"Brit-Am Now"-199

February 23, 2003
1.  Missouri Cherokee Tribes proclaim Jewish Heritage!
2.  Which tribe did Elvis Presley come from?
3.  Jackie Miller: "Israelite" and "Jewish" Souls
4. Some of the Unconvinced
5. Compliments on the books
6. Geneaology of Norwegian Kings
7. Completeness of  the Exile

    1.  Missouri Cherokee Tribes proclaim Jewish Heritage!

    Northern Cherokee Tribe claims to have escaped desert
  fortress at   Masada!


    Missouri Cherokee Tribes proclaim Jewish Heritage!

    The Northern Cherokee Nation of the Old Louisiana
  Territory has recently  shocked the world by claiming their ancient Oral
  legends tell of a Cherokee migration made to America from the area known as

    This startling evidence is being offered to the public
  by Beverly Baker Northup whom is the spokesperson for their
  organization. The evidence  offered in support of this connection to
  escaping the mountain  fortress of Masada is based in part of what Northup
  claims is stories   passed down from elders and the similarity between
  ancient words.

    Beverly Baker Northup believes there is a connection
  between these two   peoples based on evidence of Jews of the region around
  Masada during Roman times wearing braided hair and the similarities
  that the   spokesperson attributes to Hebrew language.

    In explaining this connection Beverly Baker Northup is
  quoted as saying:

    "The story has been kept alive among our Cherokee
  people that the Sicarii  who escaped from Masada, are some of our
ancestors who
  managed to  cross the water to this land, and later became known as
    (Please note the phonetic resemblance of Si'cari'i and,
  Cherokee or   Tsa'ra-gi'.)"

    Northup claims that the famous scholar Josephus wrote
  that there were   escapees from Masada in which the spokesperson for the
  Northern   Cherokee states that this is evidence that gives
  credence to this connection between the Cherokee Indians and the Jews.

    In addition to other startling claims, there is also
  the belief by the Northern Cherokee that a rock that was uncovered in
  Tennessee in 1889 that is named the Bat Creek Stone, proves a
  transatlantic connection to Jews. Northup believes that the scratched
writings on
  the rock indicate   that the stone is evidence of a first century Atlantic
  Crossing to America  by these escaped Jews that later became known as the
  Northern   Cherokee Indians.

    The Northern Cherokee attempted to gain full legislative recognition
  in the   State of Missouri in 1985 that was eventually vetoed by
  Governor John   Ashcroft. Governor Ashcroft made the following
  statement concerning his   decision to veto the recognition of the Northern

    "The Federal Government has traditionally exercised
  authority with respect   to Indian Affairs. I am not persuaded that the state
  has such a substantial   interest in this area that it should become
involved in
  the recognition of   Indian tribes."

    Sources among some federally recognized Indian Tribes
  have stated that   Mr. Ashcroft's comments were 100% correct and should be
  referred to   from time to time.

2.  Which tribe did Elvis Presley come from?
From: timothy burton <timvburton@hotmail.com>

      Which tribe did Elvis Presley come from?


Answer: I do not know how "sincerely" you really intended your question.
For more information you could always make inquiries of the "Presley" clan.
Elvis Presley according to one claim was of Melungeon origin (I hope that
if this is not so, nobody is offended)
and the Melungeons probably do come from somewhere in the Middle East
according to what I have read.
On the other hand, "Presley" is said to be a Welsh name and originally
meant "Mount of Solomon".
This in itself is of interest since the name (and others like it) may date
from the pre-Christian era.

3.  Jackie Miller: "Israelite" and "Jewish" Souls

From: Jackie Miller
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now"-197

Just to put before you a little different perspective, my comments follow
below in regard to Nancy's question:

As you have reported in your research, I believe with you that descendants
of the Tribes have been scattered around the earth.  I have been meeting
MANY people who are being "pulled" to Israel and the Jews. While we
wholeheartedly love and support Israel and its peoples, and many are
feeling strongly led to aliyah to Israel, we are not necessarily being led
to convert to modern day Judaism.

[Jackie goes on to explain how for her, the  "Messianic" movement is the
Just different "food for thought."  No harm intended.

