"Brit-Am Now"-119

The Conclusions Till Now
The points raised below have been seen by most of you before but we have
made a few modifications that are worth

The truths we have revealed, concerning the Lost Ten Tribes and their
present location amongst western peoples, are referred to by us as "Brit-Am
  The present emphasis should remain that of exploring and
propagating  "Brit-Am Truth".

The Brit-Am Organization
There is an organization in Jerusalem (with branches all over the world)
whose goal is to promote Brit-Am Identity truth. The organization is named
"Brit-Am". "Brit-Am", in Hebrew, means "A covenant [brit] of the people
[am] of Israel.  The name involves a play on words:  Isaiah twice refers to
the lost Ten  Tribes as  a "Brit-Am" (Covenant of the People), see Isaiah
42;6 and Isaiah 49;8.  In addition "Brit-Am" is the same as early medieval
forms of the name "Britain".  It hints at both Britain (Brit) and America
(Am) and through the name "Brit" (meaning "covenant") also at Judah. The
ritual of circumcision, as practiced by the Jews, is referred to as the
covenant of circumcision or "brit-milah", or simply "brit" for short.

The Principles of Brit-Am require:
1. Acceptance of Prophecy.
2. Self-Respect (no hatred of fellow Israelite groups, no antisemitism)
3. Acknowledgement of The Israelite Identity of many people amongst
Western Nations.
4. Recognition of  "Captive Jews" meaning Israelite or Jewish descendants
who lost their identity and emerged from amongst dominantly non-Israelite
peoples. The destiny of these "Captive Jews" is bound up with that of  the
Lost Ten Tribes even though the Lost Ten Tribes retained some degree of
communal cohesion, and they did not.

The aims of Brit-Am  are to encourage:
1. The spread of Identity Awareness.
2. Increased Identity research and clarification.
3. Association of members together for the sake of  mutual-empowerment,
learning and fellowship.


· The Hebrew Bible (Tenach) is the message of God.

· The (Hebrew) Bible has a message pertinent to all mankind.   According to
the Bible, those who are of Hebrew descent have a special role to play
while a corresponding extra commitment is required of  them.

   Below is a summarization of our Research results up to now: Our tribal
identifications are not iron-clad principles. It is enough to accept the
principle that the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found largely amongst people
of western origins and in the USA without being specific and without
nullifying other possibilities.

Our Researches to-date have led us to the conclusion that:
· Out of the original 12 Tribes of Israel, Ten were lost.  Two
remained.  The present-day Jews being descended mainly from the two
remaining Tribes of Judah and Benjamin.
· The Khazars were a Kingdom in southern Russia, many of whose leaders
converted to Judaism.  The Khazars were descended from the Lost Ten
Tribes.  The Khazars were blood-relatives of the Picts (both were known as
the "Agathyrsi") who went to Scotland, and of the Anglo-Saxons, and of
peoples in Scandinavia.  In addition to the Khazars many other converts to
Judaism through the ages were descended from assimilated Jews or from
members of the Lost Ten Tribes.  Similarly, many of those who came as
immigrants from other places to "Lost Israelite" host nations were
descended themselves from Israelites.
· Most of the Lost Ten Tribes migrated to Northwest and Western Europe and
their descendants are now in those areas or in North America, Australia,
New Zealand, and South Africa.
· We do not claim that all residents of the said nations are descended from
Israel. We do, however, affirm that most descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes
are residents of those nations.  On the whole they are unaware of their
Israelite Identity.  Even so in the course of history the Israelite origins
of peoples in those areas have influenced national developments and
national characteristics.
· The Tribe of Joseph was divided into two other Tribes:  Ephraim and
Menasseh.  People from ALL the Israelite Tribes congregated in North
America, but in general Menasseh dominates the U.S.A.  -     Britain has
characteristics of Ephraim.
Reuben was important in France, Issachar in Switzerland, Benjamin in
Belgium, Zebulon in Holland, Dan in Denmark, Naphtali in Norway, Gad in
Sweden, the country of Finland was influenced by the Tribes of Simeon,
Issachar, and Gad; Simeon, Dan, and Ephraim were important in Ireland.

· Proof exists confirming "Brit-Am Israel" identity beliefs.  Some of the
evidence has been presented  in works by Yair Davidiy - such as "The
Tribes" (1993, 1996), "Ephraim" (1995), "Lost Israelite Identity"   (1996),
"Joseph" (2001), "Ephraim" 2nd edition (2001), as well as in articles in
our journal BRIT-AM (formally TRIBESMAN), and in other works that will (God
willing) be published shortly .  Our sources include the Bible, Talmud,
Midrashim, Commentators, Classical Greek and Roman historians, Chroniclers,
Legends, Linguistics, Archaeology, and where pertinent genetic and other
scientific studies.  Much additional evidence is available and needs to be
uncovered and published.  Even though we have revealed much of the
evidence, it is not ours alone and where necessary we have taken freely
from other researchers endeavoring to always acknowledge our sources.  Our
proofs have never been properly refuted. This means that the identity of
the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel with western peoples should be
acknowledged.  Once this acknowledgment is forthcoming it is possible to
discuss whatever practical conclusions need to be made. Knowledge of
Brit-Am and its researches and similar studies needs to be spread to as
many people as possible. We also need input in the form of reactions,
articles, and information.

· There is a need for the present-day "Jews" of Judah, and the Lost Ten
Tribes, to recognize each other and to work towards re-unification and
reconciliation.  The Bible says that such reconciliation has to take place
and at some stage, and will do so.

One of the first steps (and perhaps the most important of all) towards
re-unification is the establishment and affirmation of Israelite Identity
by the peoples in question. This would be followed by the recognition by
the Jews of Judah that the peoples concerned are their brothers.
We need assistance in every way possible including by way of both large and
small-scale contributions as well as purchase of our publications and
assistance in publishing new works and re-printing existing ones.  This is
very important.
Help Brit-Am and thereby help each other and yourselves.