"Brit-Am Now"-219
March 25, 2003

1. Genealogy
2. Zarathustra
3. Portugal
4. Funding Needed

1. Genealogy
For those who are interested a genealogy list traces the Monarch of
England to Pharnabazius of Iberia in the Caucasus. This line also believed itself descended from
King David of Israel.   see

2. Zarathustra
Recently I gave a lecture on the Israelite Origins of Zarathustra.
Zarathustra was the founder of the Zoroastrian religion in its original
Hebraic form.
Later it was paganized.
I had done some work on this subject in my researches on the Scythians.
Later I met my friend Aryeh Galin head of the Root and Branch Society.
Aryeh told me his group had arranged a day of lectures dedicated to Iran
and perhaps
I had something to contribute? One thing led to another and I found myself
giving the lecture
based on earlier notes I had made and additional material culled from the web.
Rabbi Avraham Feld attended the lecture and most earnestly requested that I
post it out
though its connection to Brit-Am themes is only marginal. At all events the
lecture has been made into an article which may be seen at:

3. Portugal
  R. Fermenich wrote:
>Shalom Yair,
>    What is known about the Portuguese?

Portugal in ancient times received Phoenician and Israelite colonists who
later moved northwards.
Portugal also received Israelite -Celtic  rulers who influenced its culture
and merged with its ruling classes but
according to scholars accepted by us had little impact on the ethnic
constitution of most of the non-Israelite natives.
Later other elements (such as the Alans and Goths) entered Portugal who
also included those of Israelite descent.
Finally large numbers of Jews who converted to Catholicism settled in
Portugal including those who were forced to convert
and thousands of children who were taken by force from their parents,
baptized and brought up as Christians.
In other words there may be many amongst the Portuguese and those of
Portuguese descent who are of Israelite
stock but they are the minority and have little influence. They have been
"influenced" rather than "influencing".
They are in the category of what we term "Captive Jews".
In the Last Days all "Captive Jews" will return and reunite with all Israel
together with Judah and Joseph.

4. Funding Needed