"Brit-Am Now"-151

November 17, 2002
1. George Washington and Genesis 49 & 50
2. "Fan" mail
3.Roy Garland: Tara in Ireland
4. Question on population:
5. Holland bans Shechitah

1. George Washington and Genesis 49 & 50
From: Rich Griffiths <RGriff9243@aol.com>
Subject: George Washington and Genesis 49 & 50

Greetings Yair,
I came across the following account of Washington's inauguration in "An
American Bible: A History of the Good Book in the United States 1777-1880" by
Paul Gutjahr. Washington during the ceremony opened the Bible and kissed
chapters Genesis 49 & 50. Just a coincidence or the hand of God?
pages 39-41
"Among the thousands who flooded New York City in the spring of 1789 to catch
a glimpse of George Washington's presidential inauguration was the
fifteen-year-old Eliza Morton...Eliza writes: Chancellor Livingston read the
form of oath prescribed by the Constitution; Washington repeated it, resting
his hand upon the Bible. Mr Otis, the secretary of the Senate, then took the
Bible to raise it to the lips of Washington who stooped to kiss the book.
Jacob Morton, an attendant on the balcony, then stepped forward to mark the
place Washington had kissed."
Physically and symbolically at the center of this momentuous event stood a
"large and elegant Bible" that lay on a "table, with a rich covering of red
velvet; and upon this, on a crimson velvet cushion." The centrality of the
bible is all the more striking when one realizes that the Constitution does
not require a Bible for administering the oath of office..."
"Jacob Morton's action, however, of noting the pages Washington had kissed
points beyond the Bible's role in oath taking. For centuries, men and women
had randomly opened revered cultural texts such as the Iliad or the Aenid as
oracles of wisdom. In many Christian countries, including the United States,
this practice of haphazardly opening a book came to center primarily on the
Bible, revealing yet again its central importance in early American culture.
Such randomly chosen passages were believed to have an almost magical power
to reveal the future and answer difficult questions. Washington had kissed
Genesis, chapters 49 and 50, passages that include Joseph's dying reminder
that God had promised the Israelites a new land."
Rich Griffiths

2. "Fan" mail
Recently a group of dissatisfied people have been attacking Brit-Am.
They have also been sending me hate mail.
Most of the attacks are based on outright lies or distortions of the truth.
There may well be points on which valid criticisms and pertinent queries
could be levelled
against us, but our enemies are too obtuse to realize them.
Our critics so far give the impression of having the mental framework of
overgrown juvenile delinquents.

3.Roy Garland: Tara in Ireland
Date: Sun, 17 Nov 2002 13:12:04 +0000
From: Roy Garland
Subject: Article for the Irish News Monday Column for Monday 17th November

Tara and the Ark by Roy Garland 18 November 2002.
No more to chiefs and ladies bright
The harp of Tara swells;
The chord alone, that breaks at night,
Its tale of ruin tells.
Thus freedom now so seldom wakes.
The only throb she gives,
Is when some heart indignant breaks,
To show that still she lives.
(Thomas Moore 1779-1852)
Archaeologist Conor Newman describes the Hill of Tara in County Meath, as
having been a "sacred mountain" that is now amongst "the most important and
famous archaeological complexes IN THE WORLD". Yet a motorway endangers
this international treasure - that stretches back 6,000 years.
Archaeologists are outraged. Eighty monuments including a prehistoric
temple have been uncovered and Professor George Eogan referred to these as
"a truly astonishing archaeological array". Yet the authorities remain
determined that the M3 will pass this way.
The story of Tara stretches back into the mists of time long before the
arrival of the Celts. It was a central pagan religious site for centuries
inspiring different traditions. It was residence to High Kings to whom
disputes were passed for adjudication. Legend tells us that Patrick
confronted and defeated the pagan forces of Tara at nearby Slane. King
Loegaire, whose seat was at Tara, commanded that no fires be ignited until
his own was ablaze but Patrick lit his Pascal fire in defiance. The flames
were seen at Tara and a confrontation followed reminiscent of Elijah's
dispute with the prophets of Baal and resulting finally in Loegaire's
About 100 years later, during a convention near Derry, Columcille
successfully intervened against Tara's demands for tribute from Dalriada.
The Danes were defeated here in 980 AD and a monument commemorates local
people who died during the 1798 rising. In 1843 Daniel O'Connell held a
mass rally here demanding repeal of the Union and from 1969 to the 1980s a
loyalist paramilitary grouping took the name Tara to reflect their Royalist
It is claimed that the High Kings at Tara were crowned on the Lia Fail
(Stone of Destiny). A pillar stone of this name remains there but the
original Lia Fail has, it seems, long gone. According to a souvenir book
presented to schoolchildren here marking the Coronation of Elizabeth II in
1953, legend has it that the stone was taken to Scotland where it became
known as the Stone of Scone. It was then taken by the English and placed
under the Coronation Chair in Westminister Abbey. In the 1960s it was
retrieved by the Scots and returned to Westminister but recently it was
officially restored to Scotland.
Tara has fascinated unionists as well as nationalists. British Israelites,
like John Bryans Grand Master of the Orange Order in the 1960s, believed the
Lia Fail was the original Jacob's Pillar brought to Ireland by Jeremiah.
The story tells how Jeremiah brought with him a daughter of the Israelite
King Zedekiah - Tea Tephi. She married the son of an Irish King and British
monarchs are believed to descend from this union making the Israelite King
David an ancestor of Queen Elizabeth II.
British Israelites who also believe the people of these islands are the lost
tribes of Israel were convinced in the 19th century that Tara was a kind of
resuscitated Jerusalem, the spiritual and cultural centre of the British
Empire and a basis for world conquest. They also believed that the Ark of
the Covenant was buried there and in 1899 they commenced an unauthorised
dig. Archaeologist Mairead Carew speaking in County Meath last February,
told how the dig attracted the attention of Arthur Griffith of Sinn Fein and
Maud Gonne mother of prominent Irish republican Sean McBride (1904-88).
Maud Gonne, who was also a friend of WB Yeats, had a mystical vision at
Tara, which was her imagined mythical capital of a future Ireland. Griffith
then campaigned to save Tara from the "foreigners" who were described in The
United Irishman as "The Anglo-Israelite Destroyer of Tara".
Tara is steeped in myths and legends that have appealed to many British and
Irish people suggestive of the interlinking nature of these islands. Some
years ago I stood at Newgrange, a 5,000 year old site across the Boyne
Valley, while an archaeologist spoke of those who built this edifice as
pre-Celtic people living on western seaboard of Britain and Europe. I
gained an insight that day of a new relationship between these islands
looking back to ancient times and forward to a new future. What a tragedy
if today the Hill of Tara is seriously damaged in the name of progress
instead of protected as a monument to a shared cultural inheritance.
Mairead Carew's , "Tara and the Ark of the Covenant" to be published by the
Royal Irish Academy for the Discovery Programme in December 2002 will be
available in Waterstones and Easons.
Email: roy@irishnews.com

