"Brit-Am Now"-176
January 6, 2003
1. Question on Gomer and Israel
2. Note from Rebecca
3. Sha'ul Benya'akov: We Three Shall Overcome
4. Comment from Robert Graves and Brit-Am Answer
5.  Betty: re Joseph Telushkin says on the 'lost ten tribes'
6. Assist Brit-Am

1. Question on Gomer and Israel
At 12:48 05/01/2003 -0500, you wrote:
>Dear Yair
>In reviewing parts of your book "Lost Israelite Identity" you speak about
>some sort of undefined amalgamation of the lost tribes with the progeny of
>Gomer, son of Japhet.  If this is the case, how can the descendants of
>these people be considered Israleites in any tribal or other sense of the
>word---would not their bloodlines be "diluted out" over time?  I was under
>the impression that you has stated previously that by tradition the lost
>tribes stayed together as more or less units, unlike for example those
>from Judah who throughout the exile have assimialted out as individuals
>wherever they may be?  Are not those you are identifying as lost tribes
>then just as much descendants of Japhet as they are of Israel, if not more
>so given the apriori defined ways that ancient israel identified
>themselves as Israelites and as tribal members?
>David M

Fist of all our major point of reference concerning justification of our
beliefs is the Bible.
The Bible in the Book of Hosea describes the Lost Ten Tribes as a union
with "Gomer"
who will bring forth three children who at first will not be recognizable
as Israelites BUT
in the end times will return and be acknowledged as Hebrews and re-unite
with Judah.
That is what the Bible says.
This is true.
This is not dependent on what Brit-Am believes or what Yair Davidiy
suggests or researches.
It is there. It describes what happened and what will happen.
Talmudic sources mention places to which the Lost Ten Tribes went and also
places where the sons
of Gomer son of Japhet were to be found. The same places are mentioned in
both cases.
Archaeological and historical finds indicate that the Lost Ten Tribes
became identified as or linked with
the Cimmerians and Scythians who otherwise are identified with the Sons of
We are justified in suggesting the possibility of some kind of union or
This may have taken the form of federation between groups of exiled
Israelites and other peoples.
Such unions frequently occurred and were a necessity of the era and location.
What happened after that we do not know. We do not have to know though more
research can be done
and should be done. If one looks hard enough the answers, at least in part,
are available.
The peoples in question migrated to the west.
There are some indications that in the west the Israelite elements split
off from the non-Israelite "Gomer" ones
with whom they were federated and went their own way further westward and
to the north.
It is not certain  however. They may not have done so.
At all events we know that most of the Lost Ten Tribes were then in the
west and they populated the north
and west including the British Isles. National Characteristics of these
peoples and their ultimate histories
fulfilled Biblical descriptions of their Lost Ten Tribe nature and
prophecies of their destiny.
You are right on one point.
No-one (if they are not Jewish) can be absolutely sure that they
specifically are descended from Israel. If however
they come from areas where the Lost Ten Tribes were and now live in places
where Prophecy says the Lost Ten Tribes will
be then they have good chances, especially if they feel "Israelite" like
many do.
Even if they are not Israelite but live amongst us
Ezekiel 47:22 says that the stranger who is not of Israelite stock but
dwells amongst us and identifies with us will be like one of us.


2. Note from Rebecca

From: rebecca
Subject: [DNA] Israel-Britain Query

I have been
visiting your website for the past few days trying to absorb all of the
information you have on there.  I am completely fascinated by it.

I have always been interested in the Lost Tribes-but I remain confused as
to the identity of Ephraim and Manasseh.  I can see both arguments re:
Britain and America.

My brother took the Y DNA test through FamilyTreeDNA and it appears that we
are Celtic through our paternal line.  I'm going to do our mtDNA to find
out about our matrilineal line.

I don't know for sure if I'm one of the lost tribes, but I know this much,
God has placed upon my heart, since I was very small child, a love for
Israel and for the Jews, wherever they may be.  It is a completely
supernatural thing.  I have no control over it-it's just there.  If there
is any way that I am able to help them, through prayer or monetarily, or
even through persuasion of other minds,  God is using me and many others
just like me.

