"Brit-Am Now"-127

Date:  Sun Oct 27, 2002  5:13 pm

1. New Book: payments
2.Cecil Davis: red indian
3. new Subscriber
4. Ms. Jan: Cherokees
5. Stephen Collins, "The Lost Tribes of Israel...Found".
6. "Seed of Cain" or "Seed of Noah"?
7. Correction about Ring
8. Question: Hyksos and Amalekites
9. The new book "Biblical Truth"

1. New Book: payments
The new book "Biblical Truth" if ordered now costs
$30. It is possible to pay by a local US check
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Yair Davidiy
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2.Cecil Davis: red indian

Dear Yair,
You have heard my story "first hand", but with the recent questions and
statements about American (Red) Indians I thought I should put some of it
in writing to you.
My parents and hundreds of my relatives were born in the Oklahoma
Territory, my mother was part Choctaw, and her father was Irish. I have
first and second cousins that are registered Creek Indian. One of my
(Creek) first cousin's father (my uncle) has on his US army military
gravestone, a Star of David; he was a sergeant in World War 1. Along with
my dad he is Scottish, Irish, and possibly Choctaw, but none are documented
as my Creek relatives are. My wife is English, Dutch, French, and Miami Indian.
In 1942 on the day I enlisted in the US Army Air Corps I met the first Jew
I had ever known, prior to this I knew nothing about Jews, don't recall
even hearing the word.
In a short time Lenny and I were like brothers. We were separated during
the war and lost contact with one another, seven years later I recognised
his voice while riding in an elevator in busy downtown Los Angeles. We were
ecstatic with joy to be together again; when Lenny introduced me to his
family he told them I was an Indian/Jew. He very much wanted me to be a Jew
also, we had a laugh about his statement, but little did we know how true
it really was. My beloved friend died 17 years later while I was flying in
For many years before moving to Israel I was convinced by the Bible, other
information, and the Lord speaking to my heart, that I was a descendent
from one of the Lost Ten Tribes. It was with great anticipation that my
family and I drove to Jerusalem in 1995 to hear you lecture on the Lost
Tribes, and to afterwards meet you. Your outstanding information and books
have verified what I had previously believed to be true. As you know Yair I
cannot prove my relationship with any of the Tribes, but I do not need
human proof, we came to live out our lives in Israel because of the
dictates of our hearts. I cannot be content doing any other thing, as God
allows many others like us will follow.
I deeply appreciate your honesty and wisdom, the time consuming work of
research and study, plus your willingness to live a frugal life ... It is
my pleasure and privilege to have you as a friend.
Looking forward to your next visit.
Your friend,

3. new Subscriber
From: Ron & Kathi

I would love to recieve your newsletter, I have read much that you offer
online.I enjoy the way you detail out the tribes with scriptural and
historical reference.
Thank you very much.

4. Ms. Jan: Cherokees
Dear Mr. Davidi and Friends;

A very good book is written by Mr. Stephen Collins, "The Lost Tribes of
Israel...Found". The entire book is very interesting and he does address
American Natives. His writings are backed up by many references; so that
one can check them out and validate his writings.

I believe he also has writings about Navajo's. It is interesting that the
Navaho method of naming children is similar to Israelites and the manner in
which the family clans operate. Within the family each person had a
specific function to fulfill in order for the whole family to operate
correcty. For instance a sister was very important for the care and
instruction of the children. If you lost a sister in the family it was a
great loss not only in terms of the personal relationship; but also in
terms of function, who would care for the children? There were women who
for one reason or another had no family or the family matured beyond
needing a "sister" , so you could adopt from the same clan a women/girl
into your family to fulfill the function of child care. She received all
the family benefits, including inheritance and such and responsibilites. It
was said she usurped or took the place of the sister. Was it so bad if
Jacob ursurped?....
This kind of usurption is seen in many cultures. Often I've found knowing
ancient customs and tradition has helped me to more fully understand our
patriarchs and to have a less negative feeling towards some of the things
they did. Hey Abraham's life was at stake and if his life was in jeoprady
then the whole Israelite nation was in jeopardy; he needed a sister figure
and Sara agreed. If he were incorporating a known and accepted
custom/practice of usurption they did he they lie? Often we are relieved to
see our ancestors making errors, whew we don't have to be perfect. It let's
us off the hook; then again if we are not careful it becomes a stumbling
block for careless living.

