"Brit-Am Now"-17:Identity
1. Gooitzen Van der Laan

"Brit-Am Now"-17: Identity

Date: 05/21/2002 1:33:49 AM Central Daylight Time

Our friend Gooitzen Van der Laan has available copies of
Lost Israelite Identity. At present we here in Jerusalem have no copies
available but hope to obtain them.
In the meantime those who are interested may contact Gooitzen
who is a good supporter of ours and assisted  us in  publishing
Lost Israelite Identity in 1996.
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"A wise man will hear and will increase learning; and a man of
understanding shall acquire wise counsels"  (Proverbs 1;5).


         There were originally Twelve populous large Israelite Tribes. Ten
of these Tribes split off from the remaining two and formed their own
kingdom of "Israel". They were conquered by the Assyrians, exiled en masse,
and disappeared. Exiled along with them were many from the two Tribes that
         The Bible (2-Kings ch.17) and archaeological discoveries prove
that most of the Ancient Hebrews were taken away by the Assyrians. Their
identity, according to conventional accounts, was lost to themselves and to
others and nobody is quite certain what became of them. NEVERTHELESS, they
are spoken of throughout the Prophets (e.g. Jeremiah chs.30-31, Hosea
chs.1-3, most of Isaiah, Amos, etc.) and in Talmudic and Rabbinical sources
as if wherever they are they remain grouped together and are destined to
return to God and to the Land of Israel. Before their return, Scripture
infers, they will be fulfilling an important role in civilizing and
humanizing mankind. In other words the "Lost Ten Tribes" exist, and must be
somewhere, and logically most likely would have to be an important polity
in order to fulfill the task laid upon them.. "Lost Israelite Identity"
brings proof that they migrated in several waves (and by varied paths)
mainly to northwest Europe and the British Isles whence their descendants
eventually colonised North America, Australia, New Zealand, and South Africa.
         This book proves the "Lost Israelite Identity" case in the same
way as the other published works ("The Tribes" and "Ephraim" and articles
in "Tribesman") each in its own way also did. The proofs adduced in this
work are conclusive and demonstrate "Lost Israelite Identity" truth. The
reader is asked to read "Lost Israelite Identity" right the way through
despite whatever difficulties limitations of expression may have caused.
This book was written to prove the Israelite identity of certain western
peoples and whatever faults this work may have that is what it does do.
"Lost Israelite Identity" may not be the best-written book you have ever
read but the information contained herein is more valuable than anything
you are likely to find in most other works. The particular truth that "Lost
Israelite Identity" reveals is probably the most important one that this
present generation has received. By reading "Lost Israelite Identity" you
have become involved with the revelation of history.
         "Lost Israelite Identity" concentrates on bringing straightforward
evidence identifying many of the peoples of Northwest Europe and their
overseas offshoots as being of Israelite origin from the Lost Ten Tribes of
Israel. They themselves are on the whole unaware of their "Lost Israelite
         Two previous books by your present author, "The Tribes" and
"Ephraim" were also dedicated to this same subject. "The Tribes" (1993)
identified specific ethnic entities and peoples with Israelite Tribes and
Tribal clans. Proofs adduced in "The Tribes" consisted of hard evidence
combined with an analysis of name similarities. National peculiarities were
compared with recorded Israelite Tribal characteristics. The principle of
statistical probability was employed relying on the fact that a very great
number of direct correspondences cannot be all due to mere chance. Even
though the given conclusions were largely substantiated by factual
references, some degree of initial sympathy on the part of the reader was
desirable in order to allow the argument to unfold.
         The other book "Ephraim" (1995)  also was dedicated towards the
same aim of demonstrating the Israelite identity of western peoples but
from a somewhat different viewpoint. "Ephraim" concentrated on bringing
proofs primarily from Jewish sources. In its way "Ephraim" proves its case
though it also requires some confidence in the sources and in the way they
