"Brit-Am Now"-205

February 26, 2003
1. Recognition of  Brit-Am Truth
2. Questions on The Lost Tribes
3. Reader's Comment on Jeremiah 50
4. Request for Books.
5. Message to Brit-Am people

1. Recognition of  Brit-Am Truth
"All truth passes through three stages. First, it is ridiculed,
second it is violently opposed, and third, it is accepted as self-
evident." Arthur Schopenhauer, Philosopher, 1788-1860

At the end of "The Tribes" we quoted:
                 It is worthwhile making a quotation from Alfred North
Whitehead that Velikovsky used in connection to his own work but we will
apply it perhaps to our own present one:
  "If you have had your attention directed to the novelties of thought in
your own lifetime, you will have observed that almost all new ideas have a
certain aspect of foolishness when they are first produced".
  "The Tribes" has broken new ground in an old field and therefore has
something of a pioneering character with all its strengths and weaknesses.
We hope that the truth of our claims will be owned up to despite whatever
faults this book may otherwise have.>>

What applies to "The Tribes" is pertinent to Brit-Am in general.

2. Questions on The Lost Tribes:
At 19:39 22/02/2003 -0800, pj wrote:
>   I have a couple of other questions, if you would:
>(a) What is meant .. "Part of the exiles of Samaria were taken overseas?"
>Overseas where?
>(b)  When saying  .. "the Lost Ten Tribes who had gone away and were not
>to return until the
>End Times."
>When are the End Times?
>(c) Why are so many {historians?} convinced that it's [The Lost Ten Tribes
>and their present identity] just a story w/o merit?
>(d) What would be the significance of a discovery of one of the ten tribes?
>(e) Would Israel care? Is it meaningful to them?
>Thanks for your time jb

(a) Part of the Lost Ten Tribes were exiled directly overseas in ships
belonging to the Phoenicians and Philistines in the service of Assyria.
This is proven by Biblical passages and historical evidence. Those who were
exiled were taken definitely to Spain and probably also to Gaul and
Britain. At all events those who were taken to Spain later moved out into
the north (Gaul) and to the British Isles.
The rest of the exiles were taken overland by their Assyrian captors to the
north and from there they moved onwards eventually reaching the west.

(b) No-one really knows when the End Times will come. There are those who
say that the present age fits the End Times scenario and perhaps it does.

(c) Our solution as to the Lost Ten Tribes and their present day identity
is not generally accepted because:
The Ten Tribes did disappear and adopt another identity.
The conclusions that could be reached through a realization as to where the
Lost Ten Tribes are today are more
far-reaching than many people want to consider possible.
The account involves substantial reliance on the Bible.
The Lost Ten Tribes have been identified with numerous peoples
and also adopted by a large number of eccentrics some of whom were
downright anti-Semitic, evil beings
who exploited the subject for their own nefarious agendas. Subsequently,
anyone who brings the subject up is suspected
of being unbalanced. Unfortunately, in some cases this suspicion has not
been without foundation.
It is convenient for certain types to classify everybody with the same
brush and thus avoid facing up to difficult questions.
  The Ten Tribes really did disappear and they really are spoken about in
the Bible and related literature
as entities who will be active in history and they can be traced. We have
traced them.

  (d) The significance of making the public aware of Brit-Am and its
conclusions would result in the following:
The people in question would know who their ancestors were. A basic
instinct of man is the urge to fulfill
his inner destiny. Through awareness of ancestry  this quest becomes
clearer. The Ten Tribes have their own destiny
and mission in history and it would help them to be aware of that.
It would also help the present-day Jews to be aware as to who the Lost Ten
Tribes are.
It could change the world or at least help many people find a path back to
believing in the Almighty,
the Bible, their own nation, and personal destiny and potential.

(e) The State of Israel and the Jews at first would only be marginally
affected by a realization of
Brit-Am knowledge. Later a greater effect would permeate through.
The Lost Ten Tribes technically are not Jewish in the religious sense.
It would be meaningful to the State of Israel only to the degree that
Israel or the Jewish people
would be directly affected.
We identify the Lost Ten Tribes with peoples who indeed are closely
involved with the Jews and the State of Israel:
Sometimes they are allies and at other times close to becoming enemies.
We have concluded that the Lost Ten Tribes are prominent amongst peoples of
Western Europe, the British Isles,
offshoots of the British, and residents of North America. They are found as
concentrated entities in the said areas.
It could help both sides to be aware of the family bond between them.
Elsewhere descendants of Jews and Israelites may also be found but as
minorities and isolated individual family groups.
These too would be aroused once they say whole national groupings
identified as of Israelite origin.

3. Reader's Comment on Jeremiah 50
From: D
Subject: Re: "Brit-Am Now"-204
Brit-Am said (concerning prophecies in Jeremiah 50):
<<The USA and Britain are about to attack Iraq (Babylon) from Turkey to the
North of Iraq and do we identify them with Joseph.
The possibility of using nuclear weapons has been considered.>>

My husband  were just talking about this last night. We have always
considered the scriptures about Babylon as symbolic. We too have heard that
Rome or the USA is Babylon. War is awful and it is scary but the idea that
we maybe seeing the literal fulfillment of text we never took to be literal
is very exciting. If it should come to war which fits the text - what will
this say to the world and the rest of us about our identity? Its easy to see
how this conflict could escalate - with France, Germany, Russia and so forth
into a situation where you have only "Israel and Judah" against the nations
of the world.  It is only my belief that the USA is part of Israel that
keeps me from being consumed with fear at times. The USA is facing something
I think we have never seen before and we have very few true friends. And our
strongest friend (the nation of Israel) we never allow to help us. I know
Israel has delt with this threat forever but this is new for us in America.
May G-d be with us all, our toughest days may lay ahead!

>4. Request for Books.
>Attention: Yair Davidy
>In an old article I read on the web I came across a reference to your book
>"The Tribes".  Would it be possible to get hold of a copy?
>  Thanks in anticipation
>  M K

  "The Tribes" is out of print. Copies of all our other works are still
available though stocks of "Lost Israelite Identity" are very  low.

5. Message to Brit-Am people
Brit-Am sympathizers and subscribers to our list are not numerous though
the numbers increases steadily by ones and twos.
Qualitatively we are very pleased with all of you and we hope you are with us.
Please buy our books, send in contributions if you can, send us feed-back,
look after yourselves, do well.
May God bless all of you, always,
Your friend,
Yair Davidiy

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