"Brit-Am Now"-159
1. Quebec
2. wayne robinson: Benjamin

November 20, 2002

1. Quebec
From: Rusty
Subject: Tribal Identifications: Quebec Wow! Here's more about Simeon and Levi

That was a really cool and a bit scary message. John E. Wall hit the
nail on the head. Canada is starting to falter as a nation many people are
beginning to see problems and worry. What is also interesting from John
E. Wall's essay is the fact that he mentions Simeon and Levi prophecy
concerning these two tribes as 'dig down" or destroy? The first
referendum in Quebec in 1980 was headed by Rene Leveque. (Levi - Leveque) similar
Qui! Rene Leveque really was the man that organised a solidified the
separation movement in Quebec and ever since that knob Leveque reared his ugly
head we in Canada have had the Quebec problem. As well the prophecy by Hosea
5:9 declares Ephraim (Israel in general but particular British countries
shall be desolate in the day of rebuke. Well, Yair it is starting to happen
Canada the land of the mosquito has been lucky enough to receive the
West Nile virus. I was listening on the radio and in Toronto alone they now

2. wayne robinson: Benjamin
From: wayne robinson
Subject: Re: Tribal Identifications: Ginsburgh Benjamin

Greetings Yair! Upon reading this e-mail concerning Benjamin I was
struck by the imagery of the raven and the wolf. I am of Norse decent
and have studied briefly their religion. It is said of their gods that
they are their "elder kin". Odin is somewhat Hebraic looking, [long beard]
and his companions are the wolf and raven. Could Odin actually be a figure
of Benjamin, their eldest kin? Also in Norse religion is a world tree that
makes me think of Kabbalah. Wayne

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