"Brit-Am Now"-140

November 7, 2002
1. Searching for Robert Brown

2.  Searching for book
3. Sharon Lindstrom: Israel shopping websites
4. Brit-Am Web Sites
5. Ashton Lemonius: Biblical Names: Jamaica

1. Searching for Robert Brown
(Rachmiel ben Label) of New Orleans, Louisiana
formerly <messjewreb@aol.com>.

2.  Searching for book "Kingdom of the Ark".
Brit-Am is searching for the book Lorraine Evans, "Kingdom of the Ark".
We were unable to purchase the book over the web and the libraries in Israel
do not have a copy.
We would like to buy the book and will pay all necessary expenses.
Alternately we would also pay to have the book  photocopied and sent to us.
The book contains information about an ancient Egyptian presence in Britain.
The early northern Israelites were heavily influenced by Egyptian culture
and the book could contain important informational leads.

3. Sharon Lindstrom: Israel shopping websites
Date: Tue, 05 Nov 2002 20:38:33 -0500
From: Sharon Lindstrom <slindstrom@mcttelecom.com>
Subject: Re: Jerusalem News-148

Ref the Israel shopping websites, I bought a Hannukah menorah at this
Israel Shop, founded by David Singer, to benefit IDF soldiers and children
in Israel hospitals. The prices are very reasonable and the service was
quick and hassle-free. They send the customary confirmation email but also
send you an email on the day it's shipped. They also have a nice selection
of Israeli flags, bumper stickers, pins etc. One of them is an "Israel and
America United Against Terror" pins and bumper sticker, showing the two
flags flying together. Going to order that one soon.
God bless,

4. Brit-Am Web Sites
Our web sites  http://britam.org/ , http://www.geocities.com/hiberi, look
good and are constantly
being upgraded and added to. Please visit frequently. Inform others. The
information is there for your
sakes and for those others who need to know and would wish to do so. Share
it around. Even if a person
does not entirely agree with our point of view the chances are that he will
find some of the articles well worth reading
and the site is aesthetically pleasing. It is a pleasure to visit. Brit-Am
has a thrill of its own.

5. Ashton Lemonius: Biblical Names: Jamaica
From: <lemmy1@n5.com.jm>
Subject: Biblical Names - Jamaica

Hi Yair,

Jamaica is an island located in the Caribbean Sea. Travel time by air is
90 minutes from Miami, Florida. Jamaica was a colony of Great Britain
(considered to be Ephraim dominated) between 1655 AD and independence in
1962 AD and
is now a member of the Commonwealth of Nations

I was aware of a couple of Bible place names in Jamaica and decided to
take a closer look at the map of Jamaica. The results were quite interesting.

Firstly, Jamaica is divided into 14 parishes, with each parish either north or
south along the island's east/west axis. Secondly, note that the majority
of biblical
place names are clustered in the western half of the island, whether north
or south. The parishes of St. Elizabeth and St. James also have the lion's
share of these places.

Bethany Manchester      South - Central
Carmel  St. Elizabeth   Southwest
Emmaus  St. Elizabeth   Southwest
Elim    St. Elizabeth   Southwest
Goshen  St. Elizabeth   Southwest
Goshen  St. Ann North
Jericho Hanover Northwest
Jericho St. James       Northwest
Jerusalem Mountain      Westmoreland    West
Lebanon St. Mary        North
Mizpah  Manchester      South - Central
Mount Horeb     St. James       Northwest
Mount Zion      St. James       Northwest
Mount Zion      St. Ann North
Siloah  St. Elizabeth   Southwest

The following link shows the changes in parish names over the last 350
years. E.g. There was once a St. David parish.

I trust this information will positively add to Brit Am's body of knowledge.