"Brit-Am Now"-164


December 11, 2002
Biblical Names-11
Note: We did not give Biblical Names for Montana since we are working from
the list of Moshe Davis and he did not include Montana.
I looked in an Atlas and I saw the following possibilities:
Daniels, Gallatin,
Cities and Towns:
Avon, Galata, Galen, Galatin Gateway,  Jordan, Judith Gap, Malta,

Tribal Associations of Names for Montana:
Daniels, = Daniel was a descendant of  King David, from Judah
Gallatin, = Possible connection with Gilead as explained in our works.
Avon, = Aven, another name for Beth-el: both Ephraim and Benjamin
Galata, =Possible connection with Gilead as explained in our works.
Galen, = Golan??
Galatin Gateway, =Possible connection with Gilead as explained in our works.
Jordan, = mainly Manasseh
Judith Gap, = "Judith" is a form of "Yehudith" i.e. Judah.
Malta, = an island in the Mediterranean settled by Phoenicians and possibly
also linked with Israelites sailors from the Tribes of Dan, Asher, Zebulon,
and Manasseh.


From: Dennis McGinlay
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-164: Biblical Names-11

Dear Yair
The tribe of Dan is described (as a prophecy) as a 'serpents trail' and
became the custom of that tribe to rename any towns etc.that they
'captured' after Dan the head of the tribe. Because of this trait, would it
be true to say that the migration of Israel can be traced across Europe
through place names such as Danube, Denieper, Don, Dundee etc. It would
make an interesting article, if you have not allready done one?

Extract from "Lost Israelite Identity" by Yair Davidy, chapter nine