"Brit-Am Now"-122

Date:  Sat Oct 19, 2002  11:28 pm

Date: Sat, 19 Oct 2002 21:22:02 -0400
From: Aram Paquin <yarnia@d...>
Subject: Sharon's words of encouragement
To: yair davidi <britam@n...>
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I've just read "Brit-Am Now"-120.
I want to thank Sharon Lindstrom for her soothing, timely words.
I too frequently become angry & discouraged at the news of events in Israel.
I'm only human and I do seem to have inherited some of Joseph's flaws as
well as some of his strengths.
So, I guess my childish impetuousity and insistence that things go my way,
right now are understandable, albeit wrong.
As a Christian believer in the inerrancy of Scripture and the immutability
of Prophecy, I should, by now, have become resigned to the fact that things
will get worse before they get better.
I've tried. I can't.
My Josephite heart can't help but weep for love of my estranged,
beleaguered brothers.
As a son of Joseph, I desperately long for my brothers to be able to sit,
each one under his own olive tree, in Peace.
My daily prayer is short: "How much more? How much longer?"
Tomorrow. Today. RIGHT NOW!
But.... I'm not God. Thank God!
"Lord, I believe. Help Thou mine unbelief!"
Thank you, Sharon, for reminding me who I am & to Whom I am submitted.
Aram Paquin