"Brit-Am Now"-139

November 6, 2002

1. Mark Twain: quotation
2. Spanish Jewish descendants  in USA
3. Meeting in Texas
4. Chronological Dating and the Bible
5. Book: "Biblical Truth"
6. Question on the word  "hiss"
7. Question on Hungarians

1. From: Verba Volant <quotation@verba-volant.net>
Quotation of the day:
Author - Mark Twain
  - if you tell the truth you don't have to remember anything

2. Spanish Jewish descendants  in USA
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-135 To: britam@netvision.net.il
In addition to the information I gave about early Nuevo Leon, Mexico
Spanish Jews I have found the following in the book, With the Makers of San
Antonio (Texas) by Frederick C. Chabot:
"In Mexico we have Luis de Carvajal (Carabajal) ... in 1576. He founded the
city of Leon, now Cerralvo.... He also founded the villa of San Luis,
further south, which in 1596 became Monterrey. In 1590 he sallied forth
from Saltillo (Coahuila state), and founded the villa of Almaden, where
Monclova now stands, and where he was arrested by the Inquisition on
charges of Judaism. He was thrown into prison in Mexico, and died there."
"...Antonio Fernandes Carvajal, a Portugese Marano came to England in the
reign of Charles I, and was the first endenizened Jew in England. He was
called the founder of the Anglo-Jewish community. He was also politically
useful to Cromwell. In 1655, when Manasseh ben Israel petitioned for the
return of the Jews who had been expelled by Edward I, Carvajal took part in
the agitation and boldly avowed his Judaism."
The latter information evidently being taken from the Encyclopedia Britannica.
Thank you for the 'Spain and the Jews' article. It was very informative and
worth reading. I especially liked the format in which it was written.
PS- I also have Scottish and English blood from the colonial era, so I have
enjoyed reading your articles pertaining to these areas too.
Thank you,

3. Meeting in Texas:
The Texas branch of Brit-Am was chosen as a model branch for all other branches
even though local differentiations mean that each branch will find its own way.
At all events all who can attend Brit-Am branch meetings should do so.
All who can attend the following advertised meeting of the Texas branch
are invited to do and we feel sure that the meeting will be pleasing and

From: Judy Snyder <yahudeit@excite.com>
Subject: Texas meeting this Sunday.

Dear Honorable Mr. Davidi and associates,
We will be having our meeting on Sunday the November 10.
For information on directions and meeting topics call Metro 817 355 6097.
Sincerely, Judy L. Snyder

Tehillim 122 ...when our feet stood within thy gates, O Jerusalem; O
Yerushalayim, built as a city that is strong: there the tribes used to go
up...an appointed practice for Yisra'el, to give thanks. For there are set
thrones of the house of David. Shalom, Yudy

4. Chronological Dating and the Bible
At 16:49 04/11/2002 -0500, Steve wrote:
>Shalom Yair,
>Thank you for the references :) Also, question regarding all this DNA data.
>The dates? How does Orthodox Jewry look at such ancient datings as mentioned
>in the DNA articles; ie, 10's of thousands of years? I'm open myself of
>these kind of things, but would enjoy hearing from you on this.

Answer: Regarding "Orthodox Jewry" in general I would say the approach is
the same as that of
all Bible-believers: Some say that all the Biblical account is to be taken
literally at the simple level
and that the earth is only 5763 years old. Others take a modernistic
approach and say that so-called
"scientific" doctrines can be reconciled with the Biblical story once we
understand both Scripture and scientific findings properly.
I personally take the first view that the earth is only about 6000 years
old BUT the matter does not worry
me one way or the other. Both approaches are worth considering and can be
learned from.
As for the dates in the article: That was what the author of the article
said, not I . The dates were derived by backward logic,
i.e. it was assumed that such and such phenomena began with a certain
culture that archaeologists
date at a certain time therefore the phenomena is as old as the culture.
Another way for dating DNA historically is to compare samples and see what
changes took place
and then estimate how long it would need for the said changes to appear one
after the other BUT this is
all guesswork.

