"Brit-Am Now"-173
December 26, 2002
1. Quote
2. Books
3. Planned Activities in the near future
4. Question on Book Orders
5. vaccines
6. Question on Khazars and race
7. Mixed Ancestry

1. Quote
In a time of universal deceit, telling the truth is a revolutionary act.
[George Orwell]

2. Books.
"Biblical Truth" is now available.
"Origin" has gone to the printer.
"Biblical Truth" may be obtained for $30.
"Origin" may be obtained for $20.

"Biblical Truth" and "Origin" (if ordered together, now) may be obtained
for $40.

"Joseph" is available for $30
"Ephraim" for $30
Both "Joseph" and "Ephraim" for $50

3. Planned Activities in the near future:
a. New issues of the magazine, "Brit-Am Truth"
b. A Hebrew-language version of "Origin"
c. Advertisements in the press if  budget permits.

4. Question on Book Orders
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 21:48:48 -0600
From: Randy
Subject: Re: Books no.1
I wish to order your books. Who do I make the check out to and is a check
on my local bank acceptable?
Montgomery, Alabama

Answer: a. A check can be made out to either, Yair Davidiy or Brit-Am.
b. A check on your local bank is definitely acceptable. In Israel there is
now no difficulty whatsoever
in cashing checks from foreign banks in foreign currency.

5. vaccines
Date: Wed, 25 Dec 2002 03:12:40 +1300
Subject: vaccines

Hello Yair,
Our Family has suffered much with vaccines going wrong. (But not Autism.)
I have studied much on this subject. I find it interesting that Jewish
people are twice as likely to suffer reactions as any other group. ( I
believe this study pointed out that it was only the German manufactured
Vaccines that had the double reactions to the Jewish peoples)
Some American Lady has written about how Antim tart has helped her Families
reactions to Vaccines.
She sounded so convincing that I have tried it on our Family. I am sure
that she is onto something.
It is a Homeopathic Remedy and is very cheap and only a few tablets over a
few days are needed.
It may have been a healing miracle as we prayed much.
Regards Peter.

6. Question on Khazars and race
From: Pablo Balan
Subject: one question for Mr.Davidly
Dear Mr. Davidly:
I'll ask you only one question:
Weren't the Khazars a mongoloid Asiatic or turkic people?Because this is
the most accepted theory about the subjet.How do you exactly argue the
Israelite origin of the European peoples?Do you mean that
Israelites(semites) were blond and blue-eyed?
And do you mean that the los tribes practiced a primitive religion
(paganism) an that they dressed in a primitive way?
I'll wait for your answer.
Sincerelly yours...
Pablo E. Balan

Answer: The sister of my father died in Japanese captivity. {other members
of my family were killed by the Germans]. I however have had Japanese
acquaintances and we got on well.
Even so, I am innately prejudiced and they admitted that so were they. This
is human nature.
<<The Physical Appearance of the Khazars.
  Three different types of Khazar are described by Arab writers who apparently
through trade and diplomacy had had direct contact with them. The Arab
Istakhri (Koestler p.20) said: "The Khazars do not resemble the Turks. They are
black-haired and of two kinds, one called the Kara [i.e. "Black"] - Khazars
who are
swarthy verging on deep black as if they were a kind of Hindu, and a white kind
[Ak-Khazars], who are strikingly handsome".
  Note the above description says that both kinds of Khazars had black hair
though regarding countenance, etc. one was white and the other very dark.

  Al Maghribi said: "As to the Khazars, they are to the north of the inhabited
earth towards the 7th clime, having over their heads the constellation of
the plough.
Their land is cold and wet, their eyes blue, their hair flowing and
reddish, their bodies large and their natures cold. Their general aspect is
Al-Maghribi is here apparently speaking of another section of the Khazars
who lived
more to the north. These had "predominantly reddish" hair and blue eyes. It was
remarked above that the Khazar White Ugrians were described by the Chinese as
red-haired, pale-skinned, and green-eyed. The Alans who were closely
associated with
the Khazars were described by the Roman historian Ammianus Marcelinus as being
blonde-haired like all the Scythians according to him. Ammianus includes the
Agathysoi (Khazars) amongst the Alans. From the above it follows that different
Khazar and Khazar-linked groups were of different types.>>

The Khazars were not "a mongoloid Asiatic or turkic people". They did
however rule over many peoples and it may be that
some of their subjects were as described.
A recent Israeli documentary had a program on the Khazars. It depicted what
were apparently old Russian illustrations that showed the Khazars as a
red-haired people with blonde rulers (?).

As to your other questions in brief:
Ancient Israelites were of different types. Some were blond and red haired,
others were darkish. It may be that in some tribes certain types prevailed.
Later environmental influence and intermixture with surrounding peoples
would also have had an effect.
Lost Ten Tribes before their exile in my opinion had degenerated
religiously, were probably mainly illiterate, confused
mixture of Hebrew beliefs, popular superstition and paganism

7. Mixed Ancestry
From: Roddy
Subject: re: lost tribes

I'm finding your site quite interesting. I am Christian with a firm belief
in keeping the Sabbath, Holy Feasts and all of God's commandments. I've
been delving into this lost tribes subject for a short while now and am
pleased to have come across your site. I had also been wondering if my
inclinations toward Sabbath keeping and my religious beliefs had anything
to do with my background. I'm Canadian with French Canadian ancestry on
both sides. On my father's side however, we are of Portuguese descendent
from the late sixteen hundreds. In researching our ancestry, we've
discovered that before the Portuguese connection, we had Jewish ancestry in
Germany and that would have been about five hundred years ago or so. So I'm
finding out that I may have several tribes mingled.