"Brit-Am Now"-198
February 22, 2003

Adapted from The Tribes

The Lost Ten Tribes, Zionism, and Anti-Semitism

Zionism Being Israel's Restoration Was Also A British Movement!

                 English, French, and Jewish thinkers beginning from the
1600's began (sometimes independently of each other) to advocate the
establishment anew of a Jewish State in the Land of Israel. In Britain this
line of thought was known as Restorationism and it was paralleled amongst
the Jews by Zionism. In the late 1800's the Jewish Zionist movement was
formed to work for the formal reconstitution of a Jewish National Presence
in Israel. At the same time Jewish settlement in the Land increased
significantly. The Turkish rulers of Palestine and the local Arabs were
essentially hostile to this movement but the British used their influence
and became the semi-official protectors of the Jewish presence. The British
also made periodical attempts to alleviate the conditions of the Jews in
Continental Eastern Europe where they were severely persecuted.

                 The long apparent British ambition to found a Jewish State
within the area of ancient Israel has been described by Franz Kobler:

                 "Nowhere more than in Britain has the idea of the
Restoration of the Jews been developed into a doctrine and become the
object of a movement extending over more than three centuries. Only in
Britain the leading spokesmen of many generations have been inspired by the
vision of a revived Israel. Only there the creation of a Jewish National
Home has been a serious and almost continuous political issue which was
finally translated into reality&"

" The idea of Israel's Restoration is rooted in the fundamentals of the
Commonwealth, Inseparable.. from the character and  history of the British
nation  in spite of a temporary abandonment........"

                 "The movement [i.e. Restoration of the Jewish Independent
Kingdom] [is].. an integral part of British religious, social and political
history forming a parallel, not an annex, of the histories of Jewish
Messianism and Zionism .... The recognition of Israel's Restoration as an
organic part of British political ideas.... [is] .. a genuine religious,
humanitarian and political trend within British history."

Franz Kobler, "THE VISION WAS THERE", UK 1956 pp.7-9.

                 In 1914 the Turks joined the Germans and Austrians and
fought against Britain and her allies in the First World War. With the
impending defeat of Germany and Turkey the question arose as to the fate,
after the war, of the non-Turkish states in the Turkish Empire, including
that of the "Palestine" area.

British Ambivalence

                 In 1917 the Government of Great Britain issued the Balfour
Declaration which declared the purpose of establishing a Jewish State in
the areas of modern day Jordan and Israel. Henceforth the British and
Jewish Zionists began to lay the foundations for Jewish Restoration.
Despite several attempts by the British establishment to renege on their
undertaking, it was the British who supplied the infrastructure and much of
the economic base for the coming state of Israel, This continued almost to
the very last minute of British presence in the area. On the other hand it
was British arms, training and citizens who helped the Arabs in their
attempt to destroy this very entity. From the beginning, the British
administration had suffered from an ambivalent attitude and in the 1930's
the anti-Jewish tendency appeared to have gained an upper hand.

                 At the same time as the British under Arab pressure
restricted Jewish immigration to "Palestine" there were pogroms in eastern
Europe in which Jews were robbed, beaten, tortured, raped, and murdered.
Hitler came to power in Germany and many Jews made desperate attempts to
escape from Europe. The British due to Arab pressure limited immigration to

Traitors within France

                 It should be noted that before the Holocaust in Europe the
Jews had desperately been attempting to escape. Jewish refugees were not
accepted in most countries. France accepted more Jewish refugees from
Germany than any other country. France was defeated but before capitulating
the French Army gallantly protected the British forces who were
miraculously enabled to escape at Dunkirk. France however was riddled with
right-wing pro-German anti-Jewish elements. It was the enemies of the Jews
of France herself who betrayed France from within at the outbreak of war.
Hitler had reactionary elements in France working on his behalf. These
formed the basis of the Vichy Government in southern France that
co-operated with the Germans. To some degree ethnic divisions may be
distinguished between those Frenchmen who willingly submitted to Hitler and
those who did not.