Jackie - Dallas

4. Some of the Unconvinced
From: Irish Wolfhound
Subject: Re: Brit-Am Now"-196
  I cannot believe I am hearing this! This is the final straw! Get me off
of this mishuganeh list!
Can anyone honestly believe this rubbish? GREAT BRITAIN and the BRITISH
people the protectors and promoters of JUSTICE????? WHAT A FARCE! Any sane
person who studies history knows that Britain has been through out its long
history known for injustice, prejudices, bigotry, war, famine, genocide,
and violating human rights left and right.
etc, etc
They made Australia into a prison colony and sent Irish people there who
had been convicted of speaking Irish, or attending mass, or wearing Irish
clothing, or standing up for their rights, or for stealing food to not
starve to death, as ships loaded with corn from America sat in harbours
unable to get food to the poor because BRITAIN raised the taxes so high
that no one could pay for the food --- THE SOLUTION TO THE IRISH PROBLEM,
let them starve to death or let them leave!!!!
[etc., It gets worse]

5. Compliments on the books
From: Tommy & Linda
Subject: Todah Mr. Davidy!

Shalom Again from the Bayou's of Louisiana Yair:

     I had to write to you again to say "Todah" for your wonderful work in
your book entitled "Origin." Once I started reading it I just couldn't
stop. I appreciate your effort in proving both scripturally and
historically that the lost ten tribes of Israel are out there in our world
today even though they "have no earthly" idea of "who" they really are.
Wow! What a wonderful revelation once these people come to know who they
are in ISRAEL.

     I have just begun to read "Biblical Truth" and must admit that I am
wrapped up in that book as well. Thank you again Mr. Davidy.

Shalom Shalom
Tom (Toma) Morris
Youngsville, La.

6. Geneaology of Norwegian Kings
From: Lars-Toralf Storstrand
Subject: The Genealogy of Norse Viking Kings?

Hello, I need some information on the above subject.

In Flateyjarbook (a vital book in the sagas of Norway), I found these
interesting genalogies:

Do you have any comment?

Genealogy I

King Sverre of Norway (1151-1202)
son of king Sigurd Munn,
son of Harald Gille,
son of Magnus Berrfoett,
son of Olaf Kyrre (the founder of Bergen)
son of Harald,
son of Sigurd Su,
son of Halvdan,
son of Sigurd Rise,
son of Harald Hairfair (The first great king of Norway)
son of Halvdan Svarte,
son of Gudroed Gjaevlaatne,
son of Halvdan Milde and Matnidske,
son of Eystein,
son of Halvdan Kvitbein,
son of Olof Tretelgja,
son of Ingjald Illraade,
son of Braut-Anund,
son of Yngvar,
son of Eystein,
son of Adils,
son of Ottar Vendelkraaka,
son of Egil,
son of Ane the Old,
son of Joerund,
son of Yngve,
son of Alrek,
son of Agne,
son of Dag,
son of Dygve,
son of Domar,
son of Donialde,
son of Visbur,
son of Vanlande,
son of Svegde,
son of Fjolnir,
son of Yngvefroey,
son of Njord of Noatun.

Genealogy II

Mother of king Harald Hairfair was Ragnhild,
daughter of Sigurd Hjort
son of Aslaug,
daughter of Sigurd Worm-in-the-eye
son of Aslaug,
daughter of Sigurd Faavnesbane,
son of Sigmund,
son of Volsung,
son of Sige,
son of Rere,
son of Odin,
son of Frjaalof,
son of Finn,
son of Godolv,
son of Bjaar,
son of Skjalde,
son of Hermod,
son of Trinan,
son of Attraa,
son of Bedvig,
son of Sesep,
son of Magne,
son of Mode,
son of Vinginer,
son of Vingetor,
son of Eredeir,
son of Lorek,
son of Tor; (his mother was Troana, daughter of Priamus the great king of
son of Lamidon,
son of Ilus,
son of Ereas,
son of Erichtonius
son of Dardan,
son of Jupiter,
son of Saturnus,
son of Chelus,
son of Chretis,
son of Chipris,
son of Zechim,
son of Japhan,
son of Japhet,
son of Noah,
son of Lamech,
son of Metushelach,
son of Enoch,
son of jaret,
son of Malalcel,
son of Kainan,
son of Enos,
son of Seth,
son of Adam, the first man

