only what is being given to them by mainstream
media. I post some of your News excerpts and HonestReporting and individual
stories from various Jerusalem news sites, etc. Many have expressed
appreciation for the information and a desire to read more news from
Jerusalem and/or articles from the Jewish standpoint. I've given people
many many links.
I've also found quite a few mainstream christians very keen on knowing more
about their Hebrew roots and have had an opportunity to share a bit on the
connection between Judah and European/Americans (catholics are the most
closed to the idea, but the charismatic/protestant/born-again people are
curious and open). It's been fun.
Take care and stay safe.... God bless...

5. Sundry Replies to "Making Contact".

Brother Yair,
Contact made and appreciated. Keep up the excellent encouragement.

Hello, Yair,
Yes, I'm still here.

Thanks very much for all your communications. But, most of all, for
your single-minded focus on disseminating the facts about modern Israel,
and where the Northern House's descendants are today. Knowing this has
kept me stable and focused; else I don't know where I'd be as far as the
path of my life is concerned.
Best regards,

From: D&P Reid
"Our" Yair!
Toda - for the help in understanding how AM ISRAEL really is (!!) - and the
encouragement you are to this family to stay with "our noses in" the Bible.
Having just finished reading "Joseph", and begun "Ephraim", we are finding
more folks who want to borrow our copies. When they can't wait they're
refered to your website.
We were able to spend a couple days with Ephraim and Rimona Frank late in
August and they speak of you with much respect. Indeed, for your obviously
passionate heart, you have ours as well!
Dan and Priscilla Reid

Hi Yair,
We are all fine here in Port Elizabeth [South Africa] and appreciate your
regular material.
Thanks a lot for the effort you are putting into doing this very important

6. Question from "Rusty": What is "genetic drift"?

"Genetic drift", as I understand it, are the genetic changes that
independently occur in a population
that was originally part of a larger group but became separated. Such
changes are not connected with mixing with other groups yet differentiate
the "offspring" from the "parent" body.

7. Funds
Brit-Am is in need of funds.
Please assist,
God bless you all,