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1. Mixups
2. Sharon Lindstrom: re apology and challenge
3. Web Site
4. Learning Hebrew
5. New Understanding on Judah and the "law"
6. Computer Viruses and Other problems.
7. Opinion: Solution from God

In "Brit-Am Now"-118
1. New Brit-Am representative for Arizona
please contact:

  "Helms, Scott A" <HelmsScottA@uams.edu>

Scott Helms
300 S. Rodney Parham Ste. 1-217
Little Rock AR, 72205
ph: (501) 352-5925

This should have been ARKANSAS

  New Brit-Am representative for ARKANSAS
please contact:

  "Helms, Scott A" <HelmsScottA@uams.edu>

Scott Helms
300 S. Rodney Parham Ste. 1-217
Little Rock AR, 72205
ph: (501) 352-5925

Our representative for Arizona is
Arizona - (southeast) - Robert Happy - israelite@nationofisrael.org

From: Israelite <hebrew@nationofisrael.org>
Subject: Re: personal

Scott is in ARkansas (AR) and I am in AriZona (AZ).
BTW, there is also ALabama (AL) and AlasKa (AK).
We understand how this all might be a bit confusing to you. ;-)

In "Brit-Am Now"-117 it was recommended
<<Please read "Brit-Am Now no. 115" carefully>>.
This should have been:
<<Please read <"Brit-Am Now"-114: Keeping the Law> carefully>>

2. Sharon Lindstrom: re apology and challenge
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-117: apology and challenge
Hello Yair,
I have to agree with you on these points. When I first began to learn about
the Tribes and hear the messages from Brit-Am, it too was my instinctive
reaction to want (expect?) instant acceptance into the land of Israel. That
is a personality trait of Joseph and is well-reflected in the nation of
America. We're a young and spoiled nation... "We want it now, just because
we want it." This is not an attractive trait, but on the upside, America,
like Joseph, is growing up. Things are changing. Attitudes are changing.
Most noticeably among mature Christians and Messianics who are aware of the
Lost Tribes message. In the same way as with Joseph, the Lord God has shown
much patience and favor with His young America, so we should consider
ourselves undeservedly fortunate. Joseph was hard to like, he was immature
and conceited. But God still had great things in store for him. It took many
years of disciplining, shaping and molding for God to turn Joseph into the
man He had destined.
America is more like Joseph than any other nation. We are going into some
trying times. There's a reason for it. You commented that Judah is more
susceptible and in danger and needs to remain cautious. This is something I
can fully understand, whereas I might not have understood a year or so ago.
I can't speak for every individual in America, but I have sensed a similar
attitude developing among Americans. We are pulling more inward and forming
a defensive hedge around ourselves, much like a family under attack would
do. Personally, I would not feel comfortable letting in an exodus of
strangers and foreigners into my homeland right now either. Now is not the
time. So your statement makes a lot of sense and should be respected.
Another thing we can keep in mind about our tribes is how God divided us up.
He kept Judah, Benjamin and Levi together, representing what the world knows
as Jews today. These three tribes have three distinctively significant
meanings to Joseph. Judah is the family leader and preserver of Torah, the
one to lead and keep Joseph grounded. Benjamin is the younger brother,
triggering Joseph's "emotional" attachment to Israel. Levi is the teacher of
Torah. These three form a complete package that Joseph needs in order to
fulfill his eventual destiny to return to Israel.
God bless....

3. Web Site
A Search engine has been added to our web site
it will be updated every day.
Please visit, you will like it.
The new color scheme and design has already been highly complimented.

4. Learning Hebrew
From: Jim&Sheila
Subject: Hebrew for jewish children

Hello Yair
Could you Please post this e-mail for those that might be interested in
learning hebrew as i am. i have found other sites but this site is simple
for self learning fun site i am enjoying it good place to start and i do
see my self as a child!.
Thank You Sheelah

