Brit-Am Now"-132

October 31, 2002
1. Betty : Personal pages for Brit-Am Members
2. Sharon Lindstrom: Names
3. John C Shore: descendants and names
4. Searching for Rachmiel ben Label
5. Rusty: Israel and the west and silly Canada

1. Betty : Personal pages for Brit-Am Members

From: Betty <>
Subject: Personal pages for Brit-Am Members

Good Morning from Missouri,
Several people have contacted me about having a personal area on the
website [] for all Brit-Am people/members.
This area on the Internet would be open to all/any members on Yair's list,
who wish to participate in the project. We decided a page for photos would
be nice, so we could get to know each other better - seems we are spread
all over the globe and hard to meet on a personal level. A page for area
news [in regards to Brit-Am business] would be interesting as well. I've
decided to also have a page for members to use for classified ads - these
ads can list items for 'sale', 'wanted items', 'trade', 'services', etc. We
will sell block ads [see the link below for example], or full page ads,
with the money going to Yair to support Brit-Am research and publishing
I would like to have your feedback on the 'members personal pages', so if
you would - please drop me a line and 'talk to me'.
Go to to see what I am talking about. Send
me your photos - news - and ADS - you will be helping Brit-Am stay in
business. Thank you!!
Hope all of you are happy, healthy, motivated,
Betty Matteson Rhodes

2. Sharon Lindstrom: Names
From: Sharon Lindstrom <>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-130

I've really enjoyed these letters regarding place and baby names in America.
I wanted to suggest that each member look up their own state's town names
and submit a list of the Hebrew-named towns. That might help move the
process along faster.
Regarding the naming of children in the early settler's time, I've often
pondered many of my own ancestors' names. I am fortunate to have a written
genealogy going back to the year 990, tracing the Putnam line as one of the
earliest families in New England. The early Putnam record is dominated 99%
by old Hebrew names --- Manasseh, Jacob, Ephraim, Israel, Susannah,
Nathaniel, Aaron, Moses, Rebecca, Elizabeth, Sarah, Caleb, Ruth, Samuel,
Ester, Hannah, Rachel, Hiram, Levi, Abigail, Abram, Amos, Elisha, Nehemiah,
Ezra, Isaac, Edah (?), Ama (?), Huldah (?) ... to name just a few! But as
time progressed the names became more and more westernized, such as Richard,
Robert, William, Jane, Margaret, Mary, Edward, George, etc. It's very
interesting that these old Hebrew names came along with the earliest
American settlers, but have been slowly lost along the way.
God bless,

3. John C Shore: descendants and names

Dear Yair;
Relating to towns and names brings to mind the area in No Carolina that I
was reared in and the names associated with the people. My village is
"Bethania after Bythinia in scripture, Bethabara which is 4 miles Salem
which is now Winston-Salem and many others. There is Mizpah Moravian
church, Mt Olivet Moravian, Salem Moravian, Bethania Moravian, King Moravian.
My family Schor now Shore came from Switzerland in 1750 via England and
landed in Pennsylvania, then Virginia and then NC in 1758. They built a
wooden church then in 1809 it was built from hand-made brick from the red
clay in the area. The bldg burned in 1942 but they rebuilt on the walls
(33" thick) and it is still in use today.
The more articles I read from you the more I am convinced that these people
originally came from tribes that moved out of the land of milk and honey
and migrated through Europe or Asia into the USA. When I was in Israel in
1982 it felt like I had just arrived home. That may sound ridiculous but it
was even more chilling when I arrived on Apr 29 this year for a tour from
Tel Aviv to MT Herman, Nof Genesaret (3 dys) to Jerusalem to Dead Sea to
Elat. We were on our way from Elat to Tel Aviv on May 9 and stopped in
Mordecai for a dring and saw the troops assembling equip to enter Gaza
which was postponed. Being retired from 20 yrs in the military, I felt like
joining them except I am 72. I even got to meet with Mr Gershon Solomon and
Reuven Prager (half shekel designer). Mr Solomon has been here 5 or 6 times
and Reuven twice. What a joy.
Thanks for all your labors on the subject of where have the people
distributed themselves to over the past 6000 years.
Todah Rabah. John

4. Searching for Rachmiel ben Label  of Louisiana

5. Rusty: Israel and the west and silly Canada

Israel is protected in a sense by the western democracies such as England
and the United States. The key word too these two nations is democracy so
it is possible to have a leader of different background other than of a
Western European descent. What would happen to Israel if for instance a
member of the Muslim community became president of the states? Or the same
thing happened in England. Myron Martin's Biblical quotation in Brit-Am 130
sent shivers down my spine Deut 28:43 - 44. "the strangers among you shall
mount up higher and higher above you, and you shall come down lower and
lower". I think that this prophecy is coming true at the present and I see
it every day. I still believe that this prophesy will not bring enslavement
to we of Israelite descent because war will break out in our countries
before we become overwhelmed. I am from the North and I visit often and the
rumblings of anger are becoming louder and louder over t..............