"Brit-Am Now"-216
March 17, 2003

1.William Rasmussen: Happpy Purim
2. Our Mistake
3. Wartime message
4. Malcolm Osborne: Observations

1.William Rasmussen: Happpy Purim
Subject: Shalom v'chag sameach
Shalom Yair:  Happy Purim and Chag Sameach [Happy Festival]!  Just as
Mordechai, son of Yair had favor and wealth and shalom, may it be with you
as well.  May you have feasting and gladness and rest from your enemies.

Yair, as you know, Purim is a time of deliverance from our enemies.  HaShem
gave us this day to avenge ourselves of our enemies and to have rest from
them.  I would not be a bit surprised if the U.S. attacks Iraq on the eve
of Purim or during the feast, as it was appointed that Mordechai and the
Jews were to avenge themselves of their enemies.

May the United States and Israel "stand for their life, to destroy, to
slay, and to cause to perish, all the power of the people and province that
would assault them."  May it be "that the Jews should be ready against that
day to avenge themselves on their enemies" and "that the Jews had rule over
them that hated them."

HaShem has given us Purim as an appointed time to destroy the Rashaim
[wicked people].  Sadaam Hussein and his ilk are the modern counterparts to
Haman and his ten sons.  May HaShem arise in his anger and may his enemies
be scattered.  May all Israel cry vengeance this day and see the reward of
the wicked.  May we find favor from Avinu [Our Father] just as Esther did
with King Ahchashverosh and may his anger be kindled like it was against
Haman.  Although the Goyim [Heathen] rage as David said in Tehillim 2,
though their leaders set themselves against HaShem [God], his Maschiach
[Messiah] and his people Israel,  HaShem will break them with a rod of iron
and dash them to pieces like a potter's vessel.

May light, gladness, joy and honor always be upon you.  Shalom, Bill Rasmussen

2. Our Mistake
From: yoseph@sohu.com
Subject: http://www.britam.org/now211.html

"is, as is most of Eire, a testimony to idolatry and paganism, and a witness
to the Galut [REDEMPTION] and need for Teshuvah [REPENETANCE].
errata still outstanding?
when you edit someone's words it is customary to add one's initials or
otherwise indicate it is not the original writer's words.

We apologize. We use square brackets [] to explain other peoples quotations.
In the above sentence of yours we accidently inserted the WRONG translation.
We had << to the Galut [REDEMPTION]>> whereas it should have been, << to
the Galut [EXILE]>>

3. Wartime message

As a commissioned  officer of a Reserve Component of the US Military, I
appreciate your uplifting and important message. I can also tell you that
the kids of this generation will FIGHT like the older generations when the
time comes.

I have seen them come home wounded and plead to be returned to their units
for battle. I have sent them out to deploy, and they never complained. I,
myself, feel like I have added 20 years in the last two, and I am no
beginner at conflicts and war. I am an oldtimer.

They are the next "greatest generation", and the fact that they have
staunch allies in our Israeli cousins makes them happy. I have heard many
comments on how great it was to allied and on the same side with Israel in
this battle against the evil of this world. I share that feeling, and will
gladly die for your people as well, because they are also MY people.

Till the day the guns are silenced and peace reigns supreme, under the care
of our common God, I pray for the peace of the American, British, and
Israeli people. I live to see Israeli and American children growing up in a
free world with no fear of playing in the street. Until then, I will
personally fight to the last ounce of my lifes blood to stop this
manifestation of evil that has risen from the ooze of hell to confront our
common people.


Jim L. ( cant give the name out..war on)

4. Malcolm Osborne: Observations
Subject: Sharon [Brit-Am 214].

Shalom Yair

Interesting observations from Sharon [Brit-Am 214].

Has it occurred to everyone that there seems to be a three-way difference
in "vision" operational currently? I refer particularly to the furore
regarding Iraq and the war on terrorism. Nevertheless, because of the
three-way divide, we are fighting on two fronts.

Firstly however, the 3- way matter.

There is the Islamic crusade against unbelievers, not only the "West", by
the way];

There is the Judeo-Christian response;

There is the anti- war brigade.

The first two, are historical antagonists. Centuries of warfare have
existed between theistic opponents. Now however, we are becoming
increasingly aware of the pacifist group. Who are they? Many of them are
not so much atheistic, and therefore in opposition to religious wars, but
Anti-Theistic- Humanistic.

Many Liberal thinkers are anti- theistic in that they prefer to believe
that there is no God [hating therefore the Chosen People]. No God to whom
we have to give an account and therefore, we are "masters of our own
destiny." That we are intrinsically Good at heart and that if our problems
were solved, that would take away the reason for war. Hence the concept of
"Give the "Palestinians" everything they want" [at Israels expense.]

Unfortunately for them, this type of utopian thinking will not deliver. And
the people of God still have the responsibility to root out injustice and
tyranny in the world and correct such woolly thinking.



5. Happy Purim
Subject: RE: "Brit-Am Now"-215

Dear Mr Davidy,
         Happy Purim and may Hashem bring speedy victory to our allied military
         Cindy Chrowl