5. New Understanding on Judah and the "law"

  <<NOR A LAWGIVER FROM BETWEEN HIS FEET>>:  Judah will give the Law. Judah
will keep and develop the law. The Law was given to the Children of Israel
both directly and through the agency of Moses. Deuteronomy chapter 17 gives
directions for the setting up of an authority in the form of a council that
would decide all questions concerning the law in each generation. When
Judah went into exile this authority devolved upon the consensus of opinion
that would be reached in each generation amongst rabbinical authorities.
(Hosea 11: 12).
9, 108: 90).
The giving of the law refers primarily deciding how the religious
requirements of the Biblical Law of Moses are to be applied on a day to day
basis. A secondary application may be found in the field of scientific
discovery and associated activities. A scientist reveals how things happen
and how this knowledge should be applied. Our lives are ruled by science
and scientific opinion. What medicines we take, the food we eat, the cars
we drive, the electricity we use, everything is a product of science.
Science is law and a scientist is a lawmaker. Jews from Judah are prominent
"In the 101-year history of the Nobel Prize, Jews have won in abundance,
percentages completely out of proportion to their numbers. The competition
is fierce, if there about a thousand active physicists in 1901, today there
may be as many as 200,000.
"Out of more than 720 prizes awarded since 1901, more than 130, or about 18
percent, have gone to Jewish laureates. Jews have won almost three times
the number of awards won by either Germany or France (including their
Jewish winners) and 10 times those won by Japan. Jews comprise only 0.3 to
0.5% of the world's population."
   "Nobel Endeavors" by Shula Kopf in The Jerusalem Post Magazine, October
18, 2002.

   Jews from the State of Israel have not been prominent amongst Nobel
prizes winners though in 2002, Daniel Kahneman won the economics prize for
a theory that explains economic phenomena through the psychology of
individual decision making. Scientists from the State of Israel have made
numerous achievements in every field including agriculture, armaments,
computers, and medicine. A prominent American investor recently stated that
when it comes to breaking edge research breakthroughs the State of Israel
contributes as much as the whole of Continental Europe. We spoke of this in
our work "Ephraim", chapter one, under the heading ORIGINALITY:
INTELLECTUALLY WISE AND INNOVATIVE.  We quoted from John Hulley in "Comets
Jews and Christians" (1996). Hulley attributes true scientific achievement
on the whole to a combination of Israelite ancestry together with relative
closeness to Biblical truth. Using recipients of Nobel Prizes as criteria,
Hulley shows that while nearly two-thirds of all award winners have been
Protestants, Jews have taken 20%. Jews and Protestants between them thus
account for 85% of the total. On a per population basis the Jews are at the
top of the list. John Hulley attributes the relative innovative advantage
of Israelite Protestants and Jews to Bible influence. Hulley also
demonstrated that Jewish achievements were the greatest when living in
nations dominated by Israelites such as the USA.

6. Computer Viruses and Other problems.
Some US servers continue to refuse to accept e-mail from our Israeli server.
I still do not know why.
One explanation was that the Israeli servers let their subscribers send
spam mail but they
sure do not allow me to and I do not believe they do for others either.
At any rate, keep your eyes open lest you suddenly be deprived of our
attendance on you.
The following notice was sent out by the heads of another e-mail news service.
It shows once again that the problem exists all over the net.
The message could just as well have been written by us and it expresses
what we would
have wished to say on the subject to our subscribers.

Subject: The Virus Problem To: list4@womeningreen.org
Dear Women In Green Subscriber,
Viruses on the Internet are becoming more and more common. As a result we
are compelled from time to time to issue an email warning to our email list
that caution is needed, and one must not open any attachments unless the
party is fully known to you.
Even then additional caution must be exercised. It is of the utmost
importance to maintain and update a virus protection program on your
computer system.
It has come to our attention that the computers of one or more of our
mailing list members have been infected with the currently very active
virus. One of the characteristics of this virus program is that it randomly
chooses messages that have been saved in the email program of the infected
computer and then sends out that message to the email addresses saved in
the address book of the infected computer.
Another common characteristic of this virus is that it will take the
username of one address sitting on that computer and combine it with the
domain name of a different address on that computer, to spoof a
non-existent email address in the header of the randomly chosen message
being sent out.
Therefore, it is possible that you may be receiving messages using the
domain name of womeningreen.org, but in fact, the username has no
connection to womeningreen.org at all. You may also have received a past
media release of Women in Green. Both of these types of messages would have
come from computers infected with this virus, but have no connection at all
to the Women in Green computers.
In more simple words, any messages we send out are protected against
viruses, and if you have been receiving messages that are infected with a
virus, it is not from our Women in Green computer.
We have at no time been infected with this currently active virus. We
maintain, daily, up to date versions of reputable virus protection
software. With all the difficulties we are experiencing here in Israel,
this virus problem may be quite annoying but is not life threatening. If
adequate virus protection is installed on your computer that would go a
long way in solving any problem you might have.

Michael Levi Matar
Volunteer Administrator
Women For Israel's Tomorrow (Women in Green)
POB 7352, Jerusalem 91072, Israel
Tel: 972-2-624-9887 Fax: 972-2-624-5380
To contribute: https://host5.apollohosting.com/womeningreen/donation.html

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7. Opinion: Solution from God
Dear Yair
Your dilemma on the subject of convincing Joseph and Judah of their kinship
is that you are working from a human point of view, when in fact,the
solution to this is Gods. He will make it happen when he is ready.
Dennis McGinlay

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