Ms. Jan

5. Stephen Collins, "The Lost Tribes of Israel...Found".
Shalom Yair,
Anyone can obtain a single copy of my book ["The Lost Tribes of
Israel...Found"] by ordering it from me directly
at: Steven Collins, P.O. Box 88735, Sioux Falls, SD 57109-1005, USA. A
single copy ordered in the USA costs $20 plus $5 for shipping fees for a
total of $25(US)
Those wishing to order the books in quantity or from nations other than the
USA can contact me via email (scollins@l...) directly for a shipping

6. "Seed of Cain" or "Seed of Noah"?
Big Jim wrote:
Mr Yair Davidiy, How are you fairing in these times of trouble where you
live? Well I don't have your expertise in this tribes or decedents's of the
peoples of the bible area and profess none, this is why I find your site
most interesting. First off I have only been tuned into your site for about
a year. I love the first hand reporting you do of what is happening right
where you live.Keep up the good work. Secondly since I apparently am a late
comer to your teaching about bible history, I am a little behind it appears
in the earlier teaching, but I am getting caught up through some of your
books. I am however confused over just who we are. My lineage goes back to
Abram and I belive G-ds covenant with Abram & Isaac is my covenant right. I
can see that Abraham's covenant is commanded by G-d in Deut7:9,IChr 16:15,
Ps 105:8 for1000 generations. I am no mathematician so best I can figure we
are some where around the 85th now, Is that about what you figure? And if I
be of the seed of Abraham through Isaac and not Ishmael, I then can see
also from the book of Genesis that I therefor am a direct decedent of Adam
through the Seth side not the Cain side.As I see the book of Genesis
teaches Cain is of the seed of the serpent.

Comment: These ideas are not justified by the simple meaning of the Bible.
Our policy is to always take the Bible as literally as possible unless we
have strong tradition to the contrary or unless
the Bible itself hints otherwise.
All present-day mankind are descended from Noah and his family. All the
others were wiped out in the Flood.

7. Correction about Ring
Shalom Yair,

I was having a "senior moment" (absent mindedness) when I told you about
the Christian wedding ceremonial ring being placed on the finger next to
the little finger of the right hand. That is NOT CORRECT. The rings are,
in fact, placed on the finger next to the little finger of the left hand.

My husband came and very dramatically looked at my right hand to see if I
had my wedding ring there. He then reminded me that the ring is placed on
the left hand. I still do not know why, though.

I'm sorry if I confused you or any of your readers by not knowing my left
from my right. Sometimes, when I was marching in the Navy, I had the
same problem with my left and right.

Best regards,

Annette Hawkins Balnicky
Commander USNR(Ret)

8. Question: Hyksos and Amalekites
From: Eric Schendel
Subject: Re: New Book: "Biblical Truth"--Hyksos and Amalekites, David Rohl

Hi Yair,
Allways good to get your emails.
With reference to your identification of the Hyksos with Hebrews, what are
your thoughts about the thesis here, that they were Amalekites:
For that matter, what do you think of David Rohl's arguments re reconciling
classical Egyptian chronology with Biblical chronology, as summarized in the
above website?

Answer: Rohl says that there were actually two groups of "Asiatics"
(Hyksos) inn Egypt just before
the exodus. The first groups was highly Egyptianised and they left, then
came another group.
Rohl idenitifies the first group with Israel and the second group with
the basis for identifying the second group with Amalekites appears mainly
to be an Arab legend and the
mention of Amalekites possessing an Egyptian slave in the Book of Samuel.
There may be other evidence but for the moment we have become more reserved
about this possibility than we were in the past.
The same applies for the revised chronology of Rohl.
I agree with Rohl that the present day chronological scheme should be
revised and academics are also
on the same track, see Peter James: "Ages of Darkness".

9. The new book "Biblical Truth"
"Biblical Truth" should be printed shortly.
The work contains information and insights that confirm
"Brit-Am" identity. The knowledge is either new or a new aspect of what was
revealed in the past.
The information and proofs are very strong and it is vital that we all be
aware of them.
Please order your copy now,
Yair Davidiy