"Brit-Am Now"-200
February 23, 2003

1. Books from Steven Collins
2. Corrections on, and addition to DNA articles
3. Meeting in Jerusalem
4. Notes on Issachar
5. What is to be done now?

1. Books from Steven Collins
In 1992 Steven Collins published, <<The "Lost" Ten Tribes of Israel...Found!>>.
Steven has since expanded the foundations he laid in this work into four
separate works.
Two of these books have now been published and are available.
"The Origins and Empire of Ancient Israel" reaches up to the end of the
reign of King Solomon.
Steven says that King Solomon had an extensive empire and conducted mining
operations in North America.
  "Israel's Lost Empires": Steven identifies the ancient Israelites with
the Phoenicians and says that the Carthaginians
were Israelites.
Both books are almost  300 pages each, and are full of interesting graphics.
We do not agree with Steven on some points, and on others we are not sure.
Steven would probably say the same about us.
Steven provides us with historical background to the Bible, food for thought,
and valuable insights. In some areas Steven may well have broken new ground.
In many ways his work is complementary to our own.
For more details about these works, please contact:
Steven Collins at

2. Corrections on DNA articles
a. In
<<"Brit-Am Now"-196 item  2. Vikings from Lebanon and Israel or DNA
research mistake?>>
We said that the study had initially traced the Vikings to Lebanon. The
word "Lebanon" was based on a German-language article about the find. We
still have not seen the original article in question but it appears that
the original did not say "Lebanon" but rather "Levant".
"Levant" means, "The countries bordering on the Eastern Mediterranean".
This includes Turkey, Syria, Lebanon, Israel,
and maybe even Egypt.

b. In
<<"Brit-Am Now"-197 item 3. Viking-Origins and Crusader Explanation>>
We said:
<<Even so, in the specific example of examining DNA and history. scientists
have ways of determining
which came first, i.e. where the most probable direction of origin began.
They are quite confident in these determinations.
As I understand it, put very simply they say something like:
In Area X we find Y chromosomes (Male DNA) of  E1.
In Area Y we also find Y chromosomes (Male DNA) of  E1, along with
variations such as E1a, E1b, E1c,
and related groups such as E2, E3, etc. We therefore assume that the E1 in
area X came originally from
area Y since all the E-types appear to come from there. We check our
assumption with other criteria
and if everything corresponds assume we are right.>>

We should have pointed out that even if (in the Theoretical Example)
in Area X, 90% of the people are E1
and in area Y only 3% of the people are combinations of E but at a more
primitive and complicated level
then they would still assume that E1 originated in area Y.

Consider the following extracts from <<"Brit-Am Now"-156: Genetics-3>>
Read the quotations and then go to Brit-Am commentary below:

Quote 1:

<<When you see quite a bit of 'Norse dna' in Armenians, who were
Christians with their ancient language and culture long before the
Vikings reached the Ukraine, and with let's say Mediterranean
features, you realise that the Hg2 and 3 progenitors each had 2 sons
thousands of years ago and one went north, one south to the Middle
East and Armenia - perhaps.

Quote 2:

<<So Jim Wilson's Orkneys paper shows some 'Norse' Hg2.47 in Syria and
Turkey, but the new YCC paper / system will probably put the Syrians in Hg
'F*' or 'G', while the Viking 2.47 is probably in Hg 'I'.

Quote 4:

<<17% of Iraqi Jews who never lived in Europe according to their history,
have U3 mtDNA. Vikings and other Scandinavians have major amounts of U3
mtDNA also.

Brit-Am commentary based on other as well as the above sources: DNA testing
showed a strong link between Scandinavians and those in Britain considered
having Vikingblood and the areas of Armenia, Syria, and Turkey, and also
with the Jews of Iraq. This is not consistent with conventional historical
understandings. The system of classification is henceforth to be revised in
order to lessen the strength of the link shown by the system used up to now.

At all events, the results are consistent with the proposition that many
people in Scandinavia came from the area of Northern Syria, Turkey, and the
area and are related to the Jews.

