"Brit-Am Now"-135

November 2, 2002

1. Ms. Jan: Biblical Name Parallels?
2. Steven Collins: Carmel, CA
3. Edith Budro: Red Indians and Arkansas
4. M. Carreon: Spanish Jews
5. Chad Ryan Dohman: Presidents and Kings
6. Flemming Rickfors: Research on the Danes

1. Ms. Jan: Biblical Name Parallels?

Subject: Re: USA: Biblical Names
Mr. Davidi and Friends;


what a wonderful idea to find these Hebrew/Bibical names in the land of the

A project for someone(s) would be to have a USA map with only these names
placed on it and see if there is a pattern. Where are the cities of refuge?
Where are the 4 holiest places, Sefed, Tiberius, Jerusalem? Do the city
names associated with tribal land inheritances congregate in the same area?
Can we see those tribal affiliations, the tribal neighbors, congregate in a
particular area?

Just an idea and in no way insinuating that USA is the new Israel as some
are regrettably teaching; but just His pattern being lived out amongst the
scattered seed.

Shavuah Tov
Ms. Jan

2. Steven Collins: Carmel, CA

From: scollins@ll.net
Subject: Re: USA: Biblical Names

Shalom YAir,
California also has a city near Monterey named "Carmel," a significant
biblical name.

3. Edith Budro: Red Indians and Arkansas
Dear Yair,
I would like to give you some additional information about the place names
of Arkansas.
I now live in Oklahoma, but was born and grew up in Arkansas. I grew up in
the Ozark mountains at a place called Mount Judea. This is a small place of
approximately hundred or so people. I have been told that a man by the name
of Ephraim Greenhaw gave this little town its name. The locals always call
Mount Judea (Mount Judy). Approximately three or four miles from Mount
Judea is a community called Bethleham. Several miles away is Ben Hur. The
early settlers were English, Scottish, Welsh and German. They mixed with
the Cherokee Indians who lived in the area. These people have green, blue
or hazel eyes. It is unusual to see brown eyes amongst the older
generation, unless they have a strong mixture of Cherokee ancestry. I have
a lot of family members with red hair, myself included.
In the Arkansas river valley by the Arkansas river is the town of
Dardanelle and a few miles away is Danville. Also a mountain called Mount
Nebo is close by.
I didn't see these places listed on your email so thought I would let you
know about them.
Can you tell me of what trib this area may be from?
Edith Budro

4. M. Carreon: Spanish Jews
From: Martie R Carreon
Subject: Spanish Jews

I believe you had an earlier article on the Spanish Jews, which I missed.
If so, can you please resend? A distant relative with whom I share the
Villarreal surname of our ancestors from Nuevo Leon, Mexico says that it
has been an oral legend passed down quietly, but matter of factly, in his
family by older generations that they were Jews. (I descend from this Nuevo
Leon, Mexico surname at least three times) He mentions that there is
growing evidence of converted Jews founding Monterrey, Nuevo Leon.
Below is something he also sent to me:
"Luis Carvajal, a conquistador with Jewish blood was granted the
original title to what has become the states of Nuevo Leon, Texas,
Coahuila, and Tamalipas. As Carvajal began to prosper, a political
rival turned Carvajal's name into the Inquisition and he died in prison
for no greater crime than being of Jewish blood. Although Carvajal
himself was apparently a sincere Christian, many of his family members were
secretly practicing the Jewish faith and they were
tortured and executed. This happened in the late 1500s and early
1600s and is a facinating and tragic part of our own history."
Thank you for all your informative articles. I enjoy reading and learning
from them.
M. Carreon

