"Brit-Am Now"-22

"Brit-Am Now"-22
1. Israeli flags in Belfast
2. A Jewish Kingdom in Austria
3. Quotation: Alfred Adler

Date: 05/25/2002 7:44:47 PM Central Daylight Time

From: Roy Garland
Subject: RE: "Jerusalem News"-42

Dear Yair
You may or may not know that some (loyalist/Protestant) parts of Belfast in
Northern Ireland are at present festooned with Israeli flags. Other
(Republican/nationalist/Catholic) parts fly Palestinian flags. It is my
understanding that because some republicans have shown solidarity with the
Palestinians loyalists show support for Israel. Thus in some areas you have
British and Israelite flags flying side by side. I'm not sure how far this
should bring any comfort to you.

Comment:  All these points and others like them are important and worth
taking notice of.
Even so, there are Irish Catholics and other Catholics who do support
Israel and in some cases are sympathetic
towards Brit-Am.

In  "Brit-Am Now"-21 we wrote:

  From "Lost Israelite Identity" (1996) by Yair Davidy:

          The early center of Celtic Halstatt civilization was centered in
Austria. A Latin document known as The Austrian Chronicle and purporting
to be based on ancient traditions may shed some light on Cimmerian origins.
This source says that Central Europe had been subjected by the Assyrians
and that Jews exiled by Sennacherib were carried into Eastern Europe
along the Danube River. Beginning in ca. 707 b.c.e. says the Chronicle, the
Jews  overcame a certain King Gennan who then became Jewish;
consequently, the Jews intermarried with the local rulers in the regions of
Austria and
Hungary, the pagans were subdued  and the whole country was Jewish until
ca.227 c.e. This legend sounds quite far-fetched but it is interesting to
compare it with known fact: Many Jews from Judah were exiled by
Sennacherib and they appear to have joined the northern Lost Ten Tribes in
Exile and
to have become identified with them; There are signs in Europe at this time
of  Assyrian influence; the Cimmerians (who at the least included Israelites
amongst them) did come westward in the period ca. 700-650 b.c.e. and did
gain control; A Cimmerian-Celtic presence may have remained more or less
dominant in the area of Austria up until the late date ascribed to Jewish

We should have remarked the following:
1. In Jewish and probably in early general literature the name
"Sennacherib" was a term given to ALL the Assyrian kings and represented
Assyria in general.
2. The term "Jew" was applied to all Israelites and was synonymous with
Israel. The term "Jew" could also be applied to the Lost Ten Tribes. The
Lost Ten Tribes were considered "Lost Jews". This may not be SCIPTURALLY
CORRECT or historically accurate but this is how the terms were used. It
follows that the tradition may just as well be considered as saying that
Israelites (from the Lost Ten Tribes) who had been exiled by the Assyrians
established a kingdom in Austria until ca. 200 BCE (or 200 CE according to
another version) and then moved out.
This scenario more or less corresponds with what we have concluded from
other sources.

From: Verba Volant <verbavolant@logos.net>
Verba Volant 24-05-2002,
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Author - Alfred Adler

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