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Oct 30, 2002
1. Spanish Lost Jews in South West USA
2. Steven Collins: Names in South Dakota
3. House of David

1. Spanish Lost Jews in South West USA
From: Cruzita Giron <littlecross2@m...>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-130

Shalom Yair:
Thank you for posting the article on "Marranos No More". This history is
what we, and many of our 'Hispanic' friends have been studying. What a joy
and priviledge it is to find such a rich history in our ancestors. Dell F.
Shancez Ph.D. has written 2 books on Hispanic Jews, mainly referring to the
southwestern part of the USA. It is important that our children and their
children know of their heritage. We did not, as this subject was never
spoken of, and everything else was a big secret. It is not no more!
Luis & Cita Giron

2. Steven Collins: Names in South Dakota
From: Steve Collins <scollins@l...>
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-130
Shalom Yair,
Martha Holman is correct re: the town of Sinai in South Dakota. She is
also correct about the pronunciation of that town's name. We also have a
town named "Tabor" in South Dakota.

3. House of David
From: Judy Snyder <yahudeit@e...>
Subject: davidic dynasty

To all,
I found a very interesting web site when I was looking up some geneology
It seems to be the start of a prophetic fulfillment.
What do you think?

Sincerely, Judy L. Snyder

The Eternal House of David
By Gail Lichtman and Tovah Lazaroff
(Excerpted from The Jerusalem Post)

New Jersey publisher Susan Roth hopes to gather thousands of descendants of
King David for the first-ever Royal House of David Convention.

That lack of knowledge made Roth feel like an historical orphan. "How can
you know where you are going to if you don't know where you have come from"
Roth says.

Now Roth, of New Jersey and Jerusalem, is organizing the first-ever
gathering of the descendants of King David in more than 2,000 years, to be
held in Jerusalem sometime in October 2003.

According to Roth, there are thousands of Jews and non-Jews who can trace
their ancestry to the Davidic line. At the convention DNA samples will be
taken from those in attendance and tested. Research carried out a few years
ago on male Kohanim descended from the Jewish priestly line of Aharon
revealed a mutation on the Y-chromosome in some 85 percent of those tested,
confirming the existence of a single common ancestor. Roth hopes that
similar dramatic findings will result from testing the Davidic royal line.

Proportionally only a few of the royalty lines are known, the rest have
been obscured by time. What is known is that 15 Jewish families have
traditionally claimed to have descended from King David.

Twelve of those families trace themselves back to Rashi, who was descended
from the marriage between King David and Hagit. The families include:
Abarbanel, Berdugo, Don Yehiya, Halperin, Harlap, Horowitz, Katzenelbogen,
Lurie, Rabinowitz, Shaltiel, Shapira, and Weil. Three families, go back to
Solomon's line from the marriage of Batsheva and David, which is the
messianic line. Those families are Dayan, Elfandari and Peretz.

King David and his descendants are significant because God promises that
the Kingdom of Israel will always be ruled by David and his descendants.

"Every royal house of Europe attributes their right to be royal by claiming
to be descendants of the House of David, The English royal family, the
Windsors now ruling England, even have a rock from the Temple Mount under
their coronation seat to emphasize that link."

"Throughout history, civilizations rose and fell, yet the Jewish people
survived. Now we are back in our country in Israel and Israel is still
being persecuted. We are still being told we have no right to be here.
Israel is not just a state. It is a country that once was a Royal House, as
King David bought the Temple Mount from from Aravna the Jebusite for 50
pieces of silver. This Jebusite did not place any signifigance on this
piece of land but used it simply as a threshing floor." (See Samuel II

"King David's first kingdom was in Hebron for seven years. After that,
David ruled Jerusalem for 33 years. He built the city, which is often
referred to historically as the city of David, and given these facts, all
the descendants of King David are the true inheritors of the Royal House of David."

"As the Jewish descendants of King David, We have more of a right to claim
royalty than any of the European royal houses. In light of what Israel is
going through today, it is imperative to show that the blood of King David
is alive and well in Israel today and that WE are the rightful inheritors
of Israel," Roth says.

Roth traces her own lineage directly to King David through several great
rabbis, including the Ba'al Shem Tov, Rabbi Nachman of Breslov, and the
first Lubavitcher Rebbe, Shneur Zalman of Liadi. Initially all she knew was
that her great-grandmother's grandfather or great-great grandfather, Baruch
Shochet, was such a great man that when he died his entire hometown of
Teplik in the Ukraine closed down.

"Destiny or fate will pull you onto your life's path in spite of what you
do or want, and that is what seems to be happening to me now," Roth says.

Anyone who is a member of the 15 families mentioned in this article or who
simply wants to know more about the convention, should please get in touch
with SJR Associates, in the US, at (908) 851-2922.

World Wide Web address..... http://www.davidicdynasty.org
Email address.....info@d...

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