"Brit-Am Now"-133

November 1, 2002

1. Myron Martin: "Pennsylvania Dutch"
2. Joan Griffith: Utah

1. Myron Martin: "Pennsylvania Dutch"

From: Myron Martin <bibletruth@globalserve.net>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-130
To: Yair Davidiy <britam@netvision.net.il>
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Dear Yair; Thank you for printing my contribution, the sad story of the
Spanish forced conversion to Catholicism also rang a bell in my mind. My
ancestors were "Anabaptists" and many gave their lives for their belief that
"baptism of infants was unscriptural, that it was to be on repentance and
confession of faith" resulting in tens of thousands being martyred by fire
and drowning primarily. I am aware that many JEWS of various ages "changed
their names" to hide their Jewishness and avoid persecution and I have often
wondered whether that COULD be the case with my own ancestors.
My ancestors were German, Dutch and Swiss primarily and my wife and I
still speak a dialect that in the "new world" is labelled "Pennsylvania
Dutch" because many of our ancesters first came to that state with Wm. Penn,
later generations migrating into Waterloo County in Ontario. The interesting
thing is that this "dialect" has many common words with both Dutch, German
and YIDDISH! Our family name MARTIN would phonetically in the dialect be
spelled as "MAUDI" and I can't help wondering if there is a Yiddish/Jewish
meaning or connection, even though I had spent 30 years in a Sabbatarian
church that taught British-Israelism and ASSUMED my ancestors were from the
lost ten tribes. The name Martin is also found among the Scots. If anyone
can shed any further light on this I would be pleased to hear from them.
Myron Martin

2. Joan Griffith: Utah
Subject: Re: USA: Biblical Names-1

Re Biblical place names, I think one of the stars would be Utah's Zion
National Park, which has a stream known as the Jordan River, although I
think its real name is different; it has rock formations called the Altar,
the Throne of G_d, and many others. The Mormons ("Church of Jesus Christ of
Latter Day Saints") named these.
I think many Biblical names have been repeated many times as our peoples
moved Westward.
Joan Griffith