have been presented and interpreted. "Ephraim" in part was a Statement of
Faith of great value and almost indispensable interest. A quarterly
journal  "Tribesman" (now named "Brit-Am Truth") began to appear (in 1996)
which serves as a forum for those interested in this subject and features
articles concerning research-developments  and related matters.
         Nevertheless neither "The Tribes" nor "Ephraim" nor articles in
"Brit-Am Truth" cover all of the case and were not intended to. Other works
are necessary just to open up the manifold fields of evidence available all
of which lead to the same conclusion.
         "Lost Israelite Identity" contains similar information to that
discussed in "The Tribes" and in "Ephraim" and in "Tribesman" but the
overall approach is somewhat different and new original evidence is made
available. Evidence revealed in "Lost Israelite Identity" is academically
acceptable and capable of passing impartial examination. "Lost Israelite
Identity" in itself is a breakthrough! "Lost Israelite Identity" adduces
facts showing how most of the ancient Israelites really were exiled and
what became of them. The "Lost Israelite Identity" claim is a true one,
plentiful proof exists and enough of it is presented in "Lost Israelite
Identity" to prove the point.
         "Lost Israelite Identity" is divided into three. The book begins
by showing how the exiled Israelites became identified with the Cimmerians,
Scythians, and Goths. The Cimmerians in an Assyrian inscription were
referred to as "Amurru" meaning in effect at that time as ISRAELITES! The
different exiled Israelite groups eventually migrated in stages to the
north and west. The emphasis in "Lost Israelite Identity" is on the
Cimmerians and the Celtic peoples many of whom were of Israelite-Cimmerian
         The second part of "Lost Israelite Identity" consists of
historical flashbacks in time followed by further analysis of the
Assyrian-directed exile. The historical phenomenii from before the Exile
that are considered have significance concerning the ultimate destiny of
the Exiles and add depth to the rest of the evidence adduced in "Lost
Israelite Identity". The ancient Hebrew-Israelites were descended from Shem
from whom came the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, founders of early
civilisation. Abraham the first Hebrew was a wandering prince whose
descendants went down into Egypt where they became identified with the
"Hycsos" shepherd-kings. After being enslaved they were freed from Egypt
and journeyed to Canaan which they conquered gaining dominance over most of
the Middle East. They established settlements in north Syria as well as in
"Palestine" proper. They influenced Greek and Egyptian history and are
identifiable with the "Sea-Peoples". Some Israelite Tribes participated in
Phoenician maritime activity and early western contacts (and some
settlement -perhaps -in the Scandinavian region) were established. In the
end Northern Israel was conquered and "Lost Israelite Identity" relates how
the Assyrians exiled most of the Israelites to the north where they became
identifiable with the Cimmerians and company. In addition, however, to
sending Israelite exiles northward overland, the Assyrians also sent some
of the exiles overseas directly by ship. They took control of the
Phoenician sea-faring set-up and through its agency transported Israelites
directly to the west and re-settled them in Spain and elsewhere. In the
course of time the exiles in Spain linked up with their Hebrew brethren in
the Cimmerian-Celtic forces that advanced overland from the Middle East.
From Spain they moved out into Gaul and the British Isles. Evidence for
most of the above is mainly derived from Biblical, archaeological, and
written sources, all of which are adequately referenced.

         The third part of "Lost Israelite Identity" shows how Celtic
(mainly Irish) legends confirm all of the account given above sometimes
going into precise detail and often imparting information (since confirmed
by archaeology etc.) that proves the truth of their tradition. The Celts
preserved names of Hebrew Tribes and places. In the past, from
pre-Christian times, they practiced aspects of the Mosaic Law and in
Scotland continued to do so until fairly recently. An Appendix gives
verbatim extracts from Celtic Mythology so that the really-interested (or
sceptical) reader may judge for himself the veracity of Israelite origin as
affirmed in the pages of "Lost Israelite Identity".