"Brit-Am Now"-194: Important

February 14, 2003
At 23:44 11/02/2003 -0500, Adam wrote:
Dear Yair,

        In your efforts to give this knowlegde to the people all over the
 world as to understand and reveal those who are Jews; have you been able
 to reach the Knesset and religious leaders in Israel as to embrace this?
 Also has this caused any help for those who are seeking Alyiah yet?


Answer: Your question raises several important points and by answering it I
will use the opportunity to address everybody on the list. The answer is
important and nobody needs to necessarily be personally offended by what I
am about to say. We ourselves could perhaps have done more than we have
done and what we did do we could have done better. Nevertheless we are
endeavoring to do what we can.

You do not sound like somebody who is familiar with our work but rather
seem to have obtained only a cursory glimmer of what we are about.

You said:
<<In your efforts to give this knowledge to the people all over the world
as to understand and reveal those who are Jews:

Brit-Am is dedicated to revealing who the Lost Ten Tribes are.  The Lost
Ten Tribes are not Jews in the strict sense of the word but rather
Israelites. Jews are also Israelites but not all Israelites are Jews. The
term Jew applies to those Israelites who remained in the kingdom of Judah
(as distinct from Israel in the north) or who accepted the Jewish religion.
Our message also applies to Captive Jews i.e. descendants of Jews who lost
contact with Judaism BUT our emphasis is on the Lost Ten Tribes and on
Captive Jews who live amongst them. Captive Jews are indeed to be found all
over the world but we are directing our message primarily to specific
regions in which the majority of the Lost Ten Tribes are to be found.

You said:

<<have you been able to reach the Knesset and religious leaders in Israel
as to embrace this?

We have not been able to reach these people though we may do so in the near
future. We have reached others and spoken before small groups and leaders
and received a favorable reaction. Very soon we should be publishing a
Hebrew language version of our work and this will enable us to reach more
people in the State of Israel. We need assistance in our efforts. In the
Talmud there is a saying, "Let he who makes the suggestion be made the
emissary". In my youth in Australia I heard a cruder expression with the
same import: "Put your money where your mouth is!"

Are you a supporter of Brit-Am? Have you read our books? Sent in a
contribution? Maybe financially you are not in a position to do so but if
you were, would you? We do the best we can with what we have. At the end of
every month we are not sure where the rent for next month is coming from.
God helps us. Yair Davidiy rents a modest apartment for living quarters and
the main room serves as the Brit-Am office and work-room. This is the way
things go. A person should work six days of the week and do all his labor.
You get out what you put in. Some people receive inheritances or win the
lottery or what not but Divine Providence arranged it that most of us would
be dependent upon effort even though everything (including the very ability
to make an effort) ultimately comes from the Almighty. Divine Providence so
wanted it that we be dependent on your support. Brit-Am needs you.

We make an effort but in order to succeed our supporters should also
endeavor to empower us to make the effort more effective. Those to whom it
matters should do what they can to help us.

By way of example:

Brit-Am believes that the Lost Ten Tribes are mainly amongst Western
peoples, with the Tribes of Joseph being in Britain and north America and
related nations.

In Israel and the world there is another school of thought that sees the
Lost Ten Tribes to be in Asia. They have an organization. They have
produced books and television programs and much publicity. Their case is
known everywhere. They also received tens of millions of dollars in
contributions and they used them. People believed in them and backed them.
They consequently achieved some success in putting their point across. We
could do much better (I believe) with even modest assistance.

  Brit-Am gets by through selling books and through offerings. These
contributions are usually relatively small but nevertheless very important
to us and they make all the difference. If you agree with us you should
help us however you can: if not with money, then by doing what you can to
spread the message.

You also asked:

<< Also has this caused any help for those who are seeking Alyiah yet?

Please read what we have written in our publications and on our web-sites.
We are not about helping people make Aliyah (come to Israel). One of our
critics once stated that Brit-Am is liable to cause people to think they
are Jewish or Israelite, then want to come to Israel and when they realize
they cannot to cause an anti-Semitic backlash. Most people however who have
such ideas had them before they came to us or got them from somewhere else.
We do not mislead people and where we see that people have been misled we
try to set them straight, even at our own cost.
If anything we have been criticized for being too open and frank but that
is also a strength of ours.
Brit-Am is concerned with the realization of Israelite Origin and identity.

The Lost Ten Tribes are technically Gentiles. The prophets Hosea (3:8) and
Jeremiah (1:9) indicated that such would be the case and later the Talmud
(Yebamot 17) confirmed it. This was actually for the good of the Lost Ten
Tribes so that when they DO return there will be no impediment to accepting
them as equals. In practice even a full-fledged certified Jew who leaves
his religion after several generations is classified as non-Jewish.

Judah and Joseph will re-unite and together with the other Tribes of Israel
they will divide the Land of Israel from the Nile to the Euphrates and
beyond between them. At first, even before unification, a portion of Joseph
will occupy Syria.

Lebanon is present-day Lebanon and Gilead is Syria. The Tribes east of the
Jordan occupied Lebanon and Syria and at times parts of present-day Iraq.
Is the proposed present invasion of Iraq connected to the future return of
Joseph to Gilead?

In the End times, there will come about a reconciliation and reunification.
Matters of religion and other differences will be decided in the Messianic
Era. Our task is to prepare the way and make both Judah and Joseph aware of
the real identity of Joseph. This is a first step that we must take and we
need your assistance and participation.

There may not be much time left. It is very important that this message
goes out. It is important for the Jewish people and it is important for the
Lost Ten Tribes.

Please do what you can,

God bless you,

Yair Davidiy

"And I will make of you a great nation. And I will bless you and make your
name great.
And you shall be a blessing.
"And I will bless they who bless you, and curse him who curses you.
And in you shall all the families of the earth be blessed.
(Gensis 12;2-3).

The Principles of Brit-Am require:
1. Acceptance of Prophecy.
2. Self-Respect (no hatred of fellow Israelite groups, no antisemitism)
3. Acknowledgement of The Israelite Identity of many people amongst
Western Nations.
4. recognition of  "Captive Jews" meaning Israelite or Jewish descendants
who lost their identity and emerged from amongst dominantly non-Israelite
peoples. The destiny of these "Captive Jews" is bound up with that of  the
Lost Ten Tribes even though
the Lost Ten Tribes retained some degree of communal cohesion, and they did

The aims of Brit-Am  are to encourage:
1. The spread of Identity Awareness.
2. Increased Identity research and clarification.
3. Association of members together for the sake of  mutual-empowerment,
learning and fellowship.

The giving of donations
together with the ordering of publications enables
Brit-Am to function.
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Yair Davidiy
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