4. Question on population:
"Brit-Am Now"-150: "Biblical Truth" you said:
<<THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS>>: Deuteronomy (1:11) indicates that the Israelites
would eventually number 600 million (or more) adult males plus their
families. In Hebrew the expression used here is "alfei revavah" or
"thousands of ten thousands" i.e. tens of millions according to the simple
understanding of the language as now employed BUT it could also be
construed as meaning many many more as the KJ has done. Other blessings
speak of the seed of Israel becoming "as the sand of the sea" and as the
stars in heaven for multitude.

<<THOUSANDS OF MILLIONS>>: Deuteronomy (1:11) indicates that the Israelites
would eventually number 600 million (or more) adult males plus their families.
This sounds exaggerated, Please expound:

A thousand times 600,000 makes 600 million males on to which must be added
females and children under the age of twenty and men over the age of 60.
{This point was first brought to our attention by Brit-Am supporter Colbert
Bryan of Florida}.
Biblical Prophecy indicates over and over again that the Israelites would
eventually become extremely numerous.
In its full sense this may occur only in the Messianic Era. Our studies
indicate that descendants of Israel became the dominant
factor in several European nations as well as those of Britain and her
daughters and North America. We do not know if, in every case, those of
Hebrew descent are the majority of the population or just an important segment.
Nevertheless the possibility that great numbers are involved is consistent
with the Bible.
It is also demographically possible. There are historical precedents of
large numbers of people emerging
from  few ancestors over  a relatively short period of time, examples
include the French in Canada, and the Boers
in South Africa.

5. Holland bans Shechitah
----Original Message-----
  From: Neil J Mintz
  Sent: Tuesday, November 12, 2002 4:02 PM
  Subject: Holland bans Shechitah

    Holland Bans Shechitah
     The government of Holland has banned kosher slaughter, becoming the
sixth European country to do so. The local   Agriculture Ministry informed
Jewish    community leaders there that they would no longer be   permitted
to slaughter cows in a kosher manner [shechitah] because of   its cruelty
to the animals. Deputy Foreign Minister Rabbi Michael   Melchior,
the    former Chief Rabbi of Norway, says he is not    convinced that
concern for the animals is the real motivation behind   the new regulation:
They simply don ' t want foreigners and they don ' t   want Jews. I won ' t
say    that this is the only motivation, but it ' s certainly  no
coincidence that one of the first things Nazi Germany forbade was   kosher
slaughter. I also know    that during the original debate on this issue
in  Norway, where shechitah has been banned since 1930, one of
the   parliamentarians said straight out,  ' if  they don ' t like it, let
them go live somewhere  else. Melchior also says the cruelty accusations
against shechitah are  simply untrue: The Torah forbids  cruelty to
animals, and the shechitah process   ensures that the animal loses
consciousness immediately. We have been   dealing with this issue for
many    years, and there are many scientific studies that    back us up.
M.E., a religious Jew from Holland, does not appear   worried: The main
concern is whether there is kosher meat in the store or   not...    Of
course the principle of the matter worries me. But I have heard on   the
inside that it was not done as a matter of policy, but rather just a few
individuals who were able    to convince the government to make this
decision...    Rabbi Melchior plans to organize a Foreign Ministry campaign
to respond to the European lies being    disseminated about the so-called
cruelty involved in   shechitah.    He will also have to respond to such
accusations  here at home; MK Avraham Poraz of the anti-religious Shinui
party has   congratulated Holland on its    decision, saying that shechitah
is cruel. Melchior    said, It is certainly infuriating to see a respected
Knesset Member   plays into the hands of Jewish enemies and thus cause harm
to the Jewish community    in Europe. The lie that ritual slaughter is
cruel simply shows a hatred   for Jewish life.    PLEASE PASS THIS IS ON TO
     Rabbinical Council of America
     305 Seventh Avenue New York, New York 10001
     212-727-8452 Fax rabbis@rabbis.org