"Brit-Am Now"-186
1. Letter from Finland
2. Name "Jacob" now popular?
3. Steve Collins: Israel Sea-Faring Concerns in History
4. Note from Yair

1. Letter from Finland
From: Maarit Etelavirta
Dear Mr. Davidy,

I was referred to your pages through a friend of mine and after reading
parts here and there I still find it overwhelming. Could I as a Finn be
part of Israel? I have had various (business, study and friendship)
contacts with Israel and the israelites in the past 15 years or so and you
are always in my heart. Therefore, I naturally would like to follow the
progress of your study. Especially on anything you find on the Finnish
people. So, please, include me in your e-newsletter and magazine list.

  Funnily enough, some years ago there was a large article in our main
daily newspaper about our genetical approximity with the Swiss...

May G-d bless your work and give you wisdom!

Yours sincerely,

Maarit EtelÔvirta (Ms.)

2. Name "Jacob" now popular?
From: Craig & Karen Blackwood
Subject: Jacob

Shalom friends

Found this on the net.  I find it very relevant.


Craig Blackwood

ISRAEL: All Eyes Are On Jacob

A natural phenomenon has taken place in very recent years. Suddenly out of
nowhere the name Jacob has become the most popular name for newborn baby
boys in this country. There is not a famous actor, athlete or other
starthat has spurred this attention to the name Jacob. I believe it is
evidence of creation itself understanding what is close to Gods heart.

3. Steve Collins: Israel Sea-Faring Concerns in History
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-185: Message from Rabbi Avraham Feld

Shalom Rabbi Avraham (c/o Yair Davidy),

I agree with your observation that the people of the ten tribes have
historically guarded the world's ports and maritime trade routes.  My new
series of books will have much documentation that the various kingdoms and
empires of the ten tribes throughout history have had extensive maritime
commercial empires and large navies which guarded the sea lanes.  The first
of my two new books include much information on the maritime/naval power of
the Israelite/Phoenician Empire and their offspring, the Carthaginian
Empire (i.e. the "Kirjath-inian" Empire).  The third book, to be released
approximately in March, will document the maritime capacities of the
Parthian Empire.  The Parthians had massive seven-masted vessels and traded
extensively throughout China, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

Steve Collins

4. Note from Yair
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We are attempting to do what we must.
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