"Brit-Am Now"-137

November 4, 2002

1. Question on sources.
2. Basque and Jewish Origins?
3. Biblical Truth

1. Question on sources
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-136
Shalom Yair,
Even though I enjoy reading your emails on the "Lost Tribes," it would be
helpful if you could site more references regarding many of the details you
include. Those references that are easily available, such as encyclopedias
and such wouldn't necessarily need references, but more obscure bits of
knowledge would require it. An example would be the statements that Phillip
II, Columbus and Charlemange being possibly of Jewish descent or even just
plain Jewish would be of greater benefit if the sources were listed as well.
Most are not taught this in college even today and I went to a very liberal,
heavily Jewish supported campus here in the US. I know that you're swamped
as it is in just getting out the great number of quality emails and it is
appreciated. Just being a scientist and researcher myself I am accustomed to
such references. Others may be interested in this as well. I hope you are
well and look forward to your next list email :) Btw, your web site looks

Answer: Sources: Phillip II see Encyclopedia Brittanica, "Marranos".
Colombus: see several books  and articles some of which we have posted in
the past
and are available on the Web, e.g.
Charlemagne: Information given us by Athol Bloomer and based on
genealogical research
and corresponded with indications from our own findings. This was written
up in part in an article
by Athol Bloomer that appeared in the "Brit-Am Magazine" .

2. Basque and Jewish Origins?

From: Martin Aristegui Jr
Subject: Questions.

Hello Mr. Davidy,
I'd like to briefly introduce myself before I get to my questions. My name
is Martin Aristegui Castano and I am B'nai Anusim, I have come to this
conclusion after studying my own family history for about eight months. For
the first time in my life I feel I have a solid sense in my identity, this
is something that I never had before. Interestingly, when I saw your given
name of Yair recently I thought that it seemed like it might share the same
root as my Tio's name Nair. So, when I started looking into the etymology
of my Tio's name it turns out it is the Hebrew word for candle or light.
Anyway, just another fact that I've added to my growing list facts that
bolster my assertion. I've read most of what you have available on the
websites and find it very interesting and meriting more study. To that end
when I would have the funds and decide to buy some materials how would I go
about doing that? I've also heard that you have audiotapes available, so
perhaps a complete list of materials and an explanation on how to place an
order would be best.
On another note, I recently had my Y-DNA tested at FamilyTree DNA and
discovered that I share a common paternal heritage with a great many
English, Scottish, Welsh and Basque (not surprising given my Basque surname
Aristegui) men. In short a lot of Celtic people. Intellectually my only
problem in reconciling your theory of an Israelite origin for these people
(my generalization) of Western Europe is the apparent lack of a Semitic
component in the DNA. Let me second to that statement say that I am not a
DNA expert, this is just based on some reading I've done. Paternally I fall
into what is called the Western Atlantic Haplotype, apparently rather
common in Europe but then again I'm no expert. Another interesting thing
about my results was that I also matched 13 Jewish individuals therefore
pointing to a shared paternal progenitor. 11 of these men were of Ashkenazi
ancestry, (another surprise for me) and the remaining two were Sephardi. I
suffer from Crohn's disease and my paternal Uncle, my Tio Ramon suffers
from Buerger's disease, these two diseases statistically afflict people of
Jewish decent more often than other groups. I had been told that they seem
to afflict Ashkenazi's more often than Sephardi, so, when I received my
results and saw that I have Ashkenazi forebears I suppose it made a little
more sense. In any case, I appreciate the materials you've made available
on the Internet to read for free. I have found them, like I said very very
interesting and I look forward to reading more about your studies and
hopefully sharing with you. Hope to hear from you.
Martin Aristegui Castano

Comment: Regarding the purchase of our materials: You can send us cash or a
local check in US dollars or in Euros (if you live outside the USA) for the
required amount.
We can cash any foreign currency check quite easily.
God bless you,'
Regarding DNA findings we are both reserved and optimistic. Ultimately
these researches may supply us with
yet further evidence regarding the truth of Brit-Am. At the moment they may
help us as long as we remember not to become
reliant upon them.

3. Biblical Truth
Please continue to send in your orders for our soon-to-be-published book,
"Biblical Truth".
The price at present is $30. The book is well worth it and you will be
pleased you ordered it.
Your orders also assist us.
God bless you all,
Yair Davidiy

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