"Brit-Am Now"-152

November 20, 2002

1. Temple Treasures in Ireland or Britain?
2. Steve Collins: Rationale for Giving of Town Names
3. Claudia: Be Encouraged
4. PT: Ohio - A Holy Name?
5. Trouble with e-mail
6. Contributions and increased orders needed

1. Temple Treasures in Ireland or Britain?
"Brit-Am Now"-151, item 3. Roy Garland: Tara in Ireland
Subject: Article for the Irish News Monday Column for Monday 17th November
Tara and the Ark by Roy Garland 18 November 2002.
<<British Israelites who also believe the people of these islands are the lost
tribes of Israel were convinced in the 19th century that Tara was a kind of
resuscitated Jerusalem, the spiritual and cultural centre of the British
Empire and a basis for world conquest. They also believed that the Ark of
the Covenant was buried there and in 1899 they commenced an unauthorized
dig. >>
The idea being that Jeremiah brought the Ark with him when he came to Ireland
with Tea Tephi.
We did however point out another way how Temple treasures could have reached
Ireland in  "Tribal Identifications: Asher-1":

<<The Vandals Become "Africans"
         <<From the Vistula Region in present-day Eastern Poland the
Vandals had moved south and for a time were subject to the Romans in
Pannonia (Hungary). In the 400's CE the Vandals participated in the
invasion of Roman Gaul and then penetrated Spain where Andalusia
(Vandalusia) still bears their name. In 429 CE the Vandals, under their
king Geiseric, crossed the Straits of Gibraltar into North Africa. From
North Africa the Vandals raided and plundered the city of Rome (Italy) in
445 CE. A tradition states that in their raid on Rome the Vandals
"liberated" treasures taken from the Temple in Jerusalem that the Romans
had destroyed in 66 CE. These treasures included the "Menorah" (candle
stick). Some of the treasures were retaken by the Byzantines and may have
been "liberated" again later by the Goths. The possibility also exists that
some of the Temple treasures went with the Vandals to Ireland and then to
Britain. They may still be concealed somewhere in the British Isles! The
Byzantines in 533 CE crushed the last vestiges of the Vandal African
kingdom though most of the Vandals appear to have left the province of
North Africa previously. At all events after their defeat, Procopius
records that the entire Vandal nation took ship and sailed away.  In the
Vandal period North Africa via Spain had been invaded by other related
groups such as the "Massagetae" (probably Nephtalites), Suebi, Franks, and
others and these must have joined the Vandals and moved with them to
Ireland and from there to Britain.
         <<Geoffrey of Monmouth reported that 160,000 "Africans" from
Ireland joined the Saxons in invading Britain. These so called
"Africans"  were Vandals and kindred bands.

Note the sentences above:
<<The possibility also exists that some of the Temple treasures went with
the Vandals to Ireland and then to Britain. They may still be concealed
somewhere in the British Isles!>>

2. Steve Collins: Rationale for Giving of Town Names
From: Steve Collins <scollins@ll.net>
Subject: RE: Biblical Names-5
Shalom Yair,
It has been interesting to read the biblical names given to towns in
various American states. It is apparent that some states have many such
names and others have few such names. There is a reason for this which
might not be readily-apparent to many people. When the states east of the
Mississippi River were first settled and named, transportation was usually
by horseback, covered wagon or river boat. Many of these settlers were
biblically pious people and these states tend to have a variety of names
with biblical origins. The two states listed below in your mailing, Iowa
and Indiana, were settled in this manner and entered the Union in 1846 and
1816, respectively. West Coast areas bordering the Pacific Ocean (such as
California) were also initially settled prior to the Civil War by
ocean-going ships which sailed to the West Coast by voyages around South
America. That oceanic route was quicker and safer than going overland.
The states in the Upper Middle West and the Great Plains were named in a
different fashion. When these states were settled after the Civil War, the
railroads became the main means of transporting many people to the West.
The railroads were steam-powered and needed regular wayside stops to take
on more fuel (wood or coal) and water (held in wooden reservoirs). The
railroads built these wayside stations based on their needs for resupplying
the steam engines every so many miles. So many resupply stations were
needed for each railroad right of way as they crossed the continent that
the stations were named after the surnames of the railroad's many
employees. Railroad workers on the rough frontier tended to be not so
pious and would not likely turn to the Bible for names. Many of these
railroad resupply stations grew into towns as the West was settled in the
late 19th century and early 20th century. They later were connected in the
20th century by roads as the automobile became available to more people.
My home state, South Dakota, was not admitted to the Union till 1889, and
the above naming system for many of our modern towns was taught in our
"Civics" classes when I attended school a few decades ago.

3. Claudia: Be Encouraged
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-151

Good morning Yair, Just a word of encouragement. You must be on the right
track, what with all the belly-aching coming from the opposition!! Rejoice,
you are in good company. The prophets weren`t well received either. Don`t
look to the right nor the left but only on what you know the Holy One of
Israel has called you to do! He is with you. Claudia

4. PT: Ohio - A Holy Name?

Subject: Biblical Names
To: britam@netvision.net.il

Dear Yair,
Thank you for continuing to sift through and send all the wonderful
Biblical references that you do. Also, thank you for sending out the many
words of encouragement that seem to come from a group of very strong
supporters. Your work is appreciated.
The reason that I write to you today is because the subject of Biblical
names seems to be an important recent topic in your messages. I therefore
thought that you might be interested in the derivation of the name of an
entire state, Ohio, which also seems to have Biblical roots. I found the
following quote in www.LostTribes.info
* "And the natives of Sir Francis Drake's New Albion were desirous of
crowning him Hio, or Ohio, a name well known in North America, and hath an
evident relation to the great beloved name. Had the former been endued with
a proper capacity, and given a suitable attention to the Indian general law
of purity, he would probably have described them singing YoHeWah,
Hallelu-Yah & c., after the present manner of our North American red natives."
With warmest regards,

5. Trouble with e-mail
From: Dennis McGinlay <imys14847@blueyonder.co.uk>
Subject: No recent Emails
Dear Yair
I have not recieved an Email from you for some time. Last one was 27/10.
Are you on holliday, or is there a problem of some kind?
Dennis McGinlay

Comment: Please contact Dennis privately: His server may be stopping my
mail for some reason
as has happened in the past with other servers.

6. Contributions and increased orders needed
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