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March 22, 2003
1. Article on Web
2. Chad Dohman: Presidents and Kings

1. Article on Web
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2. Chad Dohman: Presidents and Kings:
The following article was sent to us by Mr Chad Dohman. I have edited out
some interesting but controversial and superfluous (from our point of view)
statements. Those who are interested in the full article may write to Mr
Dohman who I am sure will be glad to reply.

Chad Dohman, Houston, Texas
  Parallels of Presidents and
Kings of Israel and Judah

Well, I have an old history book that shows the distribution of settlement in
the 13 Original colonies.  I was astonished to find that the English, French,
Dutch and Scandinavians settled more in the North while the Scots-Irish,
Scottish Highlanders, Welsh and Jews settled more in the South. I do not know
if you have the old movie from 1939, Gone With the Wind about the Civil War,
you might want to watch it if you get time, about Tara and Scarlet O'Hara ,
but when I saw this map the good Lord revealed a great Truth to me.  Everyone
says the  American Civil War is not in the Bible, well it is in the Bible,
and so is the English Civil war ( I am even a great great.... grandson of
Oliver Cromwell that allowed the Jews back to England, my grandmother's
father was a Cromwell and he looks just like the paintings of Oliver
Cromwell.  Now the English (representative of Israel the Northern Kingdom,
including Dutch and others) and the Scots-Irish, Jews, and Highlanders (Judah,
the Southern Kingdom, with Benjamites (Normans) and some Simeonites) when I
say Scots-Irish I mean mainly Northern Ireland Ulster, not the whole of
Ireland.  So I found oh, about 7 months ago, that their were 43 kings of
Israel and Judah, and the United States is now on her 43 president.  Well I
have always enjoyed history and I have many books, well I had always wondered
who was handling affairs from 1776-1789, because George Washington was not
president until 1789.  I found something that nearly made me fall out of my
seat, George Washington was not the first president after all.  The first
Presidents only served 1 year in office.  Here is a good website if you want
to view them, http://virtualology.com/, and look up each one if you want.
But this ruined my reasoning of the 43 presidents, I thought, but no it did
not after all.  I went back to the forgotten book of Judges, most people can
only name Samson, but they were also forgotten like these first presidents,
even though they laid a great part to the foundation, on which we today try
to break in pieces.  I had the same # of Judges, as
  missing Presidents 14.  Moses did not cross the Jordan, King George
III (representing Britain, did not cross the Atlantic).  I also found that
George was the old Gaelic and Saxon for Moses.  George Washington= drawn from
the water, poured out like water.  and George Walker Bush Jr., means Moses
walks toward the Bush., I also found the old meanings of William, Harry, and
Henry, they are Biblical names in origin.  This is the list in order, of the
rulers and judges of Israel and Judah.
*Samuel Adams, brother of John Adams, although not president was the great
Christian leader, can be typified of the prophet Samuel.
1.  Peyton Randolph-Joshua both Ephramite blood
2.  Henry Middleton-Othniel, brother of Caleb both from Judah
3.  John Hancock-Ehud
4.  Henry Laurens-Shamgar
5.  John Jay-Deborah
6.  Samuel Huntington-Barak
7.  Thomas Mckean-Gideon
8.  John Hanson-Abimelech, he is kin to Gustavus Adolphus, the great
Christian Swedish King of the 30 years war.
9.  Elias Boudinot-Tola(Elias is a Gaelic form of Elijah)
10. Thomas Mifflin-Jair
11. Richard Henry Lee-Jephtath, Grandfather of Confederate Christian,Robert
E. Lee
12. Samuel Holten-Ibzan
13. David Ramsey-Elon
12. Nathaniel Gorham-Abdon
13. Arthur Sinclair-Samson
14.  Cyrus Griffin-Eli
This is the list so far, I can prove all these match and I have studied
deeply each one.  I am writing a book on this now.
15. George Washington-Saul, both very Tall, 6ft. 2in., both had a vision
16.  John Adams-David- The one President, with such great faith married to
Abaigail, and patriotism, son, John Quincy Adams' wife played the harp.(King
of Israel and Judah)
17.  Thomas Jefferson-Ish-bosheth, great intelligence, but wanted Democracy
instead of Republic, which is his downfall, sided with France than with
18.  James Madison-English- Sheba, both revolted against David ruled in Israel
19.   James Monroe-Sottish(Israel)-Absalom
20.  John Quincy Adams-Solomon English(King of Israel and Judah)
21.  Andrew Jackson-Scottish(Israel)-Jeroboam I
22.  Martin Van Buren-Dutch-(Judah)-Rehoboam
23.  William Henry Harrison-English-(Israel)-Nadab
24.  John Tyler-English-(Israel)-Baasha
25.  James Knox Polk-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Abijam
26.  David Rice Atchison-English(Israel)-Elah(sworn in President for 1 day,
several of the Kings did not last long either, 1 only ruled 7 days)
27.  Zachary Taylor-English-(Israel)-Zimri
28.  Millard Fillmore-English(Israel)-Tibni(both him and Omri ruled a part of
Israel, Omri finally won).
29.  Franlin Pierce-English(Israel)-Omri(and boy do we ever keep the Statutes
of Omri,  "Black Horse President"
30.  James Buchanan-Scottish(Judah)-Asa
31.  Abraham Lincoln-English (Israel)-Ahab,

