"Brit-Am Now"-177

January 7, 2003
1. Christians and Rabbis

>From: "Andy Reaume"
>Subject: Re: Christians and the law of Moses
> > At 15:48 01/01/2003 -0500, you wrote:
> > >Hi Yair,
> > >
> > >It is good that the real message of the 12 tribes is propagated, however
> > >true Christians will never submit to the laws of Moses as is hoped by
>many of the Rabbis who wish to rule over us.
> > >Yehoshuah Mashiak is the future 'David' who will reign as King of kings
>on this earth, and is the awaited Messiah that all Israel shall worship,
>make no mistake of that fact.
> > >Truly,
> > >Andy


I hope you will not be offended but The Rabbis do not want to rule over
you. They do not want you. A few decades ago they also did not want Jews. A
Jew who was not brought up religious or had strayed from the path and then
returned often had difficulty in finding his place in religious society.
Then things changed. It was realized that in our age non-religious Jews
were often like "Children who had been taken captive" and were not really
responsible and not consciously aware of what they were doing. Consequently
special rabbinical institutes (Yeshivot), organizations, books, seminars,
lectures, rabbinical experts, films. lecture circuits, seminars, and what
not developed all geared to return non-religious Jews to the fold. To a
degree they have been successful but there is still a long way to go.

As for non-Jews the Rabbis do not want them. It is difficult to convert to
Judaism and many converts drop out or only half
make the necessary changes and so end up in a kind of indeterminate
half-way state. The Rabbis on the whole would prefer that non-Jews find
their own way to salvation. In the past when Jews accepted converts the
Gentiles got angry and in some cases wiped out whole communities. It was
dangerous. Converts to Judaism are accepted but at first they are given a
hard time. They are deliberately made to feel slightly not welcome. Many
drop out.

Also most rabbis are not aware of Brit-Am Origin. Many have never even
heard of us. We are attempting to overcome this hurdle.
We hope to soon have the manuscript of a work in Hebrew (based mainly on
"Origin" with parts of "Ephraim" and other additions)
ready and to publish it. If we have funds we will also advertise in the
local press. If not we will do what we can which is what we have been doing
all along.

Regarding Brit-Am:
Brit-Am is different. Brit-Am first of all is the truth about your ORIGIN.
We emphasize the point of Lost Ten Tribe Brit-Am identity. We are not a
religion and try not to discuss religious matters. This is our policy. Yair
Daviduy personally understands from the sources that in the future the Lost
Ten Tribes will "renew the covenant" meaning convert in a de facto sense.
How they will do this or when I do not know and have decided not to be
especially interested nor to push this point. I repeat that this is only my
private understanding and not a factor of Brit-Am principle.I certainly do
not feel I should do anything in the said direction. I am not qualified in
that sense nor do I feel any urge in that direction. My task is to spread
the Brit-Am message concerning present-day Brit-Am identity of the Lost Ten

Members of Brit-Am as an organization include Jews and Christians and
others. We have agreed to put matters of religion aside
and let the Messianic Era resolve such matters. We do have a shared
obligation to spread knowledge of Brit-Am Lost Ten Tribes present
whereabouts and identity. It is obvious since I answer questions and write
a lot on the subject and any subject remotely connected and express myself
spontaneously that my own notions will show through but the intention is
not to push them. I would not want my personal understandings of matters
not directly linked with Brit-Am truth concerning Origin to interfere with
our spreading knowledge of Brit-Am Origin.

We are all interested in the truth and in further obtaining it. To do this
we need knowledge and we need for others to obtain this knowledge.
First of all, let us clarify the truth of Brit-Am Origin. Let us spread
this knowledge as far as possible encouraging discussion further
research and even debate in order to deepen our understanding and let the
truth finds its own way. Let us free the truth from the confines of ignorance.
Let us overcome any differences on other matters we may have and get on
with spreading and clarifying the truth concerning
our Origin. Whatever differences we may have the starting point for
resolving them should be knowledge concerning the truth
of Brit-Am origin. This is a beginning and if you want to get started you
have to begin somewhere.


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