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7. Surveying the Walls of Uruk
8. New Sources Confirm Brit-Am Findings?

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2. Swiss names - Jewish roots?
From: "Jay T. Basinger"
Subject: German/Hebrew Surname
Dear Yair Davidiy Group,

I am a Christian and am researching  my Hebrew roots.  I have done quite
a bit of research on my family ancestry which includes my Swiss
Mennonite origins.

My name is Jay T. Basinger. The surname is from the Swiss/German
("Boesiger or Bösiger.")  The German spelling is "Bäsinger').   My
curiosity was aroused when a very distant cousin mentioned to me that
all/many  Germanic names ending in "er" are of Hebrew origin.  In our
family tree, which goes back to the 17th. century in Switzerland, we
have numerous intermarriages with families having names ending in ,
"er." Examples:  (Steiner, Moser, Augsburger, Rothlisberger,
Badertscher,Balmer, Baumgartner,Beyeler, Blosser, Bucher, etc......)
This is just for starters.  There are more as  there are just as many
that don't end in "er."

An elderly, "Steiner," cousin  of mine mentioned that his brother,
during WWII, was stationed in England with American military
intelligence and determined, through some historic, perhaps secret
documents, that the "Steiner surname" had early Jewish roots in Austria
befor  they migrated to Germany where they were forced to denounce their
Jewish faith and become Christians.  Was this a comon practice by the
Catholic Church during the pre-Reformation era in Germany ? ( 14th/15th
Centuries ?)

The Mennonites (Anabaptists) of Switzerland were forced out of
Switzerland because of their beliefs and many were martyred.  The
"Amish" are a very strict branch of the Mennonites.

With out any further information, is there any credibility to the above
explanation.  Are German surnames ending in "er" of definite or probable
Hebrew origins ?

I would appreciate your response if you have any knowledge on this

Yours truly,

J. Basinger

3. Jewish-Christian etc
Comment by Yair: We received quite a few letters in connection to the whole
subject. All of the letters were good and made valid points but we want to
finish the issue
so we are not posting any more notes on the subject.

4. Philosopohical ???
We in Brit-Am do not supply answers to philosophical questions.
We discuss the Bible and history etc in order to know reality. The whys and
wheres and justifications on a philosophical
plane should be searched for elsewhere.

5. Jacobovici Film -1

From: "Rusty"
Subject: Simcha Jacobovici A&E Documentary on The Lost Tribes

Simcha Jacobovici is a Canadian Jew who has his own production company
called. "Associated Producers" Mr Jacobovici has lived in Israel and served
in the military there. His documentary "Quest for the Lost Tribes" appeared
on A&E, a huge American network. Mr Jacobovici,thinks he is chasing the
Lost Tribes really he has only found Judah in small groups. In Mr
Jacobovici documentary he follows Rabbi Eliyahu Avichail to locations in
India, China and Ethiopia were they think the Tribe of Dan is? Which I have
not seen a shred of evidence to prove that? However Mr Jacobovici has a
certain amount of clout in the world of media and Jewish communities here
in North America. I believe once he hears the Brit-am message and evidence
I am sure he will be an asset to our cause and could be a catalyst in
blowing the doors open for Brit-am. I have been sending Mr Jacobovici
e-mails with facts from Yairs books. I still have not received a response.

6.  Jacobovici Film -2
  From: Shlomo Right
Subject: how to tell who is a israelite

I propose that a very good way to test who is an israelite is actually
found in the bible siatic nerve damage. By the way America I always thought
was part of the roman empire. If you look at Simcha Jacobis work which I
had the pleasure of viewing The lost ten tribes. By the way his research
had an estimated 30mil us budjet support behind it therefore he was able to
give a much stronger case of where the lost tribes were.

7. Surveying the Walls of Uruk
Surveying the Walls of Uruk

                        Can Technology Discover the Ancient City of

                                        German archaeologists working at
the ancient site of Uruk (modern Warka, just east of the Euphrates River
in southern Iraq) have begun mapping the canals, walls and building
foundations of the sprawling, buried citywithout even lifting a spade.

                                        Over the past two winters, a team
headed by Margarete van Ess of Berlins German Archaeology Institute has
laid out a grid system over the site and begun to map the buried ruins
with a magnetometer an instrument that measures differences in the
strength of the earths magnetic field under the soil.

                 With this method, we get a complete picture of all the
lower areas of the city. We will be able to define city quarters,
neighborhoods, technical installations and the directions of streets and
canals. Of course, we cant see small things like pottery, cuneiform
tablets or figurines to define the function of a structure or to
reconstruct the living circumstances. So the magnetic survey doesnt
replace an excavation, but it shows very well where we should dig in the
future,van Ess told Archaeology Odyssey.

                 Uruk was settled from about the fifth millennium B.C. to
the third century A.D. A series of German excavations beginning in the
late 19th century revealed temple complexes adorned with colorful
mosaics, monumental ziggurats
, houses, a cemetery
filled with sarcophagi and portions of the citys wall. German
archaeologists also found clay tablets inscribed in an early form of
cuneiform (a wedge-shaped script used to write Sumerian, Akkadian and
other languages) dating to the latter part of the fourth millennium
B.C.the worlds earliest recorded writing.

8. New Sources Confirm Brit-Am Findings?
Brit-Am endeavors to check out archaeological findings, historical
researches, genetics, etc
and we also delve into traditional sources of Biblical Commentary.
We came across a work in Hebrew by Fisher Mael who is a Rabbinical scholar
living somewhere in the USA.
We will probably endeavor to contact him. He has produced a work on the
Tribes of Israel. He does not speak
about the Lost Ten Tribes but he does speak about the characteristics of
each individual tribe.
He uses traditional Jewish sources and provides many insights. His book is
a kind of commentary on the opinion of
famous sages concerning each tribe. We have only glanced at his work so far
but already
we see points that support findings we have already made. We will publish
these elsewhere.
Three points of interest however  are:
a. Ephraim and Manasseh were sons of Joseph. Nevertheless, Ephraim in a
Biblically-oriented  sense was closer to Joseph whereas Manasseh was more
directly derived from Jacob.
This in our opinion is reflected in the USA being dominated by Manasseh and
the nickname "Yank" (a derivative of "Jacob")
being applied to Americans.
b. Manasseh would become greater than Ephraim at a later date AFTER Ephraim.
c. The Tribes of Joseph will be very instrumental in rebuilding the Third
These and similar points are what we have been saying all along but the
book quotes great authorities
who held these opinions long before us and had reasons (which are
explained) for these opinions other than the ones
we had realised.


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