Lars-Toralf Storstrand

7. Completeness of  the Exile
     Under kings Saul, David, and Solomon the twelve tribes were united in
one kingdom which, at various stages, controlled a significant portion of
the Middle East. King David, from the Tribe of Judah, established the
capital at Jerusalem within which his son Solomon built the Temple. In the
reign of King Rehoboam, son of Solomon, ten of the northern most tribes
seceded and formed their own kingdom (1-Kings 12; 20-23), which was
referred to as "Israel", (e.g. Hosea 5; 5). The remaining tribes who
remained faithful to the House of David were called "Judah". From
inhabitants of the Kingdom of "Judah" are descended the modern Jews, though
many individuals from the northern seceding tribes also made their way
south (e.g. 2-Chronicles 15; 9). In the course of time, these too became
part of the Jewish nation.
                 In approximately 740-720 b.c.e. the Northern Kingdom of
Israel was conquered by the Assyrians and all of its people were exiled
(2-Kings 17; 18).  It is conventionally accepted to name those exiles taken
away by the Assyrians "The Lost Ten Tribes" after the original body who
broke away from Judah. The Lost Ten Tribes were destined to lose their
identity. The exile appears to have been complete. There are no definite
archaeological remains pertaining to Israelites in the northern  "Israel"
area and dating from after the Assyrian exile. The overwhelming majority of
Israelites had been taken away to places named in the Bible, in Talmudic
literature, and other sources, to locations wherein Israelite presence is
confirmed by archaeological evidence and from popular legend. They lost
awareness of their identity and did not return.

             An Assyrian inscription recalls the taking of Samaria and the
exile of its inhabitants. This inscription says that the king of Assyria
took to himself more than 27,000 people and the rest he removed to Assyria.
The inscription may be understood to mean NOT (as is commonly claimed) that
Sargon took only 27,000 plus people from Samaria into captivity BUT rather
that Sargon took ca. 27,000 people for his own (military) purposes and the
remainder of the people he settled in Assyria.

             The people of Samaria were besieged and exiled after all the
rest of their brethren had already been taken away en masse. Part of the
exiles of Samaria were taken overseas, as we have noted, and in this they
were following in the path of their brother Israelites who had been
transported before them. The rest of the exiles of Samaria were taken to
the north.

             After the exile of Samaria, the Bible says that, there was
none left but the tribe of Judah only (2-Kings 17:18). The Talmud and
Midrashim also speak of the Lost Ten Tribes having all been exiled. One
Midrash suggests that one in eight remained. Here and there, there do exist
hints that a small percentage of the northern tribes stayed behind and
became assimilated amongst the Jews of Judah. Archaeologists have
discovered a neighbourhood in Jerusalem which apparently was settled by
refugees from Northern Israel. These newcomers show the strong influence of
Egyptian and foreign culture and for a while appear to have practiced
cremation  which is forbidden by Jewish Law. Also Levites and other
religious refugees had began to drift southward long before the Assyrian

             Archaeological excavations also prove the completeness of
deportation. For the period after the Assyrian conquest of Israel there is
a gap in archaeological finds everywhere with accompanying traces of
burning and destruction. For some time afterwards there is no real new
settlement and when organised habitation does begin it is small and
impoverished, at least at first and nowhere can it be ascribed to the
previous Israelite dwellers.

             In addition to the exile of the northern Israelites,
Sennacherib boasted of having conquered cities in Judah and deported more
than 200,000 people. This event is spoken of in Midrashim and other sources
of Jewish tradition even though it is merely hinted at in the Bible:

               Now in the fourteenth year of king Hezekiah did Sennacherib
king of Assyria come up against all the fenced cities of Judah and took
them(2-Kings 18:13).

             The Prophet Isaiah had predicted that after all the Assyrian
Exilations of northern Israel and Judah were completed only one in ten of
the original population would remain and these apparently would be those in
Judah who would later endure an additional exile of their own:

  If there yet remain a tenth in it, it also shall be consumed(Isaiah 6:13).

             The Jews who remained in Judah were destined to be exiled to
Babylon and from there to return under the leadership of Ezra and Nehemiah.
Those Jews who had been taken into exile previously by Sennacherib remained
unheard of. They joined their brothers from the Ten Tribes and became
assimilated with them. Even so, in Biblical terms the Lost Ten tribes are
referred to as Israel, or as Samaria, or Josephor Ephraim. The Jews are
recalled as Judah, Jerusalem, or Zion. Judah is distinct from the Lost Ten
Tribes who had gone away and were not to return until the End Times. In the
census lists of Ezra and Nehemiah only people from the Tribes of Judah,
Benjamin, and Levi are recalled. All the others had been exiled by the
Assyrians and their identity hidden.

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