"Brit-Am Now"-123

Date:  Fri Oct 25, 2002  9:27 am

Contents: Message to Friends

I am sending this out a little bit before Shabatt so I am rushing. All this
week I have been rushing
but next week we should be back to normal.
1. Please visit our websites and if you see anything that can be improved
let us know.
I do not run the websites but somebody else does and that person does a
superb job.
We have websites that are as good as can be.
Brit-Am people are not numerous but quality is also a factor and on that
point we are in the forefront.

2. Heroism can mean that when everyone else caves in, you stay and do what
you can.
Sometimes that is more than enough.
I will tell you a true story and from this story you may realize your
importance or otherwise as sympathizers of Brit-Am.
I once had an acquaintance who was overweight and physically limited and
had an attitude that antagonized some people.
This person worked in an occupation under difficult security conditions
where many of his co-workers
were quite masculine in physique and positively aggressive by inclination.
Some of the co-workers belittled or even ridiculed my acquaintance.
It so happened that the project was more or less dissolved and everybody
went their own way.
After that, my acquaintance received a low-paying, low-prestige, position
It so happened that hundreds, maybe thousands, of the best people in
Israel were in danger of being killed
by Arab Nazis. My acquaintance merited to be the one that God chose to save
all these people.
He saved them in the course of a routine performance of his daily chores.
He became a national hero.
Go figure.
Brit-Am speaks the truth.
On the one hand:
We could be better,
We could reperesent ourselves and perform our tasks more efficiently.

On the other hand
we do as well as we can
what we doe do is what we can
and we are the ones who do it.
We are there.
In our opinion, we deserve your support.
God bless you,
Yair Davidiy