5. Book: "Biblical Truth"
At 20:09 03/11/2002 -0500, "bro" wrote:
Re: New Book: "Biblical Truth"
>how can i go about getting your new book?

"Biblical Truth" if all goes well will be available in about a month.
The book is well worth obtaining from every consideration.
If you order now you will be certain of obtaining a copy and at a price that
will probably be lower than what we will charge once the book comes off the
since the book is quite large, of good quality, and a relatively limited
number are being printed,
-as for now. Obviously the content is what really counts and I think this
is the best work we have produced so far.
In addition, we have to meet the costs of printing, we have needs of
survival,  and we need to function.
Anything you send now will definitely help us, be a blessing for us, and,
God willing, bring a blessing to you and yours.
God be with you,
Yair Davidiy
The book costs (now) $30. The price includes postage by registered airmail.
The money should preferably be send by local US check to:
Yair Davidiy
POB 595
Jerusalem 91004

6. Question on the word  "hiss"
At 08:06 05/11/2002 -0500, Anna wrote:
>"Hiss"???  What does that mean, contextually?
>Anna MM, NJ

"I WILL HISS FOR THEM": In Hebrew, "Eshroka lohem", i.e. whistle for them.
Rashi says it is like someone who whistles for his horse and the horse
comes to him.
God will call them and they will be ingathered. God will bring back the
exiles of Ephraim and Judah
and they will be re-unified.

7. Question on Hungarians
At 14:31 05/11/2002 -0500, Y.S. wrote:
>Dear Yair I have a friend of mine who has come to the truth. As most
>"European descended" Israelites we are eager to find our place with in the
>race. His name is [], German as it seems he found out that his German
>family descended from Slovakian Magyars from the Austro-German regions of
>Now my understanding is that the magyars are most likely Yefthetic,
>perhaps of MaGoG. However it is also known that the magyars and Finns
>share a root language Ugric. And as we know the Finns are most probably of
>Issacar's tribe, or as you have states Simeon or Manasseh's branches.
>I figured I would ask your advice being that you more learned in years
>than I and most people I know.
>This has brought to my mind Noak's blessing addressed to Yefeth; that he
>would dwell in the house of Shem.
>Thank you again you are of great help!

Answer: Present day historians and geneticists agree that most of the
people of Finland descend from a relatively
small number of ancestors who come to the country at a relatively recent
date in historical terms (between ca 2000
and 1300 years ago) and who learnt their language from other peoples with
whom they came in contact.
The Finns are therefore not connected with the Magyars even though their
languages are remotely alike.
Since your associate dwells in the USA it may be that he is descended from
Jewish or Israelite stock
that was assimilated amongst the Hungarians but that would not apply for
the Hungarians in general.
One of the signs of Israelite origin is a relatively low level of
anti-semitism and the Hungarians have not
possessed this quality or other of the necessary traits.

cf. The Prophet Amos and our Commentary:

That's right. The dispersed of Israel and the exiled will always stay
together or if not will somehow intermarry with each other or if not their
children (even from mixed marriages) will still be counted as Israel. We do
not know everything (Quote of the year?).  Our studies and what we have
shown of them  demonstrate very well that somehow or other most of the
northern Tribes managed to stay together. A Talmudic source understood
Scripture to say that   the Jews of Judah were destined to be dispersed all
over but the Ten Tribes to remain together in one or two or three or more
places but at all events as coherent entities.

The Traits by which we determine  Israelite Ancestry include:
1. Biblical Blessings Fulfilled; 2. Indications of Scripture; 3.
Groundwork: Evidence from Archaeology, history and related studies; 4.
Judah; lack of anti-semitism on a relative scale and some degree of at
least partial identification with the Jews; 5. Originality in thought; 6.
Bravery; 7. Empathy: Social awareness, fairness, etc.

I am of course speaking in general and nothing should be automatically
applied at the individual level.