"Brit-Am Now"-182
1. Ordering Books: Bank
2.  Suggestion for Place Names
3. Lost Israelite Identity
4. Comment on "Biblical Truth"
5. Comment on "Origin"
7. How Can One Really Know?

1. Ordering Books: we prefer that those who order books from us send
payment by check.
We have no trouble in cashing local checks in foreign currency from all
around the world. Israel is now very good in that respect.
Some people however would prefer to deposit the payment in a bank account.
If such is the case please contact us and we will give you the details of
the account name and number.

2.  Suggestion for Place Names
From: Ancient
Subject: Jerusalem

Shalom Yair,
Quick question.....since you speak of city names for here in the US, could
you go over the history of Jerusalem's name(s) and their significance?

Answer: Good idea. We could compare the meanings of the names as well as
the sounds of them with present day equivalents.
I noticed that in the Netherlands (Holland) a lot of places in the Middle
Ages had different names from the ones presently used and in some cases the
previous names were more similar to Biblical ones than those presently used.

3. Lost Israelite Identity
"Lost Israelite Identity. The Hebrew Ancestry of Celtic Races", by Yair
Davidiy  was published by us in 1996. We sold all our copies
and also sold a large quantity to Gooitzen van der Laan in Holland. We ran
out of copies but Gooitzen did not and still has copies left.
Gooitzen sells copies on his own account and also periodically ships copies
to us.
  I just  received a package of 10 copies of  "Lost Israelite Identity"
from Gooitzen.
  "Lost Israelite Identity" is now out of print and may never be reprinted.
Even  though much of the information
may (or may not) be repeated in other works of ours the book still retains
its own unique importance and is worth obtaining.
The book is worth obtaining and reading.
We do not know how things will turn out but "Lost Israelite Identity" has
information that you will not obtain elsewhere.
The book is packed full of information, is interesting and important
reading, and in future years may become a collectors item.
The books are available from us for $30 each and this is a good price.
Or you can contact Gooitzen van der Laan (who still has a  supply) at

4. Comment on "Biblical Truth"
From: QueenMeck@aol.com
Biblical Truth

Dear Yair,

This book is easier to read than the others I have read. I can tell you put a
lot of work into it. I really appreciate it.

Charlotte Mecklenburg

From: Betty Rhodes
Subject: Re: "Origin"  is now on the web
Just finished reading "Origin". It is really good - well written, and very
informative. This work should be used as a text book for colleges and
schools who study ancient history. Every Rabbi in the country would benefit
by this book.

This work needs to be in the hands of every parson, preacher, religious
priest, rabbi, instructor, etc.  These are the 'guys' who have the audience
already in their pews - something we need to utilize better than we have

Your friend,


From: surfer1 <surfer1@tpg.com.au>
Subject: [origin of nations] CHURCHILL ON THE BIBLE


Sir Winston Churchill has recently been voted the Greatest Personality in
British History by British Television viewers


Hear Winston Churchill concerning "the impregnable rock of Holy

"We reject with scorn all these learned and laboured myths that Moses was
but a legendary figure. We believe that the most scientific view, the most
up to date and rationalistic conception, will find its fullest satisfaction
in taking the Bible literally. We may be sure that all these things happened
as they are set out in Holy Writ. In the words of a forgotten work of Mr.
Gladstone, we rest with assurance upon 'the impregnable rock of Holy
Scripture...' Let the men of science and of learning expand their knowledge
and probe with their researches every detail of the records which have been
preserved to us from these dim ages. All they do is to fortify the grand
simplicity and essential accuracy of the recorded truths which have lighted
so far the pilgrimage of man".

7. How Can One Really Know?
Question: K wrote:
>How would someone find out of which tribe they might be from?
>My mother was raped by a man when she became pregnant with me, I only know
>the name they called him, would I have to trace his family back or could I
>also trace my mothers family?
>It is very important to me to find out what tribe I come from or if I do,
>I believe that would make my life worth living to know that I might be a
>decedent of one of the lost tribes of G_d's chosen people.
>I would appreciate all the help you can give me, sense I have always felt
>I belonged to nobody.

Nobody can be absolutely certain which tribe they belong to. Some people
can make a fairly strong assumption
based on family names, place of residence, etc. Most people are not in that
We all live in certain areas and identify with the people amongst whom we
live. The Brit-Am message should be important to you
if you can relate it to people with whom you identify.