Thanks for the work you are doing, and for placing your information on the
web.  I am blessed by it and it has certainly further stimulated my
interest and study of the subject.


3. Sha'ul Benya'akov: We Three Shall Overcome

From: Sha'ul Benya'akov <sha_ulb@hotmail.com>
Subject: Still Intersting.

Shalom Yair,
Well,there I was again, Erev Shabbat, watching BBC World News, 22:15hrs
Brisbane Time,3,1,03,.
Turks, burning flags again, remember the flags I told you about last time,
that the Iraqis were burning, or was it Iranians, what does it matter, one
of our enemies.
Well, they were the same three flags,of Israel the Unites States, and
facing the rabid fury of devout Muslims, again,the Union Jack !
Maybe last time, the first time I noticed this phenomenon,a week ago today,
wasn't at all just a chance happening,or was it ?
What do I think ?
What do you think ?
What do we all see ?
I think that maybe, these enemies of ours, are more aware of the threat our
existence posses to their end goal,maybe more than we are aware of that
potential ourselves.
WE, Ephraim, have conquered these people before,and they served our
fathers, take heart Israel,they shall serve us also !
Judah also shall rise in power, and we together with HaShem, shall finally
defeat evil !
Let us all be brave and of good courage !

5. Betty: re Joseph Telushkin says on the 'lost ten tribes'

  I'm reading 'Biblical Literacy',  by Joseph Telushkin. Sometimes I wonder how beneficial it is to read these books when they lack the whole complete picture of who'Israel' really is. Mr. Telushkin acknowledges a couple dozen authorities on the subject of Biblical literacy whom he consulted before writing his book, but I can't help but wonder how so many scholars can be so blind to the  'truth' - which seems so plain and obvious to me. I guess we really have our work cut out for us in more ways than one. We certainly are lucky to  have you in our lifetime, and nothing else in our lives should matter as much as the message of Brit-Am, for there is nothing as vital, nothing as  informative, nothing as beneficial, as our own IDENTITY and roots.
Because to know our past would prepare us for our future in more ways than we can imagine. How can we be prepared to face our future without this  information. Time is of the essence -.
  What Joseph Telushkin says on the 'lost ten tribes', is interesting - at  least he admits they were lost and not all merged with the Jews, and what  you see is all there is. What he says on the subject is:  "Ever since Assyria dispersed Israel, the fate of the Ten Tribes has remained a mystery. Clearly, not all of the pople assimilated into foreign nations and religions. Some fled to the still-surviving Jewish kingdom of Judah, and remained part of the Jewish people. However, the majority apparently did assimilate into the societies to which they were exiled.  Jewish folklorists have periodically conjectured that various nations might have their roots in the Ten Tribes. When a country has treated Jews well [for example, England after the 1917 issuance of th eBalfour Declaration], some Jews have conjectured that its people are descended from the 'lost tribes'.  Several decades ago, some scholars discovered striking similarities between the traditions of the Torah and of some North American Indian tribes [for example, some Native Americans used to observe a fall harvest holiday during which members built and lived in  huts, a practice reminiscent of the biblical holiday of Sukkot; ..leading them to conjecture that these people descended from the Ten Tribes Prior to 722, each Israelite could identify him - or herself by the tribe from which he or she descended. From the Babylonian exile on, except for those who trace their ancestry to the tribe of Levi or to the Kohanim [a subgroup within Levi]; all Jews are assumed to descend only from one  tribe, Judah. Therefore, from the perspective of Jewish genealogy, theTen Tribes are assumed to have vanished without a trace.
  This dispersion, an event that occurred more than 2,700 years ago, remains repercussive in Jewish life. If not for this loss, the world's Jewish population, which not numbers fewer than three out of every one thousand  people, would likely be two or three times as large [thirty to forty-five million people instead of fourteen million]."
  To a successful 2003,
  Your friend, Betty

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