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1. James Linduff: Noachide Law of USA
2. Some More Replies to "Making Contact"
3. Ms. Jan : Re: "Brit-Am Now"-114: Keeping the Law
4. Robert Graves: re.  WARNING: YOU WERE SENT A VIRUS
5. Bill Rasmussen: Keeping the Law

1. James Linduff: Noachide Law of USA
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-114: Keeping the Law

Thanks Yair, for a very informative and well covered topic

Just an informative piece about your recent posting most Americans ( unless
the went to law school) would know. American law is based on the 7 general,
and 66 detailed precepts of Noachide Law, and has been since the founding
of the country. By simply following the civil law of the United States, you
can pretty much rest assured you are keeping Noachide law as well.
FDA regulations pretty much keep the Kosher regulation (i.e. not to eat the
flesh of a live animal) by proscribing it with safe food regulations.
The other Noachide laws are usually codified statutes in state and federal
law, and usually have been since the 1600's.
This was reinforced by a 1990 declaration issued by then President George
Herbert Walker Bush, which reinforced the recognition that Noachide law was
the basis of US Civil law, and called for the spreading of this fact to all
people in the country as a means of education.

For your info

James Linduff, Ph.D (Law)

2. Some More Replies to "Making Contact"
I received your "making contact" e-mail with no problems. Blessings and
Shalom to you and your family. I have greatly enjoyed your daily postings,
thank you for all of your hard work and study. I hope to see you in Feb. as
my wife and I plan to come to Israel with Polly Grimes and participate in
the Ephraim Tour.
Thanks again,
Richard Seitzinger
  Santa Fe, New Mexico

Hi Yair,
I received your contact letter, but like some of the other folks I didn't
know what to do with it as it didn't have a message on it.
I have told others about your website and have forward some of your emails
to my friends. I have your two books, Joseph and also Ephraim which were
very inspiring to me.
May the Eternal watch over you and keep you safe there in Israel in these
perilous times. Keep up the good work.
Edith Budro

Hi Yair,
Always enjoy your emails, from Brit-Am and the Israeli News you provide.
May G-d Bless you..

Just a note in response to your inquiry, the highlight of my day is reading
all the posts on Brit-Am. Although I do not respond often please be assured
of my appreciation for both you and your ministry. I am now reading your
book Lost Israelite Identity and find it fascinating. Keep up
the good work.

Dear Yair,
Just want to thank you again for your resolve and dedication to getting the
Truth out about All Israel. Many of us have felt an inner attachment to
Israel the country and to our Jewish brothers. Although there are some
Theological debates among us, when the Messiah appears He will correct
them. In the mean time we should continue to get The Word out through
Brit-Am. I am retired and have a limited income, but I will send support
each month as I am able. If all our Members and readers would send what
they can each month there will be enough to accomplish The Work. The G-d of
Abraham, Issac, and Jacob has brought us all to this time to do this Work,
that is--"prepare the hearts of His people". Each of us must do our best to
promote Brit-Am by word of mouth, in written form, and by financial support.
In regard to sending funds to Brit-Am, is there an address in the USA where
we can send the checks and money orders? It costs $7.00 to obtain an
International Money Order from my bank, and $9.00 plus to obtain a U.S.
Postal Service International Money Order. If Brit-Am had a central address
funds could be sent there by check or M.O. and converted into one financial
instrument. That would save the extra expense of the International
instruments for each individual one sent. Please, advise me.
May The Holy One of Israel continue to Bless you and your work,

Comment: You do not need an international money order. A local US check is
just as good (even better) in the State of Israel.

Hi Yair
Always a pleasure to hear from you Yair. As I said before, I believe that
you are involved in the most important work on the face of the earth, as
God's heart is to re-unite the Two Houses of Israel. Thank you for your
dedication to this most wonderful cause.
God bless you
Stephen J Spykerman

Dear Yair,
I did receive your making contact email.
Thank you for the wonderful articles and news that you send.

Keep up the great reporting
curtis taylor

3. Ms. Jan : Re: "Brit-Am Now"-114: Keeping the Law
Mr. Davidi
In regard to those laws or teachings which have a death penalty; Whether the
court imposes such a penalty or not; the result is the same; death. A
diminishing of one's soul, a loss of identity, and in regards to a people
group, death to a holy nation.
The Torah as I've seen it is both a "constitutional law", is the moral
compass for individuals and the nation, gives insight and understanding to
who G-d is and who we are, it is our very identity; without it we are merely
another nation, and lo segulah.
People should not be afraid of the Torah or the law, but to correctly gain
understanding, insight, to embrace it as one embraces his brother; the Torah
is a tree of life for those who take hold of it, happy are it's ways and all
it's paths are Shalom.
There are those of us who have found that for now we embrace G-d's teaching
and instruction, the Torah, as we best understand it; and to the degree in
which it is applicable, we agree with G-d the Shabbat is a delight; we
understand we're all in transition; we practice and learn and do for now;
looking forward to a future of greater unity when Messiah comes. We embrace
and delight in the LORD"S Feasts that keep us in right fellowship with Him;
and are devoid of the pagan practices that we learned in the galut. It is a
safeguard for us.
As Joseph was returning his brothers back to their father his very wise
instuction to them was "not to argue on the way"; love G-d, love each other".
Ms. Jan

4. Robert Graves: re.  WARNING: YOU WERE SENT A VIRUS

Shalom Yair,
I, too, am receiving email purporting to be about Israel or from an
organization I am familiar with such as the one forwarded.
My advice to all is to make sure you have a good anti-virus program and that
it be updated frequently...daily if possible.
I suspect these viruses are coming from anti-Israel forces and will probably
increase as the US/Israeli war on terror intensifies.
May Adonai give us victory soon and peace thru the coming Messiah.
Keep up the good work for you are an encouragement to all who believe in our
heritage and our right to that glorious land He has promised to us.

Robert Graves

5. Bill Rasmussen: Keeping the Law
From: William Rasmussen <brasshalom@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-114: Keeping the Law
Shalom Achi Yair: Mitzuyan! This piece on keeping
the Torah is of such importance, yet so potentially
divisive, it is good that you are bringing balance and
insight into the issue.
My own belief is that most Israelites will WANT to
keep the Torah, if for no other reason than they love
to. While Israelites may not HAVE to keep the Torah,
they will gladly do so because doing so brings unity
with the Jewish people and also, it is well pleasing
to HaShem.
Part of the problem is the traditional Christian
interpretation of the Torah which historically, is
negative. Christians by and large see the Torah as a
form of bondage and legalism. This is due to the fact
that key passages in the B'rit Chadashah have been
mistranslated so that the reader will come to the
conclusion that the law brings death. Nothing could
be farther from the truth. The fact is that the Torah
is life and obeying HaShem brings blessings from
Heaven. My own experience in working with Evangelical
Christians has shown that those who may be Israelites
have an inward desire to keep and follow the Torah.
As an ambassador and shaliyach for B'rit Am and the
regathering of the tribes, you Yair have been given
the spirit of wisdom and understanding as well as a
healthy dose of diplomacy. All are needed when
working with such disparate groups who have a common
love of Israel and the Torah. May HaShem bountifully
bless you in these areas so that you may continue to
inspire and instruct potential Israelites. Shalom,
your friend, Bill Rasmussen