  Brit-Am research says that the Scandinavians received settlers from the
Israelite tribes of Gad, Asher, Naphtali, Dan, and Judah. All of these had
territories in the north. Gad in Syria and Turkey, Dan in Turkey (Dananu),
Asher in Lebanon and Syria, Judah in Yada of south-east Turkey. Brit-Am
findings are consistent with DNA researches even though we do not rely upon
them and if they would contradict us we would not be overduly concerned.

Other DNA researches show that:

Many Jews have Scandinavian and related DNAsigns that are difficult to explain.
Many British and Anglo-Americans have DNA features considered typically Jewish.
Many British and Scandinavians show links to Central Asia, Iran, and even
India. This is consistent with the migratory paths explained by Brit-Am. We
hold that (based on  Anglo-Saxon laws, etc) that there may not have been
much intermixing along the way but, human nature being what it is, some
must have occurred.

A recent, highly-publicized, study emphasized Jewish affinity with
Palestinians, Turks, and the Middle East in general. The study emphasized
certain features and disregarded the importance of others. A similar test
using other, but acceptable parameters, could also have proven the Brit-Am

DNA theories and explanations are constantly being revised sometimes

Brit-Am explanations of migratory paths, etc, in some respects were
consistent with conventional academic understandings,
in other ways similar to those of classical "British-Israel" theory, and in
other ways quite original.
So far our record has been quite good. We have not had to back-track on
anything though we would do so
if the evidence warranted it. On many matters our findings have been
verified, -in some cases quite sensationally.

Brit-Am points the way.

3. Meeting in Jerusalem
We had a meeting with a group of about 7 people from Finland together with
one guest from Scotland and one from India.
The meeting was held at the Sheraton Hotel in Jerusalem.
Yair Davidiy spoke on Issachar and Finland. The people attending were
well-informed professional people and what was said corresponded with their
own impressions.
They told us about Finnish customs and traditions that indicated an
Israelite ancestry.
They also related that they feel a sense of identity with the Jewish
people  and a pull towards the Land of Israel.
These people were Finnish, not Jewish, but there is no conscious real
difference between them and Jews.
This is a phnenomenon we come across from time to time and it in itself is
a confirmation of Brit-Am.
The meeting went well and was good for everyone concerned. It is god for us
to meet face to face with such people
and it was good for them. For most of them Brit-Am is a relatively new
The meeting was arranged by Brit-Am supporter "Binah" who is originally
from India.
It should be pointed out that, even though Brit-Am  directs its
message to certain areas we also have very good supporters who originally
came from other areas and this is consistent with the Brit-Am message.

4. Notes on Issachar
a. From: Cherie L Koch
Subject: Re: Tribal Identification: ISSACHAR

Dear Yair:
Regarding Issachar and Switzerland again:

During my genealogical search, I found a Koch cousin of mine living in the
Netherlands.  Her ancestor was a mercenary hired out to Denmark, and
therefore his offspring ended up there.  She and I have three relatives in
common in Tamins, all the way back to the 1500's.  It was common for this
group to stay linked together and intermarry for generatiions.  So, if I
meet someone with ancestry in Tamins, it is likely that they are family.
Also, the whole village was of the same religion.  There could not co-exist
the Reform Protestanism with Catholicism there.  (Too hot of battle! but
galvanized the peoples).

I believe that my background is Walser... they were known to be "fighters".
The Walsers were all serfs tied to the land in Eastern Switzerland, Canton
Valais.  They made a deal with a Baron in Northern Italy, and then one
night, thousands upon thousands of Walsers headed over the Alps with cloths
over their animals hooves....and went to work for the baron and paid taxes
for their freedom.  After a couple of generations, the Walsers headed up to
the mountains in Graubuenden.  They had to go high in the mountains because
all the other land was owned and settled, landlocked.  Because of times of
difficulty economically, they would hire themselves out as mercenaries.

The Walsers and Bundners are men of renown for their bravery and military
ability.  They have a strong sense of justice and are gritty about it.  The
people of Graubuenden were of the first in the world to establish
democracy.  They have a strong sense of wanting to be left alone to live
their lives...to be independent of overlords.  It is EXTREMELY strong in
them, and they will fight for it.

