"Brit-Am Now"-118

1. New Brit-Am representative for Arizona
2. New look for  Brit-Am web site
3. Geoffrey Cooper: Document of Entitlement
4. Robert Graves: Judah and Israel will again be one
5. Andrew Correll: News from Australia

1. New Brit-Am representative for Arizona
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  "Helms, Scott A" <HelmsScottA@uams.edu>

Scott Helms
300 S. Rodney Parham Ste. 1-217
Little Rock AR, 72205
ph: (501) 352-5925

2. New look for web  site
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3. Geoffrey Cooper: Document of Entitlement

Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-116

Hi Yair,
A group of Christians I was with had a very nice meeting with
a Jewish Priest, he was so pleased when I pointed out that the Jews in
Israel were the only people in the the middle east that had a document that
said that they were entitled to be there.
What say you?


4. Robert Graves: Judah and Israel will again be one
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now 113

Shalom Rabbi Yair,
In Brit-Am 113 you wrote, in part, "The whole message of the Bible is
connected with the children of Israel".
How right you are! How discouraging it is that many Christians, evangelical
or otherwise, fail to comprehend that the promise of the Kingdom and
rulership of the nations was given only to our forefathers and their
descendants. It was never promised to any other people or nations on the
face of the earth!
One of Adonai's four creations was the nation of Israel. Isa. 43: 1, 7, 15,
et. al. He created our nation for the specific purpose of teaching all
other nations His Ways which are ways of righteousness given in the Torah.
Deut 4: 5-8; Exodus 19: 5-6.
Unfortunately for all of us, our fathers abandoned His Ways and forfeited
the blessing at that time. Thus it remains for the coming of Messiah ben
David to restore to us our promised birthright.
My point, very briefly made, is that the entire Word, whether it be the
Tenach that only Judah accepts, or the Tenach including the Breet Chadasha
that forms the basis for Christianity's beliefs and doctrines, makes two
very clear points: 1) No one inherits the kingdom except Israelites; and 2)
only the 12 tribes of Israel with David as their King and Messiah ben David
as their King of Kings and Lord of Lords, will be allowed to rule and teach
the nations the Ways of Adonai.
How glorious and faithful are His promises! May He hasten the day when
Judah and Israel will again be one under His divine righteous government!
Robert Graves

5. Andrew Correll: News from Australia
Subject: RE: Jerusalem News-133

G'day from DownUnder,
We are definitely in a state of shock about terrorism right on our doorstep.
It is a matter of time before we have it in our backyard and we know it will
happen. Australia, like the USA is a melting pot of multi-ethnics, are
reaping the consequences of allowing a multitude of problem this is despite
the fact that we tend to mix together in harmony. My workmates comes from
various background but we work together and are friendly toward each other.
However, we will pull together.
The level of terrorism risk in Australia have risen since but at this stage
we do not have any soldiers patrolling the street. Already government
departments have upgraded the security in the past few years.
Many of us Australian are now waking up to the fact that terrorism will
strike Australia. Many foolish people stated that the prime minister is to
be blamed for siding with the USA but majority of the Australian do agree
with the USA in combatting the terrorism. We know that we can't negotiate
with them at all.
The tourism industry at Bali will impacted severely because they will not be
going there. They have already gone for Queensland as the holiday resorts
are in Australia and more safer.
By the way, the Australian are not the only victims but from the UK, USA,
NZ, Canada, South Africa, Singapore, Japan and many of the European
May the Lord God help us so.
Andrew Correll Btax UNSW
Adelaide, Australia


"And I will make of you a great nation. And I will bless you and make your
name great.
And you shall be a blessing.
"And I will bless they who bless you, and curse him who curses you.
And in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.
(Gensis 12;2-3).

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