"Brit-Am Now"-188
February 3, 2003

1. Some archaeological finds and possibilities
2. Bill Rasmussen: True Christians pro-Jewish
1. Some archaeological finds and possibilities
a. A seal has been found that once belonged to Amaryahu servant of King
Amongst the priests who officiated in the Temple service at the time of
Hezekiah a certain "Amaryah" (AMARIAH) is mentioned (2-Chronicles 31:15).
Could it be the same person? see BAR vol.28 no.4.
b. The Celts are known for a  certain type of hill fort that was peculiar
unto them. It may be that the prototype for this type of fort is to be
found in Israel.
c. Likewise a certain type of farm building developed by the Israelites in
the Iron Age seems to have been continued later in southern France and
Britain. This ties in with a point we made in "Ephraim" chapter five
concerning Hu Gadarn and Southern France.
At all events these points still need to be clarified more thoroughly. They
may yet prove to be mistaken, or they may not.
Even if they are correct the two points do not necessarily prove much in
themselves but taken together with all the other evidence they could
add  to the whole.

2. 2. Bill Rasmussen: True Christians pro-Jewish

Personal Note from Yair: There follows a reply by Bill Rasmussen to what I
wrote about Christians and Replacement Theories etc. All last week I had
the flu or something and am not completely over it. Our otherwise
imperturbably positive attitude
must have suffered a minor lapse or something. I did not mean to offend
anybody nor make inaccurate statements.

From: William Rasmussen <brasshalom@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-187

Shalom Yair:  Todah rabah for the excellent piece on the Christian Identity
cult.  It is important for Brit Am members to be aware of the pseudo
Israelite groups who are antisemitic and deceitful. These groups not only
damage the cause for the identification of the Lost Tribes, but mislead
naive individuals by planting seeds of hatred into their hearts, thus
creating future enemies of the Jewish people.

Real Christians are Zionists who love the G-d of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob,
love the land of Israel and love the Jewish people no matter where they may
be.  My experience in working with Christian Zionists is that they have no
hidden agendas and no ulterior motives, only a love for G-d's chosen
people.  In conversations with many Christian Zionists, I have noted a
willingness to give their lives if necessary, to defend Israel and defend
Jews.  They are as Jeremiah 31:6 says, "When the watchmen [Notzrim in
Hebrew] will cry on Mt. Ephraim, 'Arise and let us go up to Zion, To the
L-rd our G-d'.  These Notzrim or Christians, are defenders of Israel and
will lay down their lives if necessary to protect the land and its people.

A clear distinction thus needs to be made between those who clearly love
Israel and the Jewish people and those who only have self interests at
heart.  From what I have read by loyal Brit Am members who happen to be
Christian Zionists, they do not fit characteristics of those who may have
antisemitic tendencies.

I am so glad that you are endeavoring to keep Brit Am as neutral as is
possible on the religious level.  All who love and support Brit Am need to
keep this in mind.  We have a common objective and goal: that is to
identify the Israelites, prepare them for aliyah, and set them back in the
Eretz Yisrael where they belong.

As for any criticisms regarding appeals for financial support, ignore
them.  If you don't make the need known, how or why will anyone want to
give?  Since you are not a business, the only ways to get funding are the
selling of your books and charitable donations.  Please keep the requests
for funding.

May HaShem smile upon you and may he continue to bless you with
inspiration, wisdom and revelation.  Shavua tov, Bill Rasmussen