5. Chad Ryan Dohman: Presidents and Kings
Subject: Hello, Yair from Houston, Texas!!!! Presidents and Kings
Hello, Yair from Houston, Texas!!!!
I enjoy the e-mails everday, thanks for taking the time to send them. I am
nineteen years old and I have studied and studied on the tribes, gathering
information from many old books. I would like to share with you and the
others something I have been working on for a pamphlet. I believe numerology
is very important in the Bible, and the following will show how neat it
really is. There were 42 kings, in all, of the House of Judah and the House
of Israel. The United States is Manasseh, as you know, but also represents
all the tribes, and has the greatest numbers of them. The United States also
has 42 presidents, now. (Note most president lists will have 43, but Grover
Cleveland is counted twice, because of two non-consecutive terms). George
Bush Jr. was # 42, are we not now beginning to see troubles increasing for
the U.S. Anyways here are the lists, add the letters as you go.
Kings of Judah and Israel
Rehoboam Jeroboam I
Abia Nadab
Asa Baasha
Jehosaphat Elah
Joram I Zimri
Ahaziah Omri
Athaliah Ahab
Joash I Ahaziah
Amasiah Joram II
Uzziah Jehu
Jotham Jehoahaz
Ahaz Joash II
Hezekiah Jeroboam II
Manasseh Zachariah
Amon Shallum
Josiah Menahem
Joahaz Pekahiah
Jehoiakim Pekah
Jehoiachin Hoshea
A total of 263 letters
42 Kings
*Hebrew Shalem=Complete*
8+4=12 or 1812, 1948=Complete
Judah, last tribe to get an official homeland.
*Notice that there are three sets of, I ,II ,also in the presidents, the
kings have the same name, whereas the presidents were blood related.*
Presidents of the USA
John I
James William
James Theodore I
John Q. II William
Andrew Woodrow
Martin Warren
William Calvin
John Herbert
James Franklin II
Zachary Harry
Millard Dwight
Franklin John
James Lyndon
Abraham Richard
Andrew Gerald
Ulysses James
Rutherford Ronald
James George I
Chester William
Grover George W. II
A total of 263 letters
42 Presidents
*Hebrew Echad=One*
5+2=7(6) or 1776, 5+2+6=13=One
*Notice the two letters on John Q. and George W. must be counted, because
they were the only father and son pairs that became president out of the 42.*
I have a chart designed that is much more clear, but I just wanted you to see
the parallel. Yes, it looks like the 42 is where it will end, the
similarities are striking, and the 6000 years are almost up.
I have made pictorials of the Tribes, as well as, the Table of Nations,
Gen.10, I might be able to mail you some, if you would like to see them. If
you would like to add my e-mail to the list of people to contact in Houston,
you are welcome, you may have enough for Texas already. I was wandering if
you might have considered adding the Testaments of the XII Patriarchs to your
website? God Bless and keep you !!!!
Chad Ryan Dohman, Houston, Texas

  6. Flemming Rickfors: Research on the Danes
Subject: The Scythians worshipped a figure called Aspourgos

Dear Sir,
I am currently in the process of preparing a paper where I seek to trace
the origin of the Danes by following the instructions given by Snorri
Sturlason in Heimskringla (the chronicle of the Norwegian Kings).
Briefly I argue that Asgard is situated by lake Balkhash on the river Lli
east of Lake Issykyl in Kazakhstan. From here Odin and the Asir people move
west and settle on the Tana River by the Sea of Asov and with ?great
possessions? held by Odin south of the Caucasus Mountains. From here they
move north via Saxland and on to Odensey (today Odense on the island of
Funen, Denmark).
When the Asir people arrive in Denmark the Asir name had become the royal
lineage (as we see already with the Kings/Tzars of the Bosporus Kingdom in
Aspurg and his father Asander) and the tribe itself had become the Tani
people because of their control of the Tana River. On the early rune stones
in Denmark the spelling ?Tani? is used for the Danes.
You have on your website a paragraph that absolutely intriges me. You say:
The Scythians worshipped a figure called Aspourgos whose name derives from
the same Semitic root as the Hebrew name Joseph. This figure ?Aspourgos?
was identified by the Scythians with Joseph and must originally have been
the same person as Joseph. The existence of this deity who was identified
with Joseph has recently been analyzed and proven by IRMA HAYNMAN, in a
paper presented to the Proceedings of the Eleventh World Congress of Jewish
Studies; in Jerusalem in 1994. The proceedings were published by the World
Union of Jewish Studies.
Aspourgos in Scythian times became identified with the Biblical Joseph and
from the very beginning Joseph and Aspourgos were one and the same entity.
The Royal Scythians therefore had considered Joseph to be someone that must
be revered. Apparently they recognized Joseph as their ancestor, as the
ancestor of the Scythians.
Could I ask you for your source or sources that enables you to say that the
Scythians worshipped a figure called Aspourgos.
I will tell you why this is interesting. As you know by the time the Tani
people arrive in Denmark they worship the Asir, I.e. their ancestors. The
depiction "As" in a boy's name, still very much in use today in Denmark,
means "of the Asir people". I can already argue that the Asir people
migrated from lake Balkhash and the River Ili in Kazakhstan to the Sea of
Asov. I can also argue that from here they went on to Saxland and to the
island of Funen. I can also argue that the term "Schythians", a name
Herodot gave them, would have covered the generic term for the tribe I seek
to trace (the schytians called themselves "Skudat" which meant "man with
bow" which is what is means in Danish and Icelandic today ("skytte" in
Danish and "skutta" in Icelandic).
An angle I have yet to look in to, and I can see that you are well versed
in these matters, is of course the lost tribe of Dan. Would it be possible
that the name Dan is a later name that has been latinised, e.g. like the
Tani people becomes the Dani people in Latin and then the Danes. Could Dan
have been Tan or Tani?
Best regards
Flemming Rickfors