  I have to do more research but this is what I believe the
13 colonies represent to each tribe.  Manasseh in the promised land was
divided in half, one on the side of west side of the Jordan and one on the
east side.  I would also like to note that the first battle of the Civil War
took place in Manasses, Virginia.
5.Rhode Island-1636-Zebulon
6. Delaware-1638-Gad
7. New Hampshire-1638-Naphtali
8. North Carolina-1663-Benjamin- with Salem(Jerusalem)
9. South Carolina-1663-Judah- I would also note that many Jews settled more
in the South before the Civil War than in the north at the time, I have an
old book called the Jewish confederates, the man knows nothing about British
Israel or anything like that but it is a great source.
10. New Jersey-1664-Asher
11. New York-1664-Reuben
13. Georgia-1732-Simeon

32.Jefferson Davis-Scots-Irish (Judah)- Jehoshaphat, only president of the
South, a great Christian man, and was put in prison for 7 years by Lincoln
and was not released till a few years after Lincoln's death.
33. Andrew Johnson-Scots-Irish(Judah and Israel)-Jehoram(Joram) with an
intense study one will find that there is only 1 Jehoram(Joram), one must put
the two accounts together.
34.Ulysses Hiram S. Grant-English(Israel)-Ahaziah of Israel
35. Rutherford B. Hayes-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Ahaziah of Judah
36. James A. Garfield-English(Israel)-Jehu
37. Chester A. Arthur-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Queen Athaliah
37. Stephen Grover Cleveland-mostly Scots-Irish(Judah)-Joash of Judah,
Cleveland served two nonconsecutive terms, he is always counted twice.
38. Benjamin Harrison-English(Israel)-Jehoahaz
39. Stephen Grover Cleveland- (same as above)again second term-Amaziah of
40.William Mckinley-Scottish(Judah)- Azariah of Judah, he is also called in
the Bible also Uzziah
41. Theodore Roosevelt-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Jotham
42. William Taft-English-(Israel)-Joash of Israel
43. Woodrow Wilson-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Ahaz- fault was he started League of
44. Warren Gamaliel Harding-Dutch and English(Israel)-Jeroboam II,
45.  Calvin Coolidge-English(Israel)-Zachariah
46.  Herbert Hoover-English(Israel)-Shallum Herbert(must be another form of
Eber, Heber, or Hebrew)
47.  Frankiln Delano Roosevelt-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Hezekiah, would also point
out the illness of polio, the Lord extended the lives of these 2 men in
perilous times.
48.  Harry S. Truman-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Manasseh, he did not start off so
good, but he ended better, I take it as Manasseh did while in captivity, the
prayer of Manasseh in the King (James-Saxon=Jacob) 1611 Bible with Apocrypha.
49.  Dwight David Eisenhower-Dutch(Israel)-Menahem
50.  John F. Kennedy-Scots-Irish-(Judah)-Amon, he did a few good things but
very little, he was Roman Catholic, and he also was a ladies man and liked to
51.  Lyndon Baines Johnson-mostly Scottish, little Swiss(Judah)-Josiah, made
the largest cleanup, more than people know,of corruption in country but his
efforts did not last after him.
52.  Richard M. Nixon- Scots-Irish and Welsh(Judah)-Jehoahaz of Judah
53.  Gerald R. Ford-English-English-(Israel)-Pekahiah
54.  Jimmy Carter-English-English-(Israel)-Pekah, pacifist....pleaser of men
and not of God.
55.  Ronald Reagan-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Jehoiachin  Good at heart, but should
not have been president, made bad mistakes. Iran-ContraNebuchadnezzer turned
on him once he gave him gifts, Reagan gave Saddam weapons, he turned on him.
56.  George Herbert Walker Bush-Scots-Irish(Judah)-Jehoiakim- turned to the
Lord in captivity line of Christ.  This King went up to war against
Nebuchadnezzar, Gulf War
57. Bill Clinton actually(William Jefferson Blyth)-English-(Last Israel
(English)President)-Hoshea   This was the luke-warm period, of gain, welth,
and corruption, money was all that mattered to most of this generation.
58.  George Walker Bush Jr.-Scots-Irish(Last Judah President)-Zedekiah, went
up to war with Babylon(Iraq) whole global system, Untied Nations, evil
58th President, 5+8=13 E Pluribus Unum, Tribal Formation, Star of David above
the Bald Eagle on U.S. dollar bill.

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