"Brit-Am Now"-192

February 11, 2003
1. Question on behavior of Reuben/France
2. The Name of Russia
3. Russian Rulers

1. Question on behavior of Reuben/France

From: William Rasmussen
Subject: Shalom and b'richot to you from freezing Minnesota!

Shalom Yair:  I have a question for you regarding France:  Do you believe
that France is acting the way it is because of the influence of Reuben upon
the nation?  Two examples from the Tanach come to mind regarding the
intransigence of the French and the connection of the Elf/Total/Motul to
Iraq:  First, in the book of Joshua, Joshua warns Reuben, Gad and the half
tribe of Manasseh to help their brothers conquer the land of Canaan before
they set about their business of building cities and developing
commerce.  Secondly, in the book of Judges, Deborah bemoans the fact that
Reuben abode among his sheepfolds and flocks and that in the divisions of
Reuben, there were great searchings of heart.

It would seem that France is acting innately in its reticence to support an
attack on Iraq due to its Reubenite heritage.  Would you agree?  France
seems more concerned about damage to its oil cartels than to ridding the
world of the menace of Sadaam Hussein.  I also noticed today in various
news reports that Germany has been secretly assisting the Iraqis in key
technology to develop their nuclear capabilities.  Since France and Germany
seem to be such wonderful bedfellows lately, are their any
scriptural/Talmudic references that show that Reuben would embrace Esau for
a time?  It would appear that the US and Israel may at some point in time,
have to not only fight radical Muslim states, but Germany as well.  One
only hopes that France will come to her senses and oppose evil and fight
for what is right.

We seem to be living on the precipice of of a series of wars, both for the
US and for Israel.  Iraq, Iran, Syria, North Korea and all the various
terrorists groups that would jeopardize the peace and safety of the US and
Israel seem hell-bent on destroying us.  On the Hajj today, Muslims prayed
to their god Allah that both the US and Israel would be destroyed for their
defamation of Islam.  Now is the time to seek the face of HaShem and pray
that we not only will be protected, but that we will overcome and destroy
our enemies.  May HaShem protect you Yair and all the House of Judah that
lives in Eretz Yisrael.  Shalom and hedges of protection around you, Bill

2. The Name of Russia
From: Örjan Svensson <orjan.svensson@mbox300.swipnet.se>
Subject: Re: Ezekiel 38

yair davidiy:

 >   THE CHIEF PRINCE OF   MESHECH: In Hebrew Rosh (head of) Meshech: Some
 > Commentators understood the word Roshto hint at Russia.
 > Leon Poliakov (1971, 1974), The Aryan Myth,  p.113: <<In the Greek
 > translation the Hebrew word rosh(= head, principal, chief) became a name,
 > that of an eighth son of Japheth, in whom the Byzantines were anxious to
 > discern the ancestor of the Russians. The Russians for their part were able
 > to make use of another paronym because russyi means blondin Russian.

Concerning opinions regarding the origin of the name Russia,
please see for example http://www.dur.ac.uk/~dml0www/origirus.html
Some believe:

"Rus comes from the Finnish name for Sweden, Ruotsi.....
The name Ruosti, it is argued, arose from roosmenn,
men of the rowing-way, the people of today's Roslagen,
the Rowing-Law, the coastal area of Swedish Uppland.
Those were the people known to the Finnish, whether the Vikings came
from Denmark, Sweden or Norway."

The site
http://stabi.hs-bremerhaven.de/whkmla/region/russia/vikstatvarrus.html says:

"around 862 Varangian RURIK established control over NOVGOROD.
His successor OLEG conquered KIEV in 882. He established a state with Kiev
as it's capital. It was based on a number of cities, each of which was ruled
by a prince of the Rurikid family. If the reigning prince of Kiev died, the
surviving brother succeeded (who hitherto ruled another city, subject to
In 989, prince VLADIMIR converted to ORTHODOX CHRISTIANITY. Close contacts
to the
Scandinavian (and still pagan) countrymen were kept into the 11th century.
the Varangian Rus assimilated, taking over the Slavic language of the
Russian historiography for a long time refused the thesis that the Russian
has been founded by (foreign) Vikings. Language historians however trace
the name
"Rus" back to the Swedish landscape Roslagen, located in Uppland, just
north of
Stockholm. The Finns, still today, call the Swedes "Ruotsi"."

The (somewhat controversial) site
http://peacecountry0.tripod.com/earlyfin.htm says:

"The word (ros=row in old scandinavian) "ruotsi"in Finnish used to mean
but later the word meant "Sweden." Some Swedish sources say that "Rus"
comes from
the word "Roslagen" which is a town in Sweden, and some say it came from Swede
called Ruser. Rus"


3. Russian Rulers
From: yoseph
Subject: Re:Ezekiel 38

 > Ezekiel 38

Shalom to you and your family Yair

you are making a big mistake there to imply that the original russian
nobility was german; in fact it was scandinavian since 900 CE
Novgorod.  Later on these Nordic rulers would expel the Khazars.

the "new nobility" from 1610-1917/20 were related to germans.
there is a famous photograph of queen victoria

the other aspect of this week which is very very imprecise is to associate
chinese people with mongolians and/or japanese and/or russians.  "the great
horde" eh?  that is not how it works.  it would be like lumping Jews with
Africans.  (they are all afro-asian aren't they?)

too much speculation can undermine one's credibility if it shows an
insensitivity or partiality.  "what's good for the goose is good for the
gander" so if we are making distinctions on one side we should apply the
same principles to our examination of all the races.

Comment: Ivan the Terrible said that the Russian aristocracy, the "boyars"
were descended from Bavarians.
Whoever the original "Rus" were other peoples had been moving in constantly
and receiving positions of authority and noble titles.

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