When the Grisons (Graubuendners) moved to the USA (specifically Wisconsin
in my case), they were immediately ready to fight in the Civil War...
because they have a strong sense of justice and representative govt. for
ALL.  There is a book called "Early Democracy in the Grisons" by R. Head,
which speaks of the Swiss democracy predating other such movements, I believe.

So, there was a huge migration of people from western Switz. to eastern,
via northern Italy.

Thanks for your time,
Cherie Koch

b. From: Lari Kemilainen
Subject: Re: Tribal Identification: ISSACHAR
Dear Yair,

One thing jumped at me from your recent post: the word "Suebi". Finnish
pronounciation for it is almost indisguishable from "Suomi", which is the
finnish name of Finland. The origin of name "Suomi" has remained a mystery
to linguists: their best guesses have been that it derives either from word
"suo" (swamp in finnish) or "sami"*. In Lost Ten Tribes context, "Suebi"
seems to be a much more probable candidate...

(Having this perfectionist blood in my veins, I can't keep myself from
correcting the finnish names in your post. No offense here... Correct
spellings are Kymi, Mikkeli, and Uusimaa.)


*Lapps' name in their language, which is also called sami". It is the
closest relative to baltic-finnish languages, possibly older than finnish,
and there are several variations of the language used around northern
Scandinavia. Lapps are a nomadic people who have been thought to be the
first inhabitants of Finland, they are black-haired and dark-skinned and
have mongoloid features. Needless to say, their genetics differ from Finns'
greatly. They have a rich naturalistic-magical pagan culture with lots of
drumming and eating hallusinogenic mushrooms involved.

5. What is to be done now?
  (adapted from "Origin")


             We have proven that the Lost Ten Tribes of Israel are mainly
to be found in specific areas. We do not claim that all residents in these
places are descended from Israel. We do, however, affirm that most
descendants of the Lost Ten Tribes are amongst the nations in question. On
the whole they are unaware of their Israelite Identity.  In the course of
history the Israelite origin of peoples in these areas have influenced
national developments and characteristics. Descendants of Israel were also
to be found elsewhere.

             The organization, Brit-Am exists to promote the truths
revealed in this work. Brit-Am, in Hebrew, means "A covenant [brit] of [am]
the people" of Israel.  The name involves a play on words:  Isaiah twice
refers to the lost Ten Tribes as a "Brit-Am"(Covenant of the People), see
Isaiah 42;6 and Isaiah 49;8.  In addition "Brit-Am" is the same as early
medieval forms of the name Britain.  It also hints at both Britain (Brit)
and America (Am) and through the name "Brit" (meaning covenant) also at
Judah. Brit-Am has branches all over the world, especially in the USA. The
center is in Jerusalem, the capital of Israel.

The Principles of Brit-Am:

1. Acceptance of Prophecy.

2. Self-Respect i.e. no hatred of fellow Israelite groups, no
anti-Semitism, no anti-American, anti-British, conspiracy doctrines or the

3. Acknowledgement of The Israelite Origin of many people amongst Western

4. Recognition of Captive Jewsmeaning Israelite or Jewish descendants who
lost their identity and now emerge from amongst dominantly non-Israelite
peoples. The destiny of these Captive Jewsis bound up with that of the Lost
Ten Tribes even though the Lost Ten Tribes retained some degree of communal
cohesion, and they did not.

5. Recognition of Judah and support of the State of Israel.

The Aims of Brit-Am are to encourage:

1. The spread of Brit-Am knowledge and awareness.

2. Increased research and clarification.

3. Association of members together for the sake of mutual-empowerment,
learning and fellowship.


The Hebrew Bible (Tenach) is the message of God.

The (Hebrew) Bible has a message pertinent to all mankind.

According to the Bible, those who are of Hebrew descent have a special role
to play while a corresponding extra commitment is required of them.

The information is important and the cause is worth your while.
God bless you,

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Quite often there is something new
and the aesthetics are worth it.


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