"Brit-Am Now"-157

November 27, 2002
1. Brit-Am Web Sites and other News
2.Bach the musician

1. Brit-Am Web Sites and other News
Brit Am Website
Brit-Am has two web-sites:
Both are different and both are worth visiting.
Statistics for
indicate that:
Visits to the web-site have been increasing steadily. Last month there were
more than 2,000. This month a few hundred less.

The US Government and Military have been visiting the Brit Am website
  quite frequently this month. The link they seem to be most interested in
  is the article entitled (on the home page), "Are the Lost Ten Tribes
  obligated to keep the law?"

Many people (maybe most?) overseas use servers based on the USA so it is
difficult to be certain but as far as we can tell:
Countries of the visitors are mainly from the USA, followed in order by
Australia, Canada, Israel, South Africa, UK, Finland, Mexico, Holland,
Brazil, Poland, Portugal, Sweden, Costa Rica, Ireland, Italy, Germany,
Austria, Malaysia, Belize.

[Snail mail wise however: Most of our correspondence is from the USA,
followed by Canada, UK, Australia, Israel, Holland, Ireland, South Africa,
Sweden, and occasional letters from Switzerland, Brazil, Italy, India,
Nigeria, etc.
Within the USA, California is the State that seems to most correspond with us.
Inmates from US prisons often write us requesting free literature. We
usually send it to them but in several cases the packages have been
returned by the prison authorities].

Most popular articles ( http://www.britam.org/ ) , in order of importance
(as far as I could tell, I may be wrong here) were:
1. Khazars,
2. Members
3. tape 4: The Destiny of Joseph
4. tapes 5 & 6: Celtic Traditions #1 & # 2

The articles on Biblical Truth, and Northern Languages were also popular.

2. Bach the musician
From: Aram Paquin <yarnia@direcway.com>
Subject: Anusim
Thanks for the very interesting article "Captured Jews in Spain".
One tiny detail caught my eye: the name "Bachya ibn Pakuda". Is it possible
this name could be a cognate of Johann Sebastian Bach's family name? Given
the disproportionate over-representation of Israelites among the very
talented, I would not be surprised in the least to learn that he, too, was
In fact, now that I think of it, I wonder if it might not be useful to
study the names of great classical geniuses to find Hebrew roots. The name
"Rubens" (Reuben?) immediately comes to mind. And, as is well known, Gustav
Mahler was a Jewish convert to the RCC.
What do you think?