"Brit-Am Now" -14
1. Report

"Brit-Am Now" -14: Report
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To Brit-Am Supporters;

What is happening in Israel?
Nothing spectacular has happened for a while.  A lot of things are waiting in the wings.
Some important people are expected to visit here soon and we will confere with them.
We had a meeting last week which was successful and we will have another meeting next week.
As you have seen we have been producing "Jerusalem News" and the "Brit-Am Now" reports.
These reports have been accepted well and have helped us stabilize our e-mail presentations.
Rabbi Feld continues to push the Brit-Am message through his social activities.
On Shabbat I met with people from France who are active in Chabad and was
cross-examined by them and through the answers appear to have gained a highly sympathetic attitude towards Brit-Am. One of the people concerned is from Corsica and he told me about an ancient building in the hills and people in Corsica who were descended from Jews whose ancestors  had been forced to become Catholics.
A young person from Russia who is a convert to Judaism has become very interested in Brit-Am and is trying to interest relevant Russian-speaking Institutions in Israel  in providing funds to have some of our works translated into Russian. There is potentially a great interest in this subject amongst Russian Immigrants in Israel.
We also see the possibility of having all our works translated into Hebrew and publishing them. We will probably use a computer program to translate the works word for word and than go over them and polish the style. We are also preparing a short booklet in Hebrew and a compendium of relevant sources.  This is important and there does exist a certain demand for information in Hebrew about Brit-Am.
Previous important contacts with Holland that fell into abeyance are being renewed.
There is a constant demand for "The Tribes" and I am preparing a new improved edition.
I work full-time for Brit-Am and get by through my own money, through selling publications, and through contributions.
Rabbi Feld does a lot for us but also has his own organization that deals with helping people in emergency situations. He considers this as part of the Brit-Am message and in a sense it is though officially we concentrate on simply getting the message out and clarifying the message though
learning and research.
We have part-time secretarial assistance that we pay for.
We use a room in the apartment I live in as an office.
We keep overheads low but nevertheless things are expensive, e.g. living, rent, electricity, phone, resources, etc.
We need more funding and increased contributions.
We need to be able to involve others more and not to be constricted ourselves due to lack of  assistance.
In the past we got by through selling books and contributions and we still do so BUT funds coming in are now very low though everything helps and is very welcome.
We could perhaps do more at our end though lack of the wherewithal does seriously limit the possibilities.
Please contribute if you can.

God Bless You All,
Yair Davidiy

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