The Murder of the Jews

                 Britain (more than the USA, Canada, and Australia) had
accepted a good number of Jewish refugees but then decided to drastically
reduce admission. Economic reasons, as well as anti-Semitism or the fear of
arousing it, were among the reasons for these restrictions. Open or
concealed hatred of the Jews was often a motivating factor all over the
world in denying the Jews refuge. Every country on earth closed its doors
against Jewish refugees. This policy continued during the Second World
War.  Some of the officials responsible knew that the results of this
policy meant death for those of Jewish descent. The Germans and Austrians
began the SECOND WORLD WAR and conquered most of continental Europe. They
proceeded to exterminate the Jewish people, men, women, and children. They
were helped to murder Jews by Ukrainians, Latvians, Lithuanians, Romanians,
Croatians, and others. More than six million Jews were killed. In Poland
some people rescued Jews, though the anti-German Polish resistance
movements themselves frequently also murdered Jews fleeing from the
Germans. This was done as a matter of policy and in some cases had priority
over the struggle against Germany. After the War Poles who had helped
rescue Jews had to keep it secret lest their fellow citizens murder them or
their kin  (Fogelman, Eva. Consience and Courage. Rescuers of Jews During
the Holocaust,:  chapter 15, NY, 1994.). This was not the case in Germany.
The consistency of the German attitude was not always a conscious one. In
the Bulgarian parts of Bulgaria-proper the Jews were protected though the
Jews of Bulgarian-Macedonia were handed over to Germany for extermination.
In Western Europe the Danes, Belgians, Dutch, and French, at great risk to
themselves, often helped Jews escape or gave them shelter, though in some
of these countries the Germans had numerous helpers in murdering the Jewish
people. The Italians quite heroically helped save Jews yet had allied
themselves to Hitler.

The British Saved Mankind and Delivered the Jews from Destruction!

                 The British remained unconquered and the only determined
unbeaten opponent of the Germans, from the beginning of the War until its
end, was Great Britain and Her Dominions. At one stage Britain (and her
"daughter" Dominions) stood alone against the victorious conquering
Germans. The British could have made a separate peace on favorable terms
with Germany but even if the British Government had wanted to (and it did
not) the British people would not accept anything less than continued
struggle for complete victory. The anti-Jewish policies of the Nazis even
from before the beginning of the War was the major single factor in turning
British public opinion against Germany5. The USA actively supported Britain
on the material level turning itself into one vast hinterland-producing
area for the British effort. The USA and Russia after being attacked joined
Britain against Germany. Ultimately Great Britain, Australia, New Zealand,
South Africa, and Canada, together with the USA and USSR, defeated Germany
and the German allies, Italy, Croatia, Hungary, Rumania, and the Baltic
States. Despite everything, those Jews who did survive owe their lives, in
a sense, to the Allies' victory.

The Betrayal of the Jews

                 Both before the War and during it, it would have been
possible to save the lives of a very large number of Jewish refugees if
there had been somewhere to settle them. France, Britain and the USA
received many and most other places very little. Even Britain and the USA
did not receive as many as they could have. Australia and South Africa
closed their doors. After the WAR these same places (Australia, New
Zealand, Canada, the USA, Britain, etc.) were often enthusiastic (and at
other times at least willing) in re-settling millions of non-Jewish
refugees and immigrants from Russia, the Ukraine, Latvia, Lithuania,
Hungary, Germany, Italy, Pakistan, Africa, Asia, and so on. From reading
accounts and official reports concerning the fate of the Jews during the
Holocaust years when the Jews needed to be helped an unmistakable
impression is received. Some of the authorities in potential host countries
would rather have left the Jews to their fate than help them, especially if
help meant accepting them into their own countries. See for instance "While
6 Million Died. A Chronicle of American Apathy" by Arthur D. Morse 1967,
1968. see also "The Abandonment of the Jews" by David S. Wyman, 1985. For a
contrary opinion see "The Myth of Rescue: Why the Democracies Could Not
Have Saved More Jews From The Nazis", by William D. Rubinstein, 1998.

Rubinstein points out that the Nazis were impacably determined to destroy
the Jews and nothing much could have been done to stop them. Rubinstein has
a point of view that should be considered along with the other factors. The
depth of the German and East European determination to wipe out the Jewish
race is not sufficiently realized. Some of the claimed possibilities for
saving Jews were in practice non-existent. Bombing the concentration camps
if it had have been possible and if it had have been done may have even
speeded up the extermination process!

-cf. Payne (p.470): "One day in 1942 Hitler told Himmler that it was not
enough for the Jews simply to die; they must die in agony. What was the
best way to prolong their agony? Himmler turned the problem over to his
advisors who concluded that a slow, agonizing death could be brought about
by placing Jewish prisoners in freight cars with dehydrated calcium oxide -
quicklime -, which produced excruciating burns. The advisors estimated that
it would take four days for the prisoners to die, and for that time the
freight cars could be left standing on some forgotten siding. It was not
necessary to send people to the extermination camps: the freight cars were
all that was needed. Finally, it was decided that the freight cars should
be used in addition to the extermination camps".

                 "Yet hatred of the Jews was Hitler's central conviction:
sometimes it even seems to me that everything else was merely camouflage
for this real motivating factor...Hitler was even prepared to risk his
plans of conquest for the sake of that mania for extermination...I can
still recall the astonishment with which I read the final sentence of his
testament. In the midst of an apocalyptic doom it attempted to commit us
all to a miserable hatred of the Jews". Speer p.391.

Opposition to accepting Jewish refugees in Western nations was despite the
fact that the economies and societies of the prospective host countries
would have benefited. Jews were not welcome (to say the least) under any
circumstance. This throws a serious question on the degree of Israelite
ancestry claimable by the said nations. It does not nullify such claims but
it means that they must be qualified and the presence of non-Israelite
elements existing alongside the Israelite ones seriously taken into
consideration! On the other hand some genuine attempts were made to help
Jews fleeing from certain death. Some effective policies were undertaken
which were nearly always due to people identified in this work as coming
from "Lost Ten Tribes" Israelite stock. In France people of Protestant
Huguenot descent were especially active in doing all that they could to
rescue Jews. The fact that the WAR against the Nazi evil was fought,
maintained, and eventually won was also due mainly to people identified by
us as descended from Israelites. Despite everything, one aspect of the
whole War effort had the goal to ensure Jewish survival.

The German Plan To Exterminate Britain. Traitors To Britain Were Anti-Jewish!

The Germans in the Second World War had attempted to conquer Britain. They
had plans, if successful, to deport all of the male population as slave
labor to the Continent: Females (if they survived) would be fertilized by
SS men. Professor Dr. Franz Six was to be in charge of Britain. He later
indoctrinated the Killing Squads (Einsatzgruppen SS) in Russia. Hitler
agreed with every word; his great respect for the Anglo-Saxon race had made
it all the harder for him to enter this life-or-death struggle which must
end with the destruction of one of them.(Peter Townsend, Duel of Eagles,
1971, p.45). Compare the following from Robert Payne "The Life and Death of
Adolph  Hitler", Praeger Publishers, New York, 1973, p.400: "...Among the
many plans submitted to Hitler and approved by him was a comprehensive plan
for transporting the greater part of the male population to work in
factories in Germany. Orders concerning the Organization and Function of
the Military Government of England, a thick compendium of rules and
regulations to be followed by the German administrators of the conquered
territory, called for all able-bodied men between the ages of seventeen and
forty-five to be sent to Germany as slave-laborers. The women of England,
with the help of the SS, would produce a new race of Anglo-Germans. The
entire intelligentsia and all the Jews would be liquidated. SS Colonel
Professor Dr. Franz Six, a former dean of the faculty of political science
at the University of Berlin, was placed in charge of the liquidation and
deportation of Englishmen. SS offices would be established in London,
Bristol, Birmingham, Liverpool., Manchester, and Edinburgh. Colonies of
Englishmen would be established in the Baltic States".

Ralph Giordano, Wenn Hitler den Krieg gewonten hatte, 1988, (quotes from
official Nazi German documents as sources Schumann/Hass); Hamburg. Leon
Poliakov, History of Anti-Semitism, volume

The above documented plan only represents part of the actual eventuality.
The plan was that set out for the best of circumstances from the German
point of view. It reflects German susceptibilities prior to action. Hitler
considered England "the enemy above all enemies" (Payne p.343). The fate of
the English in practice was liable to have been even worse than the plan

"It is generally admitted that Hitler admired what he hated; it is really
more accurate that he hated what he admired. His hatred was admiration that
he refused to acknowledge. That is true of the Jews, of Stalin, of
communism in general". Albert Speer, "Spandau. The Secret Diaries", USA,
1977, p. 31, Hitler also "admired" the British" and was obsessed with them.
Hitler was not really a free agent but an expression of other forces and
adapted himself accordingly, cf: <<He hears voices. I have met him when he
is this mood. He recognizes nobody then...>> Rauschning p.260. <<Hitler was
abandoning himself to forces, which were carrying him away - forces of dark
and destructive violence. He imagined that he still had freedom of choice,
but he had long been in bondage to a magic which might well have been
described, not only in metaphor but in literal fact, as that of evil
spirits>> Rauschning p.215; Hitler said: "There are only various means of
giving shape to the public will," Rauschning p.199. <<He was no dictator.
He allowed himself to be guided by the forces at his back, often against
his better judgement...His policy continually developed along wholly
different lines to those which he had envisaged>> Rauschning p.217.

<<I am sure that Hitler would not have hesitated for a moment to employ
atom bombs against England. I remember his reaction to the final scene of a
newsreel on the bombing of Warsaw in the autumn of 1939...Hitler was
fascinated. The film ended with a montage showing a plane diving toward the
outlines of the British Isles. A burst of flames followed and the island
flew into the air in tatters. Hitler's enthusiasm was unbounded. "This is
what will happen to them!" he cried out, carried away. "That is how we will
annihilate them!">> Albert Speer, "Inside The Third Reich", New York, 1971,

In effect the Germans meant to exterminate the British people as we know
it. They were developing means of mass-sterilization. Even so, there
existed fringe elements within certain sections of British society who had
appeasing tendencies towards the Nazis both during the War and after it. It
was these same "conciliatory" elements in many cases who later strengthened
the anti-Jewish sentiments expressed in official policy regarding
Palestine. To sum up: The whole world east of the Rhine actively
participated in the extermination of the Jews. The British and Americans
were against it and did what they could to prevent it but there were
elements amongst them that strongly did not want too manyJews in their own
country or in Palestine,or elsewhere. There were also elements who were
anti-Semitic outright. These were a minority but had influence at crucial
moments.  Elements who were anti-Jewish were often in effect proven to be
traitorous to the Allied cause.

After the War the Jews in Palestine, reinforced by survivors from the
European "concentration" (murdering) camps were faced with a coalition of
hostile Arab forces partly backed, armed and trained by the British and
including the presence of British military personnel.

Why Did Britain Renege?

                 The British attitude in Palestine resulted from a mixture
of anti-Semitism in certain circles together with a misplaced colonial
tradition of protecting the "natives". The results of this characteristic
had already been seen elsewhere: British concern for the Red Indians in
North America at the expense of the British descended white settlers was
one of the causes of the American War of Independence against the British.
In South Africa, British protection of the "blacks" discriminated against
Dutch Boer and British settlers. In New Zealand, British policy had favored
Maori natives over immigrants from Britain6. In Palestine the British often
attempted to be impartial but suffered from a conflict of interests. Prior
to the Second World War, a British officer (Orde Wingate) under directions
from the British Army helped found the Jewish Fighting Forces and formulate
military concepts that ultimately led to Jewish victory. Orde Wingate,
incidentally, believed in the Bible, realized that the British descend from
the Lost Ten Tribes7 and dreamt of leading an independent Jewish Army. He
was transferred against his will from "Palestine" and in the Second World
War liberated Ethiopia from the Italians. Later in Burma he caused the
Japanese to divert their forces and thus probably ensured the Allied
victory against the Japanese.

[Wingate had been preceded by Colonel John Henry Patterson (1867-1947).
Patterson was born in Dublin of Protestant origin. Like Wingate he
intensely believed in the Bible. Also like Wingate he believed that the
British were descended from the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel. Patterson was
the British head of the Zionist Mule Corps that saw service against the
Turks in Gallilopoli. He later commanded the Jewish Legion that fought east
of the Jordan in the First World War on behalf of the British. Like Wingate
he was a zealous Zionist. He was a friend of the Zionist leader, Zeev
Jabotinsky. ]

  In "Palestine", in addition to Orde Wingate, many of the British
personnel were pro-Jewish in practice.  At one stage the British had
actually executed hundreds of Arab rebels and otherwise disposed of many
more. The British position was never really clear, even to themselves, and
both Arabs and Jews felt discriminated against. There were also many
British soldiers and administrators who openly sided with the Arabs and
were anti-Semitic. In British Governmental circles men such as Lloyd George
and Winston Churchill were strongly pro-Jewish and Zionistic but they were
restrained and hampered by their colleagues and by people in lower
echelons. The British Administration in Palestine was at times openly
anti-Semitic. Despite this, on the whole, the Jews benefited from the
British presence. Even though some Britons worked against it most of the
British public (in Britain) continually favored the establishment of a
Jewish state! It was a succession of British Governments who let their own
people down as well as the Jews. The British had ruled in Palestine where
Jews and Arabs were fighting each other. Both resisted the British until
the British decided to leave. Newly-released documentation suggests that
the British Labour Government envisaged an Arab victory over the Jews which
would result in the British being called back to serve as "Protectors" of a
truncated Jewish entity centered on Haifa. Pro-Jewish (or just fair-minded)
elements however amongst the British forces evacuating Palestine helped the
Jews save themselves from the defeat they were intended to suffer .

                 After the establishment of the State of Israel Winston
Churchill in the House of Commons stated that the anti-Jewish policies of
some British Governments had been mistaken and called for Reconciliation.
For the sake of perspective it should be recalled that the British feared
Communist expansion and that the Jewish international consensus regarding
Communism was at first unclear. Jews on the Continent had been horribly
oppressed and persecuted. In Russia many Jews had been forced by the
authorities to abandon their religion. Some had found refuge in
Revolutionary movements. These were a small percentage of the Jewish people
but for the Revolutionaries they were qualitatively important. A minority
of Communists was Jewish even though the Communists were mortal enemies of
the Jewish people. Some few Jews were thus initially conspicuous amongst
Communist sympathizers and Communism was then a serious threat. The British
also had oil interests, numerous Moslem subjects in India and Malaya and
other areas, and there were other considerations. A parallel case in some
respects is that of South Africa, and how many liberal Anglo-Saxon Gentiles
and Jewish intellectuals supported the South African whites in the past
even though the whites may have been objectively relatively more justified
than any other group in prevailing circumstances? The South African whites
were forced to place their very existence in danger mainly due to pressure
from their liberal Anglo-Saxon brothers. It should also be remembered that
Anti-religious Jews in and outside of Israel and including members of some
of the Israeli Governments have on occasion been almost as anti-Jewish as
some of the British sometimes were.


                 At all events, despite the attacks of hostile Arab states,
the Jews won their War of Independence and the State of Israel came into
existence in 1948. For a limited time after its inception the State of
Israel enjoyed the aid of individual Frenchmen and the general support of
France. Britain remained ambivalent, though in 1956 Britain, France, and
Israel were allied in military action against Egypt. At that stage the USA
was antagonistic. In 1967 Israel fought a war against the Arab States
surrounding her and was victorious. After 1967 the USA became Israel's main
(and almost only) backer and also materially supported her. President John
Kennedy (in an interview with Golda Meir) said that the relationship
between the USA and Israel was comparable to that between the USA and
Britain. President Nixon was a genuine friend of Israel and so were most
other American leaders such as President Reagan. Millions of Jews had been
imprisoned in eastern Europe, Ethiopia, and the USSR and it was largely due
to US influence and often active intervention that many of these were
enabled to emigrate to Israel and elsewhere. The USA did, however, have its
own anti-Jewish and anti-Zionist elements and these, on occasion, did
damage to the Israeli cause, or at least tried to. The U.S.A. at times
openly used its overwhelming influence to attempt  the manipulation of
Israeli society and government. The establishment of left-wing governments
in the State of Israel and forced agreements that enabled the Palestinian
Arabs to arm themselves and seriously endangered Israel was due to American
and European interference in Israeli affairs. On the other hand Israel
received much support from Fundamental "Evangelicals" in the USA and

A very large proportion of those who supported and helped the Jews and the
State of Israel were descended from Israelites as proven in this
work.  Often those few friends whom the Jews had were both of Israelite
origin and also believed strongly in the Bible. In the USA this phenomenon
was and is especially noticeable. There were also occasions when the USA
seemed to regard Israel almost as an expression of part of itself and act
accordingly though at other times Israel was treated with barely-subdued

                 On the whole it may be said that since the eighteenth
century (and to an extent well before) most countries of the world were
anti-Jewish while the USA, Britain, and France, and related nations in
western Europe and overseas were ambivalent with a favorable attitude
prevailing more often than not. Part of the reason for this "Ambivalence"
was HEREDITY. There is a familial relationship between western peoples and
the Jews which at times is instinctively felt and expressed. The Lost Ten
Tribes having migrated